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    Why no page for this?
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    When you log out during an arena, and the arena ENDS while they're logged out, they will lose their inventory (the one given to them by the plugin). This is to prevent people from keeping the items of an arena by logging out.

    I hate bukkitdev WITH A PASSION
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    Really enjoying your plugin! Was just wondering if fall damage counts as a death or if it has to be from a player because my arena is suspended high above a pit and when someone falls they die and have to spawn at the server spawn. If not I think this would be a great addition or setting to have! Also can you maybe make arena names NOT case sensitive? I like my names capitalized but don't want people to have to make sure they capitalize the name when trying to join.
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    falling does cout as a death. ANYTHING that can cause a player to die, counts as a death.
    Sure, I'll make arenas not case sensitive
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    Hey, well whenever I have a team death match arena set up, each player only gets one life and when they die whether from falling or getting killed by another player the game ends. Not sure why cause its set to 3 deaths per game. Also the red block doesn't automatically come off the players head for me when the game is done.
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    Will you be adding future configuration of killstreaks? In mob arena and other arenas?
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    When a player died and accidently clicks the exit button, the game might end (only if their team has 0 players on).
    Try playing with at least 2 people per team. If that still makes the arena quit, please read me the message it says in the console (about the arena ending). I'll fix it if it's a plugin glitch :3

    That will come, yes :3
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    I run a server, and I've had an issue with my players joining an arena, and removing the wool block that pop up on their heads, which causes server errors. Also, with the Mob Arena, they get Mob Spawners put on their heads, and people were removing those causing my server to crash. Just wanted to let you know of these errors. Otherwise, I think it's a fantastic plugin, keep up the good work dude,
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    plzzz make a 1.1 version ill also love you forever again
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    It is for 1.1

    That should not cause your server to crash...
    That's basically saying, your players can not, at any point in time, have a wool block or mob spawner in their inventory.

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    Any luck with adding definable reward to the mob config? I've got mine shut down for now... Hope you're doing great!

    Oh and if we could set "minimum players" in the cfg's that might help some of the glitched leaving/ending...
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    Is this plugin still working for the latest dev build of Minecraft?
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    First of all thx for great TDM arena.
    But there is few really nasty bugs.
    1-----ITEMS LOST ON LOG IN------- If u log out during fight on arena , and come back when it is finished, or if it was 1 vs 1 then another side won it , so player will log back on server and have to use /ua refresh . if he dont - then each time player log out and log back he will lose all inventory. This need to be really fixed. Ppl will forget to use that command. And they will lose loads of items.
    In this case Arena will work too negative on players when they will win 1-2 diamonds and loose diamonds set with loads of items. So this this command MUST go right after player get teleported from arena.
    2-----EMPTY OR NOT------ It does tell you to empty all inventory. But u can enter with armor wearing on you. and u will lose it after arena. should be fixed too. It is much better to make a items saver like MA.
    3-----NASTY TELEPORT----- After finishing arena y get teleported back home. and somehow player getting stuck really offen at home place. It never happends when they just use /home , but when it does Arena script, they stuck there. It would be much better to teleport ppl to speasial place. not just home. (add one more setpoint )
    4-----WHY WAITING------- It is not a bug but i think waiting 6 seconds before entering lobby is quite unnesessary.
    5-----WE WANT EXP BACK------- loosing Exp is quite silly too. winning diamond but loosing 30-40 lvl, well dont think players will be happy.

    Plz can u comment this and say if this can be fixed. great arena and loads of fun , so we will wait before this bugs will be fixed =)
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    mob arena is way better if you want a mob arena. If u want a pvp arena or anything else this is better but i think mob arena is better because
    A) mobs dont burn at day even if its an open arena ONLY if you are in a arena nowhere else
    B) The lobby makes sure that you confirm you are ready by punching an iron block and makes you pick a class first
    C) if a person is afk you can leave but it has something so you cant rage quit
    D) much more customizable you can have things spawn in chests in every round and much more
    E) cannot use commands or edit arena unless you are op and it automatically changes you to survival
    F) almost bugfree totaly
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    How do I disable the wool helmets? so annoying cause people can farm insanely much wool...
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    1. Ohh... so that's how the losing items glitch happens. That makes sense.
    2. I'll fix that
    3.Can you explain that in more details?
    4.It's very nesessary. It prevents people from joining arenas during combat.
    5.I'll make that a configurable option.
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    Hello, I've got this on my server and it looks really cool!

    But I've got a BIG problem/bug.

    I have an cq-arena with a lobby. Everything works normal until you are teleported in to the arena. Then it says "Game is inturrupted!" But I'm still getting teleported to the arena! :( (But I'm not playing, so I can't do anything.)

    Can anyone help me with this? :S I have the standard configs, but I chanched the lobbytime to 80 sec instead.
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    Having an issue many people have posted about, but perhaps you missed or I missed the reply.

    When someone /ua join's my arena, they get a cancelled message and they are forever stuck floating into the spawn spot unless a /ua forcestop is called. Is this because it is indoors?
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    Im not saying it makes sense, im saying its happening. I love this plugin, but cant use it unless I can simply remove the option for wool and spawner heads, thats all im asking for, to make it optional in the config
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    I want to ask u qa question why does it says game intterupted when a player wins in any map?
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    Then you probably didn't create the arena correctly.
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    Orange, I'm sorry to bug but perhaps you missed my reply. Its just a few up. We are hoping to use this to replace another plugin we use. Your setup is an absolute breeze. Please if you would, answer my question when you can. Thanks again!
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    What does your console say, when you try using /ua refresh?
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    I have made a Mob arena, but iu can't join. Please stand still 6 seconds, but the 6 seconds is like 4ever :/
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    Shows this:

    Also if it helps, it says this when It try to join:

    Oh wait.. I just re-read the thread and noticed you said no multiworld support? Perhaps thats why. =(
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    Whats the changelog for 6.0?
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    I get this error
    0:07:41 [INFO] PVP ARENA LOADED: arena
    10:07:41 [INFO] FFA ARENA LOADED: blood
    10:07:41 [INFO] MOB ARENA LOADED: ma
    10:07:41 [INFO] [ULTIMATEARENA] CLASS LOADED: healer
    10:07:41 [INFO] [ULTIMATEARENA] CLASS LOADED: garret
    10:07:41 [INFO] [ULTIMATEARENA] CLASS LOADED: dumbass
    10:07:41 [INFO] [ULTIMATEARENA] CLASS LOADED: archer


    IT tells you to wait 6 seconds and absoultly nothing happens. Any reason why?
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    Go back to the front page and watch the first video again. Each lobby needs to be set up using diagonal corners. It will recognize the corners to create a box in that area. Such as:
    Here is what you built for the lobby. The colored corners are what you need to mark so it recognizes the area for spawns.
    | ____ |
    | ____ |
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    That's odd...
    How long did you eventually end up waiting?

    I may end up switching BACK to the old way of doing timers (TimerTasks), but making them more secure, so they don't crash your server :p
    I really dislike bukkit timers at this point.

    Expect an update soon.
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    I have a server full of people begging me to put UltimateArena back in, but I have an issue with people using the arena to farm wool off their heads. Please add a simple line int he config that gives us the ability to turn off colored wool helmets in PVP and Spawner helmets in Mob

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