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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Ok, say when it's fixed.
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    Okay, I've been working to fix common dupe bugs in UltimateArena, I think they're mostly fixed now.
    I'll update it later today.
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    Orange451, Would you create a dev.bukkit account? and add this awsome plugin to that? (so It will be more easy to check when updates are avaible and stuff like that :) my server uses a plugin to check if updates are avaible for the server every hour and is keep annoing me with "No source for UltimateArena v1.0 ask the Author to add it to"

    So, I please begg you ;)

    cheers! :)
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    I follow them. It goes "type /ua done to finish setting lobby spawns. I do that, then it says "good, now set some spawn points for the red team in the arena. I do /ua sp, but nothing happens, i get no confirmation. If I type in /ua done, then it says "good, now set some red team arena spawn points.

    ok never mind, I got spleef arena to work, but is it possible to change the spleef arena floor to like snow, or something more visible than glass?

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    How do you make this plugin work with pvp gun is there a video of how?
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    Hi there,
    I noticed that the winner does not get any reward. I use the standard config for pvp, but after the game is nothing in the inventory.

    Furthermore I have some ideas for improvements I would really like to see and bugs I would like to see fixed:
    • wildcard whitelisted commands -> e.g. /hero * oder more unspecific /command *
    • a command as "reward", a command is set for the winner (which could easyly enable money rewards with /money give %PLAYER%, the best way would be to enable multiple commands and another command for the looser
    • better "arena ended" message, I only get a very unspecific message that it ended, but nothing about who won or something (but I do get statistics about my kills/deaths)
    • when a user logged out during the arena fight and he reconnects his spawn is in the arena, even when there is no match at that time.
    • sometimes the user keeps the inventory given by the plugin during the fight
    So that's my "first impression" ;)

    I forgot some points:
    • spawn protection (2 sec)
    • heroes support would be epic (autochoosing of a class)
    • it would a awesome if you make this plugin open source so that we can help you :)

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    Sir Savary

    Upload the source to GitHub and I'll save a gorilla. If you don't, I kill one. Make your choice.
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    Sorry I haven't updated as I said I would, I have a lot of work at school, and not a whole lot of free time...

    Open the spleef arena file in notepad, or some other text editing file. Find the line that says "80" and only that number. Change it to whatever you want the arena floor to be, and use /ua reload. The arena floor always seems to be made of glass when it's first created, I'll try fo fix that.

    As stated many times before... That's on the list of things to fix.

    Looks like someone didn't look at the "whiteListedCommands.txt" file.

    Some arenas tell you who won, not all.

    I don't see this as much of a problem, seeing as they lose their inventory, and can't affect any current battles going on.

    As stated many times, that's on the list of things to be fixed.

    Looks like PETA will be after you.

    1. Perhaps
    2. What?
    3. Meh.
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    Sir Savary


    Oh well, I tried. I just wanted to pick through it, see how you were doing things as I plan on writing a custom arena plug for my server soon, wanted to see some existing code first.
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    Well I did! I can set single commands, but I want to allow a whole set of commands, which have a dynamic text, so I want to enable for example /command and /command RANDOMTEXT_AFTER_COMMAND
    If the feature is already avaiable I just did not found a how-to or info text.

    Why not open source? I bet we could fix the plugin and make it awesome and something you can really work with within a week! ;)
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    Hi, my arena was working, but now when I try to join my arena, it teleports me to another world, I'm assuming at the same coordinates as the world with the arena. Is there any way to fix this?
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    The arena must be in your main "normal" world. UltimateArena does not work properly with Multiworlds - another bug which is annoying...
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    Hi !
    Where we can have help to build an spleef arena? I dont know where to put the spleef point and the out point.
    I have no problem with the command, i only dont know where to put my point. Sorry for my english.
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    By the way:
    I think you read this:

    Once again: It would be cool, because there a lot to do for one person to make this an "ultimate" arena plugin... and think about it, you are working on this for half a year (based on thread date) and it still has this small, but annoying issues. For example: you don't get a message which team won the arena - I mean it's an competition without fullfilling the reason to join something like this.
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    I think you should respect my decision, and stop trying to convince me otherwise.
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    Hey, this is an awesome plugin and works with bukkitpermissions and the latest build. I had 2 questions.

    1) is there any way to customize what people spawn with? (Without picking a class)

    2) is there anyway to stop ghasts from spawning?
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    1. You can set the "default class" of an arena.

    2. Nope <3
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    1) where is this "default class" located, i dont see anything for a default class in the classes folder, any of the pvp configs, or the arena files.

    2) It's really annoying when a ghast floats out of the arena and starts blowing up the town.....would be a 11/10 if it weren't for the troll lolz.
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    Everything works perfectly, the arena is created it says type /ua join arena
    i type /ua join arena and it tells me to wait 2 seconds, and NOTHING happens.
    I have tried to restart and create several different types of arenas but it wont allow me to enter,
    and keeps saying *HURRY UP AND JOIN THE ARENA!!!* but not work, just tells me to wait
    please fix
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    1. It's a recent addition. When you create your arenas now, it will put a default class and a max players option in the arena file.

    2. When I get around to customizable killstreaks, then yah, I'll set that up.


    I fixed a bunch of dupe exploits, reuploaded the plugin :)

    What's coming soon?
    ~Customizable kill streaks
    ~Fixing arenas not rewarding players when they win
    ~more arena types
    • CTF​
    • Infect​
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    Would this have fixed an exploit someone found? They were in the arena and left the server or maybe got disconnected, and kept all the items from the Brute class.
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    It should.
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    alright thanks for the update. One question though, how would i go around giving people 64 arrows? from what I can see you only get 1 item per toolslot
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    as stated in the original post:
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    This plugin is AWESOME! but there is a problem a lot of times when you join it will spawn you some where random.
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    Hunger games arena PLLLEEEEAAASSEEE
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    the FFA arena is sort of like a hungergames arena...
    If you want to request a specific arena type, please give me EVERY detail in which is should have.
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    Um, I would like some help. When I try to create a mob arena it tries to get me to set up a blue and red team then when I try to set up reds arena spawn it just does nothing. I have watched the above videos about this and it says there is only one team for mob arenas. What is going on? what have I done wrong?
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    Rang ju

    When I die in a mob arena I loose all my previous xp.
    Is it possible for me to make it so I do not lose xp after dying in the arena?
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    Ffa is VERY close. the only problem is you cant destroy blocks in the arena. I made a request for a hunger game plugin once here is a link

    and this is the list of things i think would be needed,

    Hunger games servers are very popular, Could even be worth making it a seperate plugin to this. but wouldnt bother me either way. Also is this multiworld compatible. i have had troubles setting it up in seperate worlds. Only seems to work well in the normal world.

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