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    Hey, I think it would be awesome if you could add a spleef arena, and I own an rpg server, and there are dungeons, could you add like entrance points and rewards for those too. like a person must get to the end and then they go to a set point. Also I've played an arena with you on minesworn. lol :D

    also could you add something like an infection game type, like from halo. that was always my favorite game type and i think it would be sweet if you could add that

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    Noob Question:

    How can i select a Class i a Mob Arena?

    And what Class i have when i join a Mob Arena?

    Someone too has the Bug that when you join a Mob Arena that your Goldaxe(default config) is nearly broken? Can make 5-10 Hits then she´s broken!

    And how can i controll what Mobs are spawning?

    Dont know the ID´s.....the Mobfile of my Arena looks follow:


    And is there a Way to make it compatible with iConomy?
    That a Reward after a Mobarena is XX.XX Coins ??
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    1)Right click a sign to select a class
    2)the first line of the sign text is the name of the class (in the ultimate arena folder)
    3)I'll fix that
    4)You can't
    5)Nope, and I also don't intend on implementing a way either.
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    This plugin stops working when I get to setting spawn points in the arena.

    Edit: Fixed that, but now when I try to join my arena it teleports me to some random place in the wrong world.

    Edit: Fixed. How do I turn off the mob spawner heads, pretty annoying with Heroes.
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    One more Bug. As an Archer he dont count the Kills you make!


    1: Thank you but why you dont show this in your Tutorial Video??
    3: Thanks...its frustrading i cant heal my Groupmembers!
    4: Why? So i could make Arenas with different Difficulty! As an Example the Blaze are very terrible because they can fly and kill you from above! When you have no Archer there is no Chance!

    5: Why not?
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    I installed this plugin, and attempted to make the arena, I set everything up, but then when i want to go to it it says please wait for 6 seconds, and it never brings me and starts the arena. There is no error or anything that says the arean is loading in the logs.. the only thing it says is "Mobarena Stop" or "Ultimatearean Preparing to stop Arena 1"
    What do i do?
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    hey, i seem to have some issues trying to do the /ua help command, whenever i type it, it just says command unknown, type /ua help for help... i need some help xP
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    How come none of the classes have weapons when I make a koth arena?

    edit: Same w FFA arenas

    Is this plugin even active?
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    I've put the Timers back to TimerTasks (but I've worked on making them secure, so they wont give ConcurrentModification Errors).

    Sorry that I have other things to do in my life becides work on my bukkit plugins.
    Fixed your glitch though.
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    Hey I'm sorry, this is a noob question, but your mod looks great but when you explained what to write to change rewards, you didn't say where to write it. Also, how do you make people choose classes at lobby? Please respond, thanks!
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    Did you, by any chance, look at the files given with UltimateArena? :p
    The arena config files have the rewards :3.

    To have people chose a class, simply have a sign in your lobby, and on the first line of that sign, put the class name.
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    hey i was wondering if you could fix the bug in ffa where you pick a class and enter the arena you don't get the class till you die.
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    I Need Help!!!

    I have made my arena and everything (a pvp arena)
    But when I have my member type /ua Tharm join (Tharm is the name)
    It tells them to wait for 6 seconds, then doesn't do anything.
    then the game just becomes busy.
    Please help this is a great plugin and I would really like to beable to use it!
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    Ya, sorry about the rewards, but for some reason the mobconfig file doesnt list rewards, yet my players still recieve them. Thanks a lot for a great mod btw. Several of my players, after trying the arenas i made yesterday, asked if there could be a permenant highscores board. Any chances of that happening?
    EDIT: hey I just noticed that in ffa you have to die once before class armor/weapons load. Is that supposed to happen?
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    Download the patch, it should fix that issue... should...
    And yes, I do have plans for a highscore/leaderboard system :3

    Did your arena load correctly? use /ua refresh and check the console.
    Also, if you haven't, please download the newest patch. I released it yesterday.
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    I haver version 0.5, and I've made multiple arenas, and tryed each different type of arena.
    Is it possible that it could be conflicting with another plugin? because it's not teleporting anyone when they
    use /ua join [NAME]. It just makes them wait forever, then the arena starts with nobody in it.
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    Is it in the normal world?
    What plugins do you have installed in your server?

    and If you could...
    Create a secondary test server just for you (and throw in ONLY ultimate arena). If the problem continues, then it isn't a confliction bug. It's a bug on my part.
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    The plugins I have are: WorldEdit, mcMMO, LWC, Essentials, Citizens, WorldGuard, CraftBookMechanisms, Iconomy, PermissionsEX, ChestShop, iZone, CraftBook, DragonTravel, GodWalk, ModifyWorld, Permissions, EssentialsChat, EssentialsSpawn, ChatManager, Endercrystalizer, Enviroll, and Minequery. I could try uninstalling some and see how it works.
    I'm using a hoster, so I cannot make a new server without re-installing the one I have. Although I can tell you that I have also tried the older version, and it did the same thing.
    And it is in the normal world.
  19. Don't work :( i already have try to do mob area and now pvp area, but when i'm clear and need to say /ua join [NAME] then there coming up: "please stand still for 6 seconds" i'l do that ... like more minutes, but there's nothing happening .. when i move AFTER 6 SECONDS and more.. coming on Cancelled please anybody can help me? ps: srry for my english i come from belgium .. hopes anybody can helps me :)
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    Same thing happening to me.
    This must mean it's a bug in the code so hopefuly it will be usable soon :)
    But it is odd that the 'Old version' still did the same thing.
    up above I posted the plugins that I had on my server, do I have any of the same ones you do?
  21. Yes, i have some of them : Worldedit , Dragontravel , and then to Parachute , OpChatPlugin1.2 , NoLagg , MagicCarpet , kFeatherTeleport , Jail , HeroicRebuke :)
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    hmm then it must be DragonTravel, i'll uninstall it and see if it works then.
    I'll let you know if it does
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    Did you give users the correct permissions? You need to use PermissionsX for them.
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    Yes, I gave all my users the permisson, and myself the Admin perm.
    I'm assuming it's a problem with your code since kary and I have the same issue.
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    I don't know how it would be. It works fine on my server, and a 60-70 person server I test it on...

    Before, when you said you couldn't create a second server, you can :p Just create a local one on, it takes less than 5 minutes. I really need to know if it is conflicting with certain plugins. Because it should NOT be acting the way it is.
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    hey orange why does it keeps saying game is interrupted every time after a game when either each teams win?????PLEASE HELP MA
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    It's supposed to.
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    Is it possible to add in custom item functionality to the classes? I attempted to use a gun mod and make classes to them but it only ends up giving the base item and not the gun. Ex. Sniper ID is 318:1060 it only gives the ID 318 (flint) Unless I am doing it wrong, but I have not found any explanations on howto go about doing it.
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    I store the secondary values as bytes, which means their values have to be between 0 and 255. 1080 is not a byte :p

    I also realised I broke almost all arena rewards :p I'll get to fixing that.

    Okay, I fixed Ultimate Arena's reward system :3
    Also, to get around gettin synchronized code errors in your console, I created a plugin called SafeEdit (it's included in the UltimateArena zip file) You will need that in your plugins folder as well, to safely modify blocks in the world without throwing concurrent Modification Errors in the console :3

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    I love your plugin, but I was wondering what the code was for a coutdown timer. Could you tell me how you did it?

    Edit: nvmd

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