Inactive [FUN/MECH] SMP_Hardcore V2.0 - Become ghosts after death! [UnderGoing Revival]

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    what is mysql?
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    MYSQL is a database manager made for holding rows/columns of data ex. Player/HP/Mana/Times Died/etc

    You can download mysql from here
  3. I think you should change the ressurection to like make an alter whick you revive at and people maybe should sacrifice some food
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    errr looks to tecnical for me Q_Q no offince but im just not gonna use the plugin intill me know 100% what me downloading trying to keep my server as close to villnia as me can bc its only for me and my bro
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    How about an auto revive option?
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    just thort what happens if u fall in the void with a pre revive? it can happen in the end with out cheats
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    Can you make it so you can have a timer or use blocks because ill want it so people can be a ghost for 5 or 1 min
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    When you have the time, you should add an option that changes the recipe for gold apples and glistering melons to use gold ingots instead of gold nuggets. I'd also like to be able to disable reviving with gold blocks entirely so that way, once everybody dies, we have to start a new map.
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    Awesome news, Thanks =D

    After Sunday I will be working Full Time Again So I can Do More Updates. Im On Vacation right now ;p
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    it says that it could not load. Removed by server host Enable_Plugin = false. But its true. HELP!!!

    And ihave that mySQL.

    And i have that mySQL.

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    i got a suggestion and then i would love this plugin !!! completly

    how about adminc an make a graveyard and ppl have to travel there to be revived free or for a small payment with a conomy plugin ?
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    I started watching the Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore Season 3 and they now use a gold block for the glistering melon recipe, so make gold apples require 8 gold ingots and glistering melon require a gold block. If you can, you should also make the player list (the one when you press tab) show their health next to their name.
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    Now it says that: [SMP_HardCore] could not load.



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    I'm going to be waiting until the next recommended build comes out (hopefully it will be after Minecraft 1.3) so that fixing the plugin and adding new features will be easier for you (I'm assuming).

    Just to be organized, here is a list again of new things that I think should be added and things that should be fixed. I understand that the plugin was meant to be used with the recommended build for 1.1, so some of the bugs that I list might just be because I was using the wrong build, so please let me know if that's the case. Also tell me if some of the requested features are not possible to do or require Spout so I'll know not to bring them up again.

    Requested Features
    - Command for ops to bring people back to life
    - Players that die do not drop their inventory and equipped armor (option to turn it off)
    - Configurable chat system (option to turn it off)
    - Configurable haunt message (option to turn it off)
    - Configurable motd (option to turn it off)
    - Gold apples require gold ingots and glistering melon requires a gold block (option to turn it off)
    - Health bar display for players when you press tab (option to turn it off)
    - Option to disable gold block reviving entirely

    Requested Bug Fixes (some may not apply because of what I mentioned above)
    - Make it so mobs do not attack or acknowledge ghosts
    - Make it so ghosts cannot push players and entities by bumping into them
    - Fix the grave signs so that they do not appear blank
    - Make it so that you cannot haunt yourself
    - Fix the "glitchy" reviving lightning I talked about earlier
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    Ill be doing some updates this week... ive been busy with college work... alot of things i couldnt do... Im also waiting for a recommended build for 1.2.
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    ill create a video on how to install it properly.. just make sure u have MYSQL and the service is running. other than that make ssure ur running on bukkit R7 1.1
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    THX for help!

    Make this plugin like the ghosts can go through things. It could be cool.

    I cant have R7 1.1 cause i have the latest version of minecraft its 1.2.4 and i tryed it on R7 1.1 but it says the same thing [SMP hardcore] could not load. Still.

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    Just noticed there is a recommended build for 1.2.4. I will be adding Updates to this plugin within 24 hours
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    cool thx. but create a video plz.
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    Can you update it to 1.2.4?? pls :(
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    Yes, the recommended build is finally here! I had no idea there was one until demonic said there was lmao. I can't wait for the plugin to be updated! :D (well, maybe I can lol)
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    Support for the newest Recomended build: 1.2.5 R1!

    Known Bugs:
    No Text On Sign After Death

    There will be more updates more often from now on I will start Adding Some features You suggest to me.

    If you want to contact me ASAP contact my skype (listed on the main post)
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    THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS AMAZING PLUGIN. Even though it's not perfect, I have wanted a plugin like this for a long time. :)
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    No Problem =D
    EDIT: there will be alot of improvements to the plugin over time ;)
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    This is a great plugin. I've had some ideas, but I'm not a programer, so I don't know how difficult they are.
    1. A Ghost can change from normal (but no touching mobs) to noclip/fly.
    2. A Ghost can become visible and invisible at will, but with a bluish aura.
    3. A Ghost can create a random/controlled ambient noise, to spook other players.
    4. A Ghost can "inhabit" Undead (Zombies, Skeletons, Pig Zombies) by clicking on them and "becoming them". After a while they are "kicked out" and the mob dies.

    Just some ideas. [diamond]
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    Some Great Requests... here are my response to Each:
    1. Implementing A Custom Fly mode is scary and buggy/laggy And im not the best Programmer. Implementing a no clip (going through walls) is probably nearly impossible for just 1 person or without Spout (again not sure)
    2. Becoming visible with a bluish aura sounds like a client side mod is needed. I wanted to keep this just a server-side thing. On another note I already made it so ghosts ARE invisible, But leaves a trail of black smoke.
    3. This is possible, But not sure if will be implemented.
    4. Controlling other NPCs may be close to impossible, I'll look into it...
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    Cool plugin! But, I think it would be cool if the ghosts had actual ghost-like abilities such as: flying, walking through walls, etc. And I don't know if this is possible (not a Bukkit expert) but, it would be awesome if their skin turned... Well... kinda, ghost-ish I guess. But, that's not really necessary. Probably would be way too much work even if it was possible. But the walk through walls stuff would be pretty cool, if you could do at least one of those. But, so far, this is such a creative and awesome plugin! Nice work!
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    Read the above post x.x lol
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    I mean it sounded all right until you said I needed MySQL. Then I was like whatever...:oops:

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