Inactive [FUN/MECH/RPG] UltimateArena V0.1 - The Ultimate Arena plugin [1.3.1-R0.1 #2269]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 29, 2011.

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    MobArena cleared the inventory of someone after the arena had already ended. Did I do something wrong?
    Also could we get a bit more info on setting up rewards?
    I realize you can set them in the config, but can you set which rounds the awards come on, or is it only a make-it-to-the-last-wave type of thing?

    The clearing of the inventory after the arena is over seems to be delayed, players can leave just fine with the items received from picking a class.

    Also, players can die more than once in a mob arena even with maxdeaths=1

    EDIT: I found this in your code:
      public void reward(ArenaPlayer p, Player pl)
        int amtGold = (int)Math.floor(p.XP / 500.0D);
        int amtSlime = (int)Math.floor(p.XP / 550.0D);
        int amtGlowStone = (int)Math.floor(p.XP / 450.0D);
        int amtGunPowder = (int)Math.floor(p.XP / 425.0D);
        try {
          if (pl.isOnline()) {
            Inventory inv = pl.getInventory();
            if (amtGold > 0) inv.setItem(0, new ItemStack(Material.GOLD_INGOT, amtGold));
            if (amtSlime > 0) inv.setItem(1, new ItemStack(Material.SLIME_BALL, amtSlime));
            if (amtGlowStone > 0) inv.setItem(2, new ItemStack(Material.GLOWSTONE_DUST, amtGlowStone));
            if (amtGunPowder > 0) inv.setItem(3, new ItemStack(Material.SULPHUR, amtGunPowder));
        catch (Exception localException)
    Could you update so we can customize those?
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    As I've said before, the data values in my plugin are stored as bytes.
    I will, in the future.
  4. How I can translate the plugin?
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    Since 1.2.4 is out when you update it can you add splash potions?
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    did you read that?
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    I did.
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    Is the update gonna be soon or is it unneeded?
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    Please do I think they will add soo much more to the combat since the potions can hit both the enemy and your team so you have to be smart with em!
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    Anyone else getting mad bugs with the new dev build of bukkit?
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    Great Plugin! Just installed it on my server. As for bugs/features:

    Bug: When a player leaves an arena (either they /ua leave or the game ends) They still have a block of coloured wool on their head!
    Feature: Can we remove the cancellation of a join if they move their mouse?
    Feature: Not sure if I've configured correctly, but when a game is over, there is no "You have won!" message for my players, And they aren't getting a reward!

    CraftBukkit: 1.2.4 #2109

    Cheers! Keep up the good work!
  12. I also have a problem when I try to join it says stay still for 2 seconds but doesn't work. Any help?
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    You probably didn't set your arena up correctly.
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    Another Bug:

    Using a potion in the tools option for a custom class doesn't give me the right potion.
    The potion I'm trying to spawn is:

    Which should be Harming Splash II and Poison Splash II. However they are giving me the none splash potion version!

    Feature: Would it be possible to give players enchanted items?

    EDIT: Just read that you are storing the data values as bytes. Is there anyway to get around this issue? Using splash potions in PVP would be pretty fun!
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    when ever I set up a lobby I spawn in the roof and keep falling until I die the console says I left the arena and it putting me back, please help:'(
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    Having a few issues... Love the plugin but postng them for help :)

    I've made a MobArena... all works fine at first. Then...

    If I'm on my own, and I die, it ends. Nomatter how many lives I have left. Says "Fight interrupted" or sumn like that.

    If there are more than just me, it has issues finishing. If someone dies its okay, even after they run out of lives... But htey are able to join again and it seems to mess with it a lot. Eventually it will freeze up the arena and after a while it will just end, saying fight was interrupted again.

    Other than that, I haven't had bugs and I'm running 1.2.4... anyways, hop they help.
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    Add at least 3-4 blocks above the spawn location
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    Hmm, another small issue - mobs burn in sunlight in the mob arena =P
  19. Is it possible to have rounds controlled by server admins only?
    So if there are e.g. spleef-events, admins start then game?

    Combined with the plugin "RedstoneCommand", there could be nice control rooms :)

    It would be great to have a command to toggle between staff(admin)-controlled mode and player-controlled mode :)
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    Can someone please explain to me how conquest actually works?
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    It's basically a recreation of Conquest from the Battlefield games.
    How it works:
    ~There are 2 teams
    ~There are an odd number of flags
    ~When you kill an enemy, the enemy team loses 1 power.
    ~When you kill an enemy and have the majority of the flags captured to your team color, the enemy team loses 2 power
    ~When the enemy teams' power hits 0, your team wins
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    - When will we be able to set our own killstreaks?
    - How to add money rewards?
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    1. When I write it
    2. you can't.
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    Is there a way to limit the amount of enemies that spawn in the mob arena? or space it out more? Cause I've tried with less spawn points etc. but there's still about a million enemies by wave 4 onwards... it gets ridiculously un-manageable.
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  26. I have an error, that even thought the max deaths in mob arena is 0, I respawn in the arena when I die and I am not actually in the game. This is a problem if I dont want people getting unlimited weapons...

    Also, if you drop the wool from your inventory, you can get unlimited wool.

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    I'll try to fix that.
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    Please post your source code.
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    I seem to be experiencing problems with the Spleef arena. When I try to create arena spawn areas i get no confirmation when I use "/ua sp"(it seems unresponsive), so after setting the lobby spawns, I am stuck and can't finish making the arena (so far just the Spleef arena)
    Is this a glitch/bug, or just the fact that this is a new part of the plugin that needs fixing?
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    You're probably not following the directions when creating an arena properly.

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