Inactive [FUN/MECH] SunBurn v2.21 - Because the sun just wasn't hot enough [1.0.1-R1]

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    Current Version: v2.21
    Because the sun just wasn't hot enough!
    Requires [1060] || Compatible with [1.0.1-R1]
    Have you ever wanted a different playing experience? What would you do if you couldn't be outside during the day? Well, this allows you to live that reality! Any player with the required permissions node will be set on fire when they are in direct sunlight! Want to see more features? Well, there are more to come!
    Have a suggestion? Post it here!
    • Players get set on fire in direct sunlight
    • If a player is burned by sunlight, they will be extinguished my moving into a shady area
    • All mobs are burned by direct sunlight and extinguished in shade
    • Can convert any area into a "burned wasteland" (Back up your worlds if you are using this option!)
    • Now Configurable, and Multi-World!
    • Configurable protective armor that will allow you to walk in the sun!
    • Configurable armor damaging while in the sun while wearing the protective armor set! Configurable damage interval as well (Experimental recommended to turn this option off as of v1.1)(Fixed in v2.0.0)
    • Auto Update notifications! (Configurable)

    Permissions Nodes:
    • sunburn.admin - Allows access to the SunBurn admin commands (Defaults to Op)

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    Admin Commands: [Requires permissions node sunburn.admin].
    • /sunburn world [enable/disable]: Enables/Disables [SunBurn] on the current world.
    • /sunburn players [enable/disable]: Enables/Disables burning players.
    • /sunburn mobs [enable/disable]: Enables/Disables burning mobs.
    • /sunburn wasteland [diameter]: Converts the world within [diameter] into a wasteland. Cannot be undone.
    • /sunburn reload: Reloads the config.
    • /sunburn set default: Recreates and reloads a default configuration file. (WARNING: Overwrites current configuration)
    • /sunburn clear worlds: Removes all worlds from the "enabled worlds" section of the config
    • /sunburn update [enable/disable]: enables/disables update notifications. If no arguments are used, it will check if there is an update
    Other Commands: [Do not require the permissions node sunburn.admin]
    • /sunburn help: Displays the help dialog
    • /sunburn world: Shows whether or not [SunBurn] is enabled on the current world
    • /sunburn players: Shows whether or not [SunBurn] is enabled on the current world
    • /sunburn mobs: Shows whether or not mob burning is enabled
    • /sunburn info: Shows author and version info.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Click download button
    2. Place .jar file into the /plugins directory
    3. Restart server and enjoy!
    • Make sure the spawn is covered/shaded. Otherwise people won't be very happy.
    Change Log:
    Version 2.21​
    • Fixed player/mob burning. Should work properly now
    Version 2.2​
    • Fixed update notifications
    Version 2.1​
    • Fixed players staying on fire after disabling it on certain worlds
    • Added update notifications
    Version 2.0.0
    • Rewrote entire plugin
    • Added default config command
    • Added clear worlds command
    Version 1.1
    • Added protective armor
    • Added protective armor damaging
    Version 1.0 [Official Release]
    • Added more admin commands
    • Changed some admin commands
    • Removed /sunburn burn command
    • Added "non-admin" commands
    • Added configuration file
    • Multi-world support
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    Will you be updating this to comply with R-5? I understand that the plugin currently works as is, which is great, but after R-5, many plugins will likely be broken (at least partially) and I really would like to continue using this, since it is a major part of my survival youtube series.

    Thanks for your time!
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    Yes yet another way to kill the players on my server. die players die mua ha ha ha ha ha
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    Can you update this for 1.2? My friends and I enjoyed playing this on my server.
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    Please update to 1.2, or even 1.2.3 if possible!
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    I would absolutely love it if you updated this to 1.2.3, It would be a very great thing
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    May I please second that request for a place in the config file to burn the entire world? it would be awesome to have pure wastelands!
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    I have a feeling that the author is not going to update this mod. I might, but don't get your hopes up...

    But then I found out that it was GNUv3 and closed source...
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    Could you please update this? This is a major plugin on my server. An entire world is based off of it.
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    This looks like a really interesting plugin. When do you expect that it will be updated?
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    He hasn't been active since January... I don't think this is going to get updated. I would do it but it's closed source. If there are enough people who want it (please comment, I check here regularly), I will begin work on my own version. no promises about how good it will be...
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    that would be very cool, I use solar apocalypse on another minecraft.jar on single player (1.0.0) and i was wondering if it could be possible to have something like that on a server.i discovered this plugin but i was pretty sad when i noticed that it was outdated =/... i'll be the first one to download your version if you make one ^^
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    Started Coding! Have absolutely no clue how to make it affect all players and mobs. So far only affects players if their name is in the base code, which isn't the best way to configure a plugin...
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    So, for all who still have not noticed, I started updating this thing.
    I have been posting about it on pretty much every Sunburn thread because I want people to know about it. Sorry if it's annoying.

    My (work in progress) revival of this mod can be found here:

    Hope you like!
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    are you still looking for a plugin that can do this? I might be willing to write it if you are...
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    thx a lot vsams ^^ its so usefull on my server =P
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    For Some reason when i try to do /Sunburn players enable or /Sunburn mobs enable is says
    A internal server error has occurred
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    That's probably because this version of sunburn hasn't worked since RB1.1. Go take a look at my plugin here.

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