Inactive [FUN/MECH] SMP_Hardcore V2.0 - Become ghosts after death! [UnderGoing Revival]

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    Yes, Im uploading it as we speak.

    Changelog 2.0
    - MYSQL not needed anymore
    - Added revive Command for OP/Console (/smprevive [playername])
    - Fixed some bugs

    Known Issues:
    - A Error in the console will pop up When player logs out, Ignore this...
    - Signs Still dont show "R.I.P" etc
    - New Ghosts Are Unable To See Old Ghosts Unless Relog
    - The revive Console Command sometimes leaves the ghost player invisible until relog.

    bump, and updated

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    Hey, do you think you can fix this problem. People at spawn keep dieing and keeps leaving signs everywhere. this is getting very annoying. :/ I hope you add something in the config soon to stop this.

    Also find a way to block the /kill command for ghosts so they can't die. Maybe a message that says "You cannot kill a ghost!"

    Thank you. I'll message you for any suggestion that should be added to the plugin. :)
  4. kind a strange ;E i was hoping that when u die -> drops a zombie and u turn into a ghost :D
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    I could probably implement this.... it sounds really cool.
  6. or even better, create Zombie after player dies, Player may move and live until he dies (as a zombie) :) then returns to normal body.
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    Can I just message you the suggestions?
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    The "creepers chasing ghosts" could be quite humorous in some situations.
    A ghost lures a creeper to go around in circles?
    A ghost lures a creeper around someone's house (okay, that can be considered griefing)'
    An invisible being luring mobs in general? Considering he can't die after dead, a ghost could make his own mob army by making them attack him/her. The walls of Troy would fall that night.
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    is this multiworld compatible?
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    Dude, AWESOME plugin, this will REALLY come in handy for my hunger games server. Is it possible to add something where ghosts can talk but only other ghosts can see what they said? I don't want the dead people to give away the position of the people who are still alive.
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    Intresting suggestion. I will implement this in the next update, For now you can disable Ghost_Talk in the options.
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    Amazing plugin, this will make my Ultra Hardcore games 10 x better! :)

    What does the Pre-Rez do though?
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    I tested this thoroughly last night while hosting a 12 player Ultra Hardcore game. First off I have to say that this is very well polished for such an extensive plugin, well done!

    Now I would like to report some bugs that may very well have already been pointed out:

    • 1/12 players glitched and was visible to players that were alive and he could also interact/push them. This was expected and there will always more than likely be someone that bugs out so no real issue here, we just kicked this player! :)
    • Dead players could interact/push any kind of mob at all times, again not a major issue.
    • Hunger bar drains when you are dead preventing players from sprinting
    • When disabling death chat it also disables the server control panel chat (Multicraft in this case)
    • Looking forward to death chat only being visible to players that are dead!!
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    Very nice summary, Some of those i plan to fix and add. I do realize that my plugin conflicts with some other plugins and causing either mine or the other plugin to not work properly. This idk how to fix But I plan on adding some features that may help with this situation.
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    This is REALLY cool plugin and I have to say, You have done a brilliant job! Thank you for it. What would I do without it.

    Now there are things that should be added to this plugin to make it feel complete. Now here they are:

    • Diamond Pre Res: Ok, normally there are two main types of Pre Reses. A diamond Res is suppose to be the same as a gold res, BUT it has one thing unique about it. What it does, if you die, you can get revived by it many times and it won't disappear. It can only be used by Ops.
    • Add in permissions.
    • The ability to set a cooldown before using the admin Res. So you can't use it for another somethings minites and somethings hours by setting it VIA command.
    • Add in Admin Res. An Admin Res is a res that can be used by admins and if you right click it, lightning strikes down where you right clicked it at. It's actually simple if you make one. Simply put [Adminres] on the First Line. If you want an any body to use this, put [everyone] on the second line. You can also set groups to use this by putting -groupname on third line.
    Thank you for your time guys.

    Hopefully there's a reply soon!
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    Very nice suggestions, I already had planned a few things for the diamond blocks though.
    I was thinking that Diamond blocks would res All dead players (or just 3 players, 1 per line, Excluding the top one)

    Adding in permissions will be done, I'm still learning stuff about permissions.

    Cooldown in admin command is a nice touch, Will add it.

    As for the last suggestion I donht quite understand that... Can you elaborate?

    Lastly, Sorry Ive been inactive for a week. I'm working on a new plugin. I just did my First beta run last night and works perfectly, Will post the plugin later today or tomorrow. Still need a name for it though.
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    Yes, an admin is a Pre res block that can only be used by admins And if you want everyone to use it, just do this:

    1st line: [Adminres]
    2nd line: [everyone] It's optonal
    3rd line: - Leave this blank
    4th line: -<Rank name, support for groupmanager and PEX>

    You can set a cooldown on that Admin Pre res block so people don't abuse it. The -member tag on the sign is there for when you want certain groups to use that admin pre res block. Here is a picture of an example


    The Admin Pre Res block might come in handy for some servers.

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    You should make an advanced version of this called poltergeist where ghosts can pvp and open doors/chests
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    i have another idea

    is it possible that you could have people ghosts for just two mins, then they get revived, and teleported back to spawn? i seem to find few people actuelly wanting to revive people.

    also, could ghosts go through walls, like. if you walk into a wall, you will tp to the other side?

    i think my first suggestion looks the best one though :)
    also, although its advised not to, i have turned ghost fly on. it is fine!
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    Looks cool ! About to test :p
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    Please add an Option on the config to enable or disable signs on death.
    I really need it for it to be compatible for the plugin called Cenoteph
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    For the walking throuh walls thing you could check out the zombies4bukkit mod and give permission to only those that are ghoust but they would all have to have the client mod
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    oh, i dont want client mods :(
    what i really need is it so ur ghost for like, 1 min, then come alive :(
    althought my server is not "small", it has too little people to be able to revive all theese ghosts!
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    Ok and for the only way for people to go through wall without client mod would be a spout type thing but i havent seen any zombes mod type plugins for spout or auto install client mods
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    ok D:
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    Can you please add multi-world support so we can make a hardcore world?
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    hi i love your plugin but there seems to be a problem for me when i use it on my server when i die i can still run upto my guards (Citizens plugin) and punch them and they attack and kill me even tho im a ghost also the sign that shows up when i die is blank can u help with this also as for a suggestion it would be nice for a self revive command for ops thanks
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    It would be great if someone were to continue this plugin
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    Reviving this plugin right now.. undergoing Re-Coding

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