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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Yea sooo... Great plugin I LOVE it, just one tinsy tiny Glitch.
    When you log out in the middle of an arena battle, you keep all your stuff when you log in and the arena has stopped so my players can teleport to spawn and keep all the armor/spawner. (only tested on MobArena)
    Hopefully you can fix this :D
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    That isn't really a priotiry right now...
    I'll get on fixing that :3
    I think I fixed it :3 please redownload.
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    :) thanks
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    I think it's fixed, if you could test for me, that would be great (I don't have anyone to test with at the moment, and I need to go for awhile)
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    Is there a new .jar?

    Hello, As you know I love this plugin *Havnt gotten to test the fix yet* and I was wondering if you could somehow support ItemIds into the class system. Im running a server currently
    And it has Flans mods,
    so I was wondering if you could allow me to have a *Pilot, Sniper, etc* classes that could spawn with items like the Springfield ID:23625 and Thompson ID:23621 and even maybe have a class that spawns with a Plane *Mustang* ID:23324 and some bombs/bullets. Along with the guns though, they must spawn with ammo, and with only currently 8 more slots to fill, maybe have enemies drop there things when they die, so they can resupply? Also to run planes, you need coal so could you configure itemstacks like: Tool2=263:64 so it makes you get coal *ID:263* have a stack of 64 for your second hand item. Also, for bombs, could you make the arena repair itself after every time it restarts?
    *Maybe add support for Potions aswell :)*
    But Other than that, It's a wonderful plugin!
    Come check my server out if you wish, we currently run the mobarena and would LOVE to set up a PVP *Conquest W/ guns* arena :)

    You gotta download the mods :D

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    Can i customize the classes?
    And please make Rush from Battlefield in your plugin, please :)
    P.S.: I love your Plugin
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    Wtf are you doing with PvP arena?
    maxgametime 5, wait time 1 second?
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    I forgot to change it back.
    I really wish you wouldnt decompile my plugin though.
    I also made an update:
    ~Killstreaks get put into the first available slot in your inventory
    ~in class customization, you can use tool1, tool2, tool3, tool4, and tool5 in the tools section.
    ~in class customization, you can now have colons after the tool item Id. This can be useful to give someone a specific type of potion, such as "tool4=373:4"
    You can customize classes, open them in any text editor
    the idea that you gave has alreay been taken under consideration, I just haven't had time to make it. We're going to stylize it more towards CS:S's bomb diffusal mode though.
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    Oh nice, a Battlefield and a CSS plugin, you are so briliant :)
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    Your plugin works PERFECTLY! Is there a way to translate it in Italian? And How can i change the final rewards? Thank you!

    Aww, and How can we modify the number of time of deaths?

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    Very weird bug. I get no errors in game or in the console. I was in the middle of setting up a PVP arena, and I got as far as setting the two lobby spawn points. I did the command /ua done after setting the blue team spawn point, and it says do /ua sp to set the first arena spawnpoint. So i go to the point i want, do the command, and nothing happens. I get no confirmation or message saying to do the blue spawn arena spawn point. I look in console, no errors there, and when i do /ua done, it keeps saying Done Setting Lobby Spawn points, please pick arena spawnpoints. No matter how many times i do /ua done, it keeps doing this. Almost as if its stuck in an infinite loop or something. Anyway, I can delete the arena, but when I got to make another one, another bug I presume, says I'm already creating one. Logically, i figured it would stop the creation process if I deleted the arena, but I guess not. Kind of stuck on what to do. I've completely deleted and reinstalled the plugin, but the same bugs keep happening. Any suggestions?
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    watch the videos from the main post, copy exactly how they do it. If you don't follow the instructions EXACTLY, the plugin wont work correctly.
    You can't yet. you will be able to, eventually.

    Bomb mode has been finished :3
    How does it work?
    There are two teams, Red Team are the attackers, Blue team are the defenders.
    The attackers try to capture ("fuse") two bomb points, and the defenders have to defend the points.
    ~To fuse a bomb, stand on it for 10 seconds. A timer will count down, starting at 45.
    ~To defuse a bomb, stand on it for 10 seconds. The timer will reset to 45.
    ~When a bomb hits 0, all players near it die
    ~When both bombs blow up, RED team wins
    ~If the RED team runs out of power, BLUE team wins.
    ~BLUE team has INFINATE lives, RED team has a power system, set up like conquest

    I made a lot of configurable options for UA!
    You can customize the lobby times, game times, max deaths, team killing, AND all of the rewards!

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    Nice plugin, I love it.
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    Hello, How can I upload your version without eliminating all arena created?
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    the gametimes dont seem to work i have mob set to 600 so that should be 10 mins but after 10 mins the games still going on it dont end
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    Can you set the n° max waves for mob arena? So for example, you won arena at the waves n° 10 and u got a lot of experience because waves 15+ are impossible!!! and you lost all experience gained
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    after some play with the mod and the different types, all i can say is that it rocks!
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    If you upzip the file, and throw it into the plugins folder, it will overwrite everything there before it. To counter this, just move your "arenas" folder to your desktop, throw in the patch, and then put the arenas folder back into the UltimateArena folder.
    I'll try that. (fixed)
    To change the max waves, there's a variable in the mobarena, called "maxwaves".
    Fixed :)
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    You and your plugin are EPIC!
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    well after testing twice the time still dont work for me but the wave max does but when it gets to wave max it just comes up game intrrupted and stops the game where it would be cool if it told you at say the wave befor that the game is about to end and when it ends it tells you the said player has won with said kill to his name.
    but all in all this is a fantastic plugin...
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    is there anyway to configure what mobs spawn in mob arenas? like have ghasts, pigmen, angry wolves, endermen?
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    Now, your plugin is AWESOME!
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    Just want to bump this.

    @orange451 Seeing how many servers nowadays use Multiverse, I think you should look into it. Especially since your plugin has come this far, I think you should re-think your top priority comment. Am I telling you how to run your plugin? No, not at all. BUT, it would be really cool to fix a problem that holds back multiple servers from successfully running your plugin.

    At least think about it,

    -Mic :)
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    Alright, NOW it's fixed :)
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    I don't know what's wrong, but I downloaded this plugin just now, and I made an arena, but whenever I try to join the arena, it says please wait 6 seconds. I wait, and wait, and nothing ever happens. How do I start? Also, since I am running my server, I can see on the server it says MOBARENA STOP and [ULTIMATEARENA] PREPARING TO STOP ARENA MobArena
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    You should add classes to Mob arenas and you should make a config for what mobs spawn.
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    work off art :) ok game time and game end count down seem to work a treat if you have time could you make it say who got the most kill for that game, something like ( the winner off that game was sexonthebeach with 25 kills)
    oh and well done on this plugin its fantastic our players love it....
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    Maybe spleef?
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    I am having trouble configuring the game types. Could someone give me an example of a mob arena configuration? I hear I need to add which mobs spawn, but I don't know the syntax of doing that.

    Currently it is like this:


    But the game won't start when I join the arena. Also, someone told me that I have to add classes, but aren't there already default classes?
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    can you make each arena be configurable? example- I want my mansion pvp arena to have 5 respawns, but I want my hardcore arena to have 0 respawns. This would be a very useful feature, as the config is global.

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