Inactive [FUN/MECH] SpongeRestore v1.4 - Bring back the functionality of sponges. [1.1-R6]

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    Devil Boy

    SpongeRestore - Bring back the functionality of sponges:

    This plugin merely makes sponges craftable and useable again. By default it is meant to replicate how sponges worked in past versions of Minecraft. This plugin also lets you give sponges extended function through configurable options.


    Old ChangeLog

    For those of you in doubt, donations are in fact appreciated -->[​IMG]
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    Devil Boy

    Thanks! It appears that your version of CraftBukkit lacks the recipe setting class or has it named differently. Try again with the most recommended build on this site.
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    Is it possible to disable the craft recipe ? I already have my own recipe for the sponge thanks to Cookbook. :)

    Also, is the sponge restores the water it has absorbed when it gets removed?
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    Craft recipe disabling is coming! If you wanted to download the latest development version it's already in it, although there might be a few bugs with the other settings. use at your own risk!

    EDIT: Looks like that option is already in there. (That's what I get for using a development version...)
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    Mhh i like new function, but it was possible to toggle lava absorb ? i need only water absorb !
    Or i must use 9.1 ?

    thanks for your work :)

    EDIT: no more i see you make that on config ;)
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    The lava option is disabled by default so it should be plug and play for you.
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    Devil Boy

    Well then ;)
    I have come out with the solution to your problem!
    SpongeRestore v0.9.4 has fire support :D
    It stops fire from spreading or burning anything within the sponge's effective radius.
    How's that for fire retardant?
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    Don't want to spam, but would it be possible to add a parameter to make the sponge restores the water/lava it has deleted/absorbed on placement when the block is removed ?

    Thanks ;)
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    Devil Boy

    It sounds like a great idea, but I may have to hold off on it until after the 1.0 release. In order to add that function, I would need to restructure or append to the sponge database while also taking into consideration block changes before and after the presence of the sponge. I don't think I have time to handle that multitude of code for one option yet, but don't worry, I assure you that it will eventually get added.
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    You're right about the blocks changes after the sponge placement, but maybe, "just" save and then restore the water blocks if there is air. ;)
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    Devil Boy

    Actually, Tux2 and I have considered a method that doesn't require the saving of a new database. On sponge destruction I can turn the incoming water into a full water block, thus continuing the water physics process and eliminating the need to save a database.
    I'm still unsure if it'll make if to 1.0
    It would sound simple to do, but could be otherwise.
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    Somehow your "wget" mirror is not working with CraftBukkitUpToDate
    Can you create one with dropbox?

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    Devil Boy

    I've fixed the wget mirror for you. It turns out that Gitorious' SSL certificate uses the host "*" not "" which forces you to use the --no-check-certificate parameter of wget in order to download. I changed the link to http, that should remove any need for SSL certificate checking and get it working with CraftBukkitUpToDate.

    All you need to do is update the link on CraftBukkitUpToDate to the new wget link for me :D

    Your request has been fulfilled! You didn't think I noticed that you asked for customizable recipes did you ;)
    Version 0.9.5, now with recipe customization. I tried to make the config file for it as easy to understand as possible but I do realize that people similar to lloyd menzies may not understand it on first go.
    Just go ahead and edit the SpongeRecipe.cfg file!

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    Thank you!
    (btw. SpongeRestore is working fine on MC 1.6.4 and CB #814!)
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    Devil Boy

    Thanks for the info!
    I probably won't update the thread until I they come out with a new recommended build.
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    Sure, I would do the same, but I'm interested to test and see what is working and what isn't working ;)
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    minor issue: When you break ice after placing a sponge near it, the ice is still replaced with a water source block (this is rectified by removing the sponge block and placing it again)
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    Devil Boy

    It will also be fixable by re-enabling the sponge, but I think I can fix that bug easily by listening to another event.
    Though I can't even begin to work on it until I squish the show-stopping bug that's impeding the 0.9.6 release.

    In v0.9.6 you can enable the sponges using: /sponge enable <target/radius>
    "target" will enable the sponge you are looking at directly
    "radius" with a number following it will enable all the sponges within the block radius you specify. (Set this too high and you'll lag plenty. I've found a radius of 5 to be safe [same radius as default sponge].)

    Replacing "enable" with "disable" will allow you to disable working sponges.

    That tiny bug... err.. mite has been obliterated in the v0.9.6 release. It works with the canPlaceWater option of the configuration.

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    Do you have an "all" keyword already? At the very least, I think a "disable all"-type command would be useful for somebody who's been a little overzealous with their super-pickaxe. **hides face in embarassment**
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    ever thought about redstone controlled?
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    Devil Boy

    Well I've experimerted with the "all" option (which is why it took forever to release v0.9.6) and found only one way for me to find all the sponges in a world. And that's to check all sponges in that world.
    I realized how inefficient that was on first run. A world easily has more than 100 chunks, each chunk is 16x16x128 in blocks of volume. That's 32,768 blocks to check for just one chunk. Checking 128 sponges or just one chunk is actually fairly quick, but trying to check all on the map will easily disconnect clients from your server.

    If you know of a much more efficient way to check for sponges, I would truly appreciate if you pointed me in the right direction :D (I might not have looked through all the classes)
    Otherwise, I don't want to add it to the official releases, but could easily give you a version with the "all" function in it as it has already been made.

    You can actually experience the inefficiency (a small bit of lag) by setting a high radius like 20. That would make the plugin check a 68,921 block area (41x41x41). Then, just imagine that lag just 100 times worse.

    Actually, I have, but totally forgot about it... :/
    I'll be sure to add that by the v2.0 release. Right know I'm just tweaking things and adding small options so I can finally hit v1.0.
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    @Devil Boy Methinks it'd make more sense to approach that by flushing the spongeAreas hashmap, optionally saving a blank configuration for that world.

    In the case of super-pickaxing sponges etc., you might find it more feasible to include a command and/or check for each spongeArea member and assert that a sponge is indeed there - perhaps if you want to do some Github browsing, you could see if an event is associated with a SP block break.

    This is all theory, of course. :p
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    Devil Boy

    You're completely right :D
    I totally overlooked the fact that you only asked about "disable." I was still tormented by the failure of "enable all" command.
    Yes I can easily just reset the spongeAreas hashmap. I'll add that option in the v1.0 release.

    I'm still unsure what you are referring to with the super-pickaxe.
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    In WorldEdit, there's a pickaxe bind that lets you instantly break blocks - but it doesn't seem to call the block-breaking event. :p It makes it possible to build spongeless, waterless areas which can't be fixed once the sponge has been removed (even upon replacement).
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    Well, fire's vertical range seems to be extended in 1.6.6, so, sponges make an excellent fire retardent (the wood blocks above started burning after the update to 1.6.6, but not anymore!):
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    does it work in 818?
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    Yes, quite well actually. I'm running 819 at the moment, but it was working just fine in 818.
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    thanks for quick reply...

    Yeah this mod is one that reminds me of the good 'ol days when sponges worked... Thanks.
  31. i'm having a problem when i place a sponge the water was gone but when i removed it the water didn't flow back.
    How can i fix this picture:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (click on the image for larger photo)

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