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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 29, 2011.

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    When ever I create a arena with is plugin I can't join it. It does tell me to wait a few seconds but nothing happens. I'm sure that I did every thing correctly. :|
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    I'm currently having the same problem. Watching this thread now
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    I've tried making a tank class and a mage but it won't work :( Also i can't change the armour and what any of the already made classes hold. BTW LOVE this plugin!!! Everyone loves my arena :D it's goes to wave 100 and give TONS of good stuff past 50

    Orange you should make 2 already made classes! A mage
    --Armor(or none)
    tool1=373:16420,64(poisen splash II)
    tool2=373:16428,64(harming splash II)
    tool3=373:16456,64(weakness splah 3:00)
    tool4=368,64(Ender Eye)
    And a tank
    tool1=258(iron sword)
    tool2=267(iron axe)

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    How do I set up permissions for GroupManager? No NOT Pex or anything else I need this to work with GroupManager unless someone is willing to set it up for me!
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    I'm also having that same problem. One thing is that it does broadcast the join message, but you can't join.
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    Argh. Finally found the bugs to be too much, and with still no rewards for the players, I've decided to switch to more established plugins.
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    I was able to fix this by doing a /reload on the server. You could try reloading the entire server even. Still, the author may want to look into this.
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    Rang ju

    I also couldn't join my arena after creating it.
    But once I reloaded the server it all worked :)
    Orange do you think you'll make this more customizable?
    Btw rewards still don't work >.>
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    Can anyone tell me how to make a new class or to change the already existing ones?
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    Is there a need to post that? Do you honestly think that had any sort of constructive value what so ever?

    Read other posts, you'll get your answer

    Read other posts, you'll get your answer
    Glad you like the plugin though, Rang ju. It's nice that you state your problems with it, but also state how to fix some things; you take a lot more initiative. Something I can damn well say, is that you are actually helpful :) (unlike others)
    For other people (assuming you know how to read [which you prove to me, time after time again that you cant]). Sorry I can't update this plugin as much as you would like. You don't have to use my plugin, but I'm glad that you do. I can't help the fact that my parents send me off to a boarding school, which disallows me to tend to your every glitch and bug that you find. They'll be fixed eventually, so please have some patience.
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    Tried that but it still doesn't work, I suppose I'm have to wait until its fix.
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    Do you have any errors in your console? They don't have to be errors but even any messages sent out by UA when you type the commands?
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    It may go faster, if you supply all the information needed to fix it.
    ~What does your console say when you type "/ua refresh"?
    ~Did all your arenas load correctly?
    ~What version of Java are you running, and what operating system is your server running on?
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    This is the most amazing plugin ever!
    please don't stop dev! <--- I use the on my server! as the main plugin <3
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    Orange you still never told me how to make a new class ever time i click the sign it say's "Thats not a class" :(
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    1. Copy a class from the current classes in the list, rename the file (leave the file extension blank). What you rename it to will be the name of the class
    2. modify the values inside the class file (open it up in a text editor). You can see a list of what is changable in the main post.
    3. use /ua refresh when done.
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    The Console tells me that its "loaded" for all of the config/class/arena/etc files when I /ua refresh. It doesn't load though. Idk what java my server is running because i'm using a hosting service for my server
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    Can you let it be compatitble with My Worlds or Multiverse?
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    How can i add rewards to mobArena because my mobConfig looks like this but it doesn't reward items at the end.
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    i need the permission nodes. It's not letting anyone other then me join
  21. Hey orange when I try to set where you spawn in the lobby ( while making a mob arena ) it says "Please select the spawnpoint for the RED team"
    After I do that then set up the rest of the mob arena and try to join it tells me to wait for 2 sec.
    So I do but after a few minutes it still did not work.
    It does this with every arena.
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    Hey orange
    if i want to update my arena server, if i put the new patch it will remove my arenas? thanks :D
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    What "doesn't load"?

    try reloading.

    It shouldn't

    Have you tried... reading the original post? I hear it's quite useful.

    as stated before, mob arena rewards currently don't work, they're static to what is preprogrammed into UA.

    I CAN let it, once I program it
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    I've been trying to use this plugin for the mob arena part. At the moment both playing and building arenas doesnt seem to work.

    My plugins: Essentials.Permissions, Jobs, mcMMO

    Some issues:
    • On death the player is moved to spawn instead of to the lobby. No reward is given.
      "Game inturrupted/ended!"
      Mind the typo :)
    • The "red" lobby point must be inside the arena to avoid people being teleported every one second.

    • Arena administration only works with OP permissions. Commands are unresponsive without OP.
    • Through the "jobs" plugin I set a huge penalty for killing tamed dogs. Unlocking the 3 attack dogs is worse than useless, so to speak :)
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    Why my players don't get a reward when winning in ffa arena ?
  26. Hey thanks orange for the help.
    If there is just one player and they die are they supposed to go to spawn without earning a reward?

    If not do you have to change something in essentials config so they won't go to spawn?

    I am getting the "Game inturrupted/ended!"
    Thats what happens when someone dies, and then they spawn at spawn (essentialsspawn)

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    It means exactly as it says...
    the game was inturrupted, and has ended.
  28. Sorry for my stupidity and bothering you..
    So the rewards weren't given to the player?
    Are the rewards given when you reach a certain wave?
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    for the mob arenas, it is currently based off how many kills you get.
    I will make it customizable in the future however.
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    The console tells me that everything is loaded, but the plugin doesn't completely work. (Joining/Starting arena Doesn't work)

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