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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Uh, its actually working for me now. I realized it was a problem when setting up the arena.
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    Hey, when I'm creating a KOTH arena, it won't let me set the Red Team arena Spawn i can't advance from!!!
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    server running on my Recommended Build: 1.0.1-R1 and the UA on and set me to the time server is put out of operation and a write error concole with Java Please help solve the
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    I don't know what you're trying to say
    Are you sure you set up the arena correctly (in the steps before setting the spawn point). If you don't, the arena will not work. You need to listen to the ingame instructions VERY carefully.
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    Because the server I run has many players on it, I don't want to test this myself unfortunately. Can players still use the essentials command /tpa or /tpahere or something to that effect, or even /spawn, so they can take items out of the arena that that they have been given? Similarly, can people teleport other people in even though they aren't in the arena system? Thanks
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    they shouldnt be able to, becuase it checks whether the player is inside the lobby and if they id the command or not
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    Hi Orange... I understand that you are busy and have been great in responding to people on the forum, but I too have a question. I am having some trouble with editing the config files in the "arenas" folder. Could it be possible for you to ad more information and instructions on how to do this, like what each number means? I'm sorry if you have answered this before, but i love this plugin and plan to use when i open a server within the coming months. After I and and a few friends have finished building the City's, Arena's, Shops etc.

    EDIT: Maybe a few screenshots with a description might make it easier?
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    Hi, I'm using this plugin and I have some questions and suggestions. First, questions.

    • When playing CQ, when you type /ua join <name> it tell you to stay still, then when you are tped to the arena, is says 'cancelled' but you are still in the lobby for the arena, is that suppose to happen?
    • When playing CQ, there is no 100%. It starts from whatever and goes to 95%, then drops back down to 5%. It will repeat that till it reachs 95% 3 times.
    • When you are killed, you are teleported to the world spawn, not the lobby spawn. But a second later, you are tped back in so I don't know if that is suppose to happen or not.
    • When the game ends, it says 'game interrupted'. It doesn't say who won or anything.
    • Editable killstreak rewards. In the .txt files have it set up like this (if possible):
    killstreak 2 = [ID] [asset] asset being the attack dogs or something.
    killstreak 8 = [ID] [asset] asset is optinal, so if nothing is there it wont give you an asset.

    • use a wand to select points instead of type /ua sp
    That's about it. I only go to test CQ and mob game modes. Mobs is OK but it could use a little customizing features.

    Played on R1.0.1
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    Here is a list of the following configuration commands that can be used with UA:
    (x = integer, bool = boolean[true/false]).
    gametime is the max time a round will last (in seconds)
    lobbytime is the time of how long the arena timer is (in seconds)
    maxdeaths is the max amount of deaths a user can have, before being kicked out of the arena
    allowteamkilling states whether or not people on the same team can kill eachother (essential for FFA type games, because everyone it "technically" on the same team)
    maxwave is used in mob arenas, to state what the max wave people can get to, before the arena ends.
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    In a mob arena when it is day mobs die :( there is no way to avoid this?

    Would be great if you could make that people with gamemode when they join the arena their gamemode is changed to survival

    is there any way to make people not need to empty their inventory to join the mob arena?

    Isnt it any list expamle of variables?

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    When you are setting your two points are you cuboiding it and want the whole structure a lobby or just the outline? Also i have a circular areana how would i set the areana points to fill the whole thing?
    One last question. If you have multiple rewards, do they randomize?​
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    Similar to a cuboid. Just a 2d rectangle is created from the two points. You will ahve to make the selection large enough to fit your arena.
    No, multiple rewards to not randomize.
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    I made my own class. I renamed it and I changed the items that are in it. So when I select the class I made, and the timer reaches 0, I get kicked (End Of Stream). Anyway for me to fix it or can't I?
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    Put a roof over your mob arena



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    I found a bug with free for all. I am using bukkit 1.01 and i fight my friend in free for all with the arena and we pic k a class. We fight, i win and then it says 2 kills! unlocked strength potion. then it says Game interrupted and i go back to where i was earlier with nothing no potions no nothing
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    Sorry abou
    sorry about my earlier outburst. It hasn't worked with any arenas so far, and I check the console and it says that it is cancelling UltimateArena when I try to join a lobby.

    What did you change?

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    sorry to keep asking questions. But is there anyway to turn off certain mob types? For example, I want to turn off Ghasts and Blaze's.
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    how come when i try to join the arena and it says wait 6 seconds, im sitting here waiting 6 hours?
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    You didn't set the arena up correctly then.
    Check the console, did any arenas NOT load?
    I also updated the plugin (doesn't have multiworld support or more mob support at this moment).
    What I did, was I changed the timers in UA, probably reducing stress on the server
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    I am sorry for saying I didn't set up the arena correctly. I just now remembered what the problem was.

    Basicly, when you download the zipped file, you get this

    --arena classes and other config stuff.

    Basically, you need to take the UltimateArena.jar out of the zipped file and put it into the plugins. Then you have to take the arena classes and other config stuff out of the inner folder and put them into a folder in the plugins folder. If you don't, then you have plugins-UltimateArena-EmptyFolder-Arena classes... You need to make sure it is just Plugins-UltimateArena-arena classes and other stuff.

    Orange, I think it would be helpful if you took out the extra folder.
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    First off I just want to say that this is an amazing plugin, we have been playing it nonstop on my server. Please keep up the good work! :)

    Some suggestions of things to improve would be to add more options to the classes such as health re-gen. The other thing that my players have mentioned is that it would be nice if the healer class could get Xp from healing other players. In the horde events on my server one of the players will play as a healer, but end up with little or no reward because they spent the whole time healing other players. Another option that I'm sure that server owners would find useful is the ability to change the mob spawning modifiers, such as mob type, amount, etc.

    Also a quick question, Some of the time when players join a game and are tped to the game lobby they end up stuck in a wall, which I believe is just a problem with the teleporting. The game lobby has 3 blocks of vertical space, is that enough or does it need to be more?
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    I don't know why that happens, I would try to do 4 blocks. (when I wrote the teleport command, I made it teleport 1 block above the location you set, to ensure they dont get stuck in the floor).

    I will work on more configurable stuff for the mobarena before I release the next patch :3
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    I found a bug with free for all. I am using bukkit 1.01 and i fight my friend in free for all with the arena and we pic k a class. We fight, i win and then it says 2 kills! unlocked strength potion. then it says Game interrupted and i go back to where i was earlier with nothing no potions no nothing
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    That means you won.
    You dont keep items you get in an arena, such as the strentgh potions, those are just for fighting.
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    hmmm then maybe you should say something else other than Battle interrupted.
    Also can i change those "kill streaks" ?
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    I have a question about the conquest arena. I put it in the server and when we play it (1 vs 1), it ends after a couple of deaths. The maximum time hasn't expired. I looked to the arena config file and there stood "maxdeaths=900". The maximum time is 20 minute. How is it possible?
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    I have a few ideas that you can add to your Arena.
    First this plugin is AWESOME.

    Now the ideas:
    1.Inventory saver (but if you really don't want its no problem)
    2.In the lobby a block (e.g. iron) and everyone have to punch an then it will begin
    3.Leaderboards that you can see your last stats (like in the Mobarena plugin
    4.Support for other Permission systems (essentials Groupmanager, PermissionBukkit)

    I hope you can add a few of these things to your really cool plugin.
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    Your friend must of logged out after dying. It's a common glitch, because arenas check if ONE of the teams is empty, and ends the match (to prevent people from joining an arena, and winning instantly.)
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    How to change after how many kills a player gets a reward?
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    Hi. I put your plugin on my server and is going well but I have a problem. When the people have played an Arena and then logout, when they come in to the server the inventory is empty, without the objects that they have before logout. If you can tell me how I cant Fix it please.

    Thank very much.

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