Inactive [FUN/MECH] SpongeRestore v1.4 - Bring back the functionality of sponges. [1.1-R6]

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    Devil Boy

    SpongeRestore - Bring back the functionality of sponges:

    This plugin merely makes sponges craftable and useable again. By default it is meant to replicate how sponges worked in past versions of Minecraft. This plugin also lets you give sponges extended function through configurable options.


    Old ChangeLog

    For those of you in doubt, donations are in fact appreciated -->[​IMG]
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    Looks like...MC's behaving normally. When you remove that much water, usually you'll have to interfere and add more water blocks or manipulate the water to generate more spring blocks (see here).
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    Devil Boy

    @Hello Minecraft World
    By v2.0 there will be an option allowing you to completely restore water.
    But currently, as shown in your screenshots and pointed out by KoryuObihiro, Minecraft's water will just flow normally.
    Yes it looks ugly (I have many of these in my test server), but I'm still looking at the different ways I could restore the water, and choosing the most efficient algorithm.
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    @Devil Boy I suppose you could just keep track of the water/lava/fire blocks present when it was placed...then restore just water on replace, IDK. Sounds like you've got yet more configuration for that. :p
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    Devil Boy

    Is it alright if I make the command "/sponge clear" instead? I think that will differentiate disabling sponges, and clearing the sponge database.

    Keeping track of the blocks is the last thing I wanted to do. I was looking at more physics based methods. It would work with past versions of the plugin, and need little database saving.

    Added "/sponge clear" to v0.9.7
    All it does is clear the sponge database, effectively removing the invisible areas of missing sponges.
    You'd still need to manually reactivate a physics event to get the water back though.

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    @Devil Boy
    Great plugin just wanted to report a bug. If you are in a region that is WorldGuard protected and someone other than the owner places down a sponge. The sponge effect will still be in effect even though the sponge wasn't able to be put down. To fix it do the following:

    Set your BLOCK_PLACE listener to Priority.Monitor.
    In your public void onBlockPlace(BlockPlaceEvent event) methods do the following:
    public void onBlockPlace(BlockPlaceEvent event) {
    if (event.isCancelled()) return;
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    Devil Boy

    Version 0.9.8, bug fixed almost exactly as you suggested.

    Also added a "attackFire" option for people who realized that if the sponge only stops fire from burning blocks, but not from spreading, that you would get an eternally burning bush/tree.
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    Nice Plugin :) , but :
    Pls fixx that :/

    EDIT: Bugg found: If i destroy the Sponge with FM (FastMing | MeanAdmin command) the effect of sponge wont removed :/
  9. waiting for new version:
    Want to make a waterfall i can turn on and off (redstone)
    water flowing back
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    As explained above that's normal minecraft physics taking over. We are looking at different algorithms to effectively fill in any water again without destroying, or flooding, any structures built there. As far as the bug goes there is no way to fix that unless we were to manually check each sponge to make sure it is still there, as world editing programs such as that don't trigger a block break or the fictional block replace functions, so we never get notified that it is removed. We are looking for elegant solutions for these problems though, so hang in there. :)
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    Devil Boy

    I have thought up of different ways of doing it, but I just haven't had the time to actually implement code to experiment with it (still in school). Summer break begins after the end of this week, so you may have to wait until then.

    @Hello Minecraft World
    I already know how to go about adding that feature, but I will not have the chance to add it until next week.
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    Devil Boy

    @Hello Minecraft World
    Version 0.9.9 has a water restoration feature :D
    I'll add the lava part of it in v1.0 along with support for the newest recommended build.
    I'm just releasing this update prematurely so that you guys can find errors in the water restoration, before I work on the lava part.

    BTW Don't try it with lava. It'll spawn water and form cobblestone or obsidian.

    Edit: I decided that restoring lava isn't really that useful. The lava will follow the same method as water in getting restored, but since it is much slower you won't notice it wont restore. You guys won't actually see what I'm talking about until I release v1.0 (which will come after you guys report bugs). I just wanted to tell Sphax that the restore lava thing isn't going to be added.
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    Devil Boy

    Heh, you'll have to use "/sponge disable target" on the sponge before destroying it, or use "/sponge clear" to disable all sponges. Those admin block editing tools don't trigger the events necessary to disable or enable sponges.
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    Plugin request: granular, per command permission nodes. That way someone can work on clearing sponge areas without clearing the entire database.
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    Devil Boy

    Version 1.0
    In theory, you should be able to restore lava also by increasing the flowerTimerMultiplier I put in there, but this version really just fixes the bug where sponges make water out of lava when you remove them. It was also tested against the latest CraftBukkit build (860).

    That is now in the ToDo list ;)
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I'd like sponges to be able to absorb water in the main world, or lava in the nether, but not absorb lava in the main world. Could you do this?

    Apart from that, this seems like a nice sponge plugin.

    If the key in the hashmap were the sponge's location, this would not be an issue. <_<

    Would placing and removing a sponge do that?
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    Devil Boy

    Yes, better multi-world support is now in my ToDo.

    It still would be an issue :p
    The plugins depends on events being called and having the sponge's location in the hashmap wouldn't help if the plugin didn't know to remove it.
    My original attempt to make the plugin did store the sponge locations rather than the affected area, but I found that to be very much more inefficient.

    Yes, it would. :D Just about any block change will activate physics in the blocks next to it (even air into air). My plugin turns air into portal then back into air, because the air-to-air method sometimes doesn't work with larger areas.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    What would happen if you place a sponge next to a portal, then?
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    Nothing, as it checks to make sure it's air before the portal-> air switch.
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    Great plugin. Now I can stop burning everything down with lava!
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    Devil Boy

    Precisely what Tux2 said. Only air gets switched.

    Awesome XD
    But the question still stands... Do you really want to stop burning things down? ;)
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    @Hello Minecraft World
    @Devil Boy

    you can fix those whirlpools with worldedit. id suggest using that to fix it till you add a feature to auto replace the water. the commands /fixwater (radius) it will set all the water level to where you are standing. meaning if you make a hole in the ocean just stand on the outside of the hole where the water isnt screwed up and type like /fixwater 50 and like it never happened :p

    and from my personal experience it only does that effect if it breaks the surface of the water. if its under water and doesnt soak up the surface then the ocean will refill itself since the top of the water is a source it will just flow down when the sponge is destroyed and refill the ocean with no whirlpool
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    I can't wait for Redstone toggling ! Like in WorldGuard :D Thank you so much for excellent plugin Devil Boy ! [diamond]
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    Devil Boy

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    Can you add Permissions Support ?
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    Devil Boy

    Did you want the Permissions for the /sponge commands? (I'm upgrading that)
    Or for the actual placing and breaking of sponges?

    Version 1.1
    Granular, per command permission nodes added.
    People with older versions of the plugin will now need to upgrade their permission settings, or just use op.

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    This is really nice! I thank you for it :)! You helped me made atlantis broo! :D [​IMG]
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    Awesome stuff, question though...

    Can you make an option to make it so its not craftable?
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    It's already in the config file, just set "craftableSponges=true" to false
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    Oh right, awesome.


    Didn't see that.
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    Devil Boy

    I don't see any image, but that sounds awesome!!
    Where did you find an ocean deep enough? ;)

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