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    Voxel Box


    VoxelAir: "We'll have our wings and the wind will be with us."
    written by by: przerwap
    Get it here: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Tested compatible with: #1317
    documentation by: plusnine

    v2.008 - Fly, Ridge, Fly is now VoxelAir, and includes a more robust flight system than ever! Check the documentation for everything that's new, and be sure to remove your flyRidgeFly.jar file and config folder from your server's plugins folder.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] <font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)"> </font><font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)"><font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)">[​IMG]</font> </font>
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    Dude, acquire some perspective here.
    Specifically, from the sticky of this forum,
    "/toggelconsume: Allows an admin to turn the consumption of feathers used for flying on or off."
    What the f- do you not get when we say this doesn't work?

    I mean really, have you EVER taken the first step to figure out just what the "f-" we were talking about? From your response, no.

    We are "f-ing" telling you, in your capacity as the official Voxel representative in this forum, that a particular feature doesn't work as advertised.
    So, similar to your response to us who've tried to be polite, let me say it in your own language,

    Alternatively, let us know if there is an adult representative of Voxel we should alert to both the problem and your responsiveness.
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    why dance around the questions when you could simply put in the description. I've asked it in literally 8 posts, and rather then answer you keep giving me some bs about version or update coming.

    90% of the people download this thinking they could limit it through consumption and honestly this seems incredibly easy to add. should just release the source to this add-on so the people can actually fix it and make it useful for someone else's server besides voxel's. Such a waste
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    whenver I put any of the commands into chat, all it does is show me an example. Can anyone help?
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    Be sure your player name is listed, case-sensitive, in the admns.txt per the install instructions.
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    Voxel Box

    Cordeval et. all~

    I just tested /toggleconsume on the Voxel Box and it worked just fine -- I'll try to make some time to go over the plugin and see exactly what's up with that and update the plugin accordingly.

    As the focus on our server has shifted to creative / freebuild again, we never use these commands ourselves, as restricting flight would hurt our productivity. I must have assumed these commands worked (I do not test this plugin myself) and I am sure our team were all too busy running the server or developing other, newer projects to worry about it since the plugin worked well for our purposes, which is to give a little boost for players unable to get things like zombe's flymod to build with.

    The basic function of the plugin is there -- allowing a "flight" of a sort, but the leftover issues this may create for your server -- namely item management and damage mitigation, are currently up to you.

    Maybe we can quickly add some configurability to the plugin to let you choose your flight-enabling item. That would allow better restriction of the item for servers that wish to restrict flight ability from any old chicken-killer off the street. If and when the Voxel Box decides to engage the survival game again, you can expect to see some tightening of the survival-relevant mechanics of the plugin, but don't hold your breath.

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    Thanks for the response, specifically, acknowledging we posters were noting a valid issue.
    I think we just needed to know y'all were aware of the issue and that it wasn't us.
    It is nice to hear Voxel will try to get to this when they can...I think we all can recognize a lot of effort was required by plugin developers to adapt to those darn MC server and bukkit upgrades.

    I'm fine with having to live with the plugin as it stands so long as I also know Voxel realizes it doesn't work as described (which you've just done).
    As a recommendation, please list in the sticky which of the feature listings may be non-functional holdovers from prior versions, perhaps saying they are todos for plugin revisions.

    BTW: Preventing damage when falling does work for my SMP server, although I am not sure if it does only when holding a feather in seems to apply all the time which I am fine with.
    As to feather consumption, sometimes it works when initially flying, immediately consuming a feather, sometimes it does not. If everytime a player activated flyridgefly it consumed a feather, I'd be perfectly happy; it wouldn't need to be on a timer or usage basis so long as there was some limitation to player's use.
    But that is just a feature request.

    I really do prefer this plugin over MagicCarpet as the feather requirement "fits" the game mechanics without unbalancing game play and motivates players to pursue neutral mobs. I use "Bandage" in a similar way, but with wool instead of paper as the healing material.

    Thanks and good luck.
    Feel free to ask folks like me for additional details or troubleshooting efforts in order to make your job easier.

    I really prefer your plugin over others I've seen.
    The feathers requirement fits the game's "magic" system and provides player motivation to hunt neutral mobs.

    Damage mitigation works fine for my server.
    Item consumption is the only thing I'd like to see match what is listed in the plugin features announcement.

    Nah, feathers are perfect.
    I'd be perfectly happy if a feather was consumed every time fly was activated. I don't think complexities of numbers of "flaps" or timer are needed. Maybe feather is consumed when the flight-triggering button is released would be easiest.
    That way, the player has to think about consequences of flying , such as, "Do I have enough feathers after I arrive? What if I run out of feathers top of that huge cliff?"
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    Looks fun, but i think i stick to MagicCarpet, as it is more build friendly. :)
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    ty, i think i got it working now. does this plugin also have a hover feature by any chance?
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    Bold, VoxelBox is our admin account that 99% of the time is used by plusnine who edits these posts.

    But really, wow, you managed to think I wasn't an adult. Heck not only that, but it appears you read as far as the first line of the entire thread and than skipped the rest. If you didn't, than maybe, just maybe you would have known that I AM the plugin DEVELOPER for The Voxel Box. I, przerwap, wrote all the code that your pathetic server, whatever it might be, uses from this plugin or any other Voxel Plugins. Well, with one exception, EvilSeph moved over the commands from the old Command system to the New one for: flyRidgeFly, VoxelBorder, VoxelDoop, VoxelGuest, VoxelMore and VoxelPort. Well, VoxelMore is Ridgedog's little plugin; but I taught him the programming knowledge and walked him through it.

    With that said; Have you ever been out in the REAL world? Is everything pretty and colorful as advertised?

    Sticky? What sticky?

    I f- get what you f- mean when you f- say that it doesn't f- work. You are trying to say that your simply not competent enough to understand that if I wanted it to work it would have worked when I ported it to bukkit.

    I will not accept this kind of response from someone who is likely of the age between 14 and 17 and your rude response has been noted and reported to higher authority. As the adult figure in this conversation I rewrote the Consumption portion of the plugin, even though I HIGHLY doubt that it didn't work in the first place. It was likely your young incompetent nature simply failing to test flight with an account that is not on the admns.txt list, as admins don't consume feathers... because well, they are admins after-all.

    Here is my Link
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    I agree with cordeval. If you truly are an adult, act like one. "YOU" have now been reported to higher authorities by not only me, but others here who you have gone out of your way to disrespect. All we did was notify you that the plugin is broken and you verbally attacked us. All we wanted was "we know it's broken", a confirmation, that's it. We didn't want your childish backlash. I don't know if you have personal issues going on in your life or what, but don't bring that stuff here.
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    Voxel Box


    After doing some digging, I think the documentation for some of these commands could be clearer, which is my fault. I will definitely re-write them to accomodate this information for the next releases. The short of the long of it is:

    a) if you are having trouble using commands at all with the plugin, ensure your minecraft account name, spelled properly and case senstitive is in the admns.txt file -- this is pretty well covered in the documentation. it should be evident that the account you are using is properly listed because you will be able to use the /godsays command on your server.

    b) if you are looking to toggle flight feather consumption off: if you wish to test this functionality, make sure the account that issues the toggle command is not testing consumption. if your account can issue the /toggleconsume command, you are also exempt from the feather-consumption mechanic, regardless of the consumption mode's toggle state. as a result, you will need a second account (and/or accompanying breathing individual) whose account is NOT listed in admns.txt to test wether or not feathers are being consumed.

    if some of you could take these measures and get back to me on any issues you are having, i will try to get things fixed up in a quick-release tonight or tomorrow.
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    Thank you for responding to this issue. :)
    On account A I have my name listed properly in admns.txt and can issue any command related to flyridgefly or otherwise with no issue. Account B has no permissions whatsoever and does not exist in admns.txt. Account A can issue /toggleconsume and it affects the config file accordingly, but no change is actually made and account B can still fly without consuming feathers. Restarting the server has no effect.
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    Thanks for response and for looking into this.
    Confusion about documentation was pretty much solved for me once v1.5 came out with its config.yml showing the settings.

    Troubleshooting results-
    From my server log:
    Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-516-gdf87bb3-b531jnks (MC: 1.3)
    flyRidgeFly version 1.5 is enabled!

    Account A = admin user, name correctly listed in admns.txt, no other users listed
    Account B = player user
    As a double-check, only Account A is listed in ops.txt that might be used by other plugins.
    Similarly, the Permissions plugin settings do not mention any flyridgefly commands. The Voxel plugin isn't expected to rely on the Permissions plugin.

    flyRidgefly directory config.yml file:
    thrust: 3
    derp: true
    cruise: 110
    globalAllowFlying: true
    consume: true
    Item a)
    Acct A '/godsays test' = '[GOD] test'
    Acct B '/godsays test' = Output of /godsays command help

    Item b)
    Acct A issues command '/toggleconsume' = message that feathers will be consumed
    Acct B flies continuously for about 3 minutes, no feathers consumed.

    Let me know if you need more details or for me to take other troubleshooting steps.

    Here's a frustrating curiosity, likely supporting both our points of view in part.

    The jar you provide above, apparently v1.4, consumes all but the last feather (I hesitate to ask, but can I make it eat the last feather, too?).
    As noted earlier, the latest v1.5 does not consume feathers regardless the setting. v1.5 is the one that includes the command '/flyridgefly' in the plugin.yml...this command is not in your v1.4 if you are wondering what command I'm talking about.
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    We're unable to reproduce this issue...

    If we do /toggleconsume, we're almost immediately told that it works by the many users complaining about their feather disappearing when they fly too much.

    We test plugins extensively on our own server before releasing any updates and both consuming and thrust work fine, as does /flyridgefly.

    Please bear in mind that you need to save your configuration if you use any of the in-game commands to change settings and you want those changes to persist between server restarts or reloads, using /flyridgefly save.

    I also just checked that the version on the server is the exact same version as the one we've released, and it is. So I'm really not sure what the problem could be.
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    Thanks for Voxel's support and patience with this.
    Even though the problem could not be replicated, I'm satisfied y'all have done what you can, and have done more than expected for what you graciously offer free.

    At the end of my previous post, I noted that the v1.4 jar pzerwap offers through his download link does work for /toggleconsume but that v1.5 downloaded more recently did not.
    But you note the current downloadable and Voxel server's versions are the same and that your server version works fine.

    So, ironically, I'll unload v1.5 that I have and use pzerwap's v1.4 until a v1.6 comes out I can test.
    However, I'll also check to see if the command '/flyridgefly save' has an effect, though it shouldn't as the server world starts with /toggleconsume = true.

    Again, thank you Voxel for checking on this.
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    @cordeval Is there an IP I can join to test this out?
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    Yes, but I'll have to PM details to you later in the day.

    Right now my server is set up for LAN-only access (4 players, all family in the house) and my outside IP is via DHCP.
    If you don't mind, PM me usernames I need to whitelist and whom should be added to admns.txt as I imagine you'd want capability to test as both player and admin.
    The server is ready for your access.
    Please check your inbox for this forum for the IP address and available command options.

    Though it shouldn't matter for your testing, the server is hosted via the MineOS operating system operating as a ram-disk on a dedicated laptop with 2gb ram connected to a home DSL modem/router via ethernet.

    I do not know how long the DHCP lease is good for on the outside IP address though I refreshed it this morning.
    Let me know ASAP if you cannot access my game server and I'll see if the outside IP address changed.

    Thank you for looking into this.
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    link is down
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    The next version of flyRidgeFly should fix consuming not working with stacks of feathers greater than 1 and thrust is now configurable in game (it was only configurable through the config.yml before).

    Thanks for the reports :)
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    Many thanks to EvilSeph for his time and effort troubleshooting this.
    He even came to my 4-person SMP server to isolate what was going on within my context.
    He has a cool looking player skin...I got pictures!

    Based on initial testing of the fix he let me try, I recommend admins monitor this forum for Voxel's announcement of the update release. They won't be disappointed.
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    link down
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    Voxel Box

    FRF 1.5.1 should be up and the download link restored. proper feather-consumption for all! thanks for the help on that, evilseph!
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    They are likely about to post an update.
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    Small cavern in the nether + flyridgefly = bad idea
    I was doing a demo of all my plugins and i flew into a wall in the nether, there was lava on the other side, and theres no water in the nether! good thing i backed up my inventory![​IMG]
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    Thank you for explaining the 404 error and updating your plugins rock!!
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    Dave Wright

    I'd love to see this with something to slow falling (not sure that's possible, I'd like to feel more like I'm flapping around than jerking along, that said it is GREAT for travel and to quickly wizz around the map, so my request is more just for the calming effect :)
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    Voxel Box


    interesting proposition. unfortunately given the mechanic FRF applies, this is the best "flight" solution we've found that requires no modifications to the minecraft client itself. as long as your client believes you are subject to gravity, it will report your position to the server as "falling at minecraft gravitational constant". If you want a more robust flight solution for creative building, we use the zombe modpack flying mod. it goes without saying that that mod "breaks" survival play, however, whereas the feather's 'jump-flap' will never result in a death other than one by falling, and allows limited through-walls teleporting and is thus better suited for a "hardcore" survival style server that's looking to add a small magic bag of tricks for effect.

    if we ever revisit survival on the server, we may implement a damage scaling effect to reduce or eliminate falling damage if a player is holding a feather, making it a more attractive flight option. i love the slow-fall idea, but i don't think it'd be possible without modding the client.

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    It would be nice if admins could always fly.

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