Inactive [FUN/MECH/RPG] SpoutInstantCamera 1.0.4 - Take screenshots, view and share them ingame [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    SpoutInstantCamera version 1.0.4

    BukkitDev project
    Spout Forums thread

    This plugin requires Spout. (Tested with build 1213).

    - Creates a Camera item that you can right-click to take a screenshot with.
    The recipe:
    Screenshots are saved in .png format in plugins/SpoutInstantCamera/pictures/instantcam_(number).png on the server.
    -The Camera drops signs that, when right-clicked when held, pops up a window displaying the screenshot.

    Known Problems:
    You can only take a maximum of 65534 pictures.
    Pictures may be squashed when they are displayed.
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    My stupid hack to send files with a cache packet only to the player with the picture does not seem to be working properly, as the client redownloads the picture on every request.Still has an error, but seems to be fixed.
    The textures are not currently powers-of-2 sized, which means that they may crash older machines without support for that.Doesn't seem to affect anything.
    There is no "Save" button on the dialog yet.Not possible without an addon.

    description: Allows the user to use the instant camera.
    default: op

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    cameraItemTextureUrl: The texture of the camera:
    cameraShutterSoundUrl: the sound of the shutter.
    cameraItemName: The name of the camera:
    default: Camera

    Source on Github

    - The image icon is from
    - The camera shutter sound is from

    Version history:
    Version 1.0.4: (June 13, 2012)
    - Fixed a class not found error when displaying pictures
    Version 1.0.3: (March 30, 2012)
    - Updated for the new Bukkit event system
    - Right clicking chests no longer takes a picture
    Version 1.0.1: (December 23, 2011)
    - Fixed the right-click-in-midair problem after a tip from mooman219. Thanks!
    Version 1.0:
    - Fixed the CRC checksum error; clients will only download each picture once.
    - Fixed the blank configuration file
    - Fixed a typo: Spout -> Spoutcraft
    - Reduced the number of duplicate camera items on the creative inventory screen to 2 by not manually registering the item
    Version 0.9beta1:
    - Initial beta release.
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    I must say, I really like original ideas!

    If possible, could there be a way to configure how the file names are made with variable codes?
    FileName: <PlayerName>_<date>_<time>.png

    If this were possible, it'd be easy to set the images to be viewable on a webhost and the filenames can state who and when. I doubt having XYZ coordinates would be all that important in the name.
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    Because I'm lazy, when a player wants to open a picture, the program just looks up the file with that damage number in the filename. It's certainly possible, though. Maybe I should fire an event whenever someone takes a picture so that another plugin can keep track of this?

    Edit: Yes, that means you can /give yourself sign:42 and it will display instantcam_42.png.
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    Probably the most Awesome plugin on my SpoutCraft bukkit server! I even setup a simple image gallery to display on my website all the screenshots people have taken!
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    I took a look at your gallery, and your players are great photographers!
    I did notice one bug from the pictures: when you right click a chest with the camera, you take a photo. I'll see if I can fix that today.

    Edit: Beta! Does not take a photo when right-clicking a container e.g.chest.
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    The proper title for the new RB system is [1.0.1.-R1]
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    My players says doors still open with the camera, but chests don't. Good progress : ).
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    Nice, approved
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    i don't know how to install it
    it says "could not load 'plugins\spoutinstantcamera-1.0.1.jai' in folder 'plugins':Spout
    is it because of the PNG and OGG?But how to install this two?
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    My problem now is that I can't seem to take a picture unless I'm clicking on a block... I think this bug is known though.
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    This is an amazing plugin, but it's in dire need of some /commands. I would love to be able to view previous pictures from a command line, or the most recent picture without needing to have the sign or even take pictures without the use of a camera such as /sic takepicture
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    a player I know noticed something... the camera click sound is made when two iron doors are opened on my server! Also, the camera won't click on air.

    oh yeah, and it opens them too!

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    You also need Spoutcraft on the client for the camera to work.
    Install the Spout plugin from . Your players need the Spoutcraft client mod also to be able to use the camera.

    Didn't notice it before, but I think I know what causes this. Is there an error in the server log when you do?

    Edit: uploaded a new beta at

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    Hi, love it...but i cant seem to drop the sign for other to see pic..

    is there a way to outmate the pic taking like a security cam?

    can other see the image if they don't have spoutcraft?

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    i keep trying to craft the camera but it never works
    and whenever i put spoutcraft in my plugins my servers lags out
    any help?
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    - When they pick the sign up, they should be able to right click.
    - No. Do you want to work on it? I've got some ideas on how to do this, but I do not have the time to make it.
    - Yes, they must have Spoutcraft.
    Spoutcraft is required on the client side and SpoutPlugin is required on the server side. If SpoutPlugin lags out, try asking the Spout team for support.
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    Thank you for offering info on allowing to make modifications, unfortunately i would not be the best candidate...i am really bad a java..i use to think it was only coffee.
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    A new release of SpoutInstantCamera has been released! Compatible with Spout 1061, Spoutcraft 1330 and CraftBukkit 1.2.4-R1.0.

    Also, I need some help developing the plugin. If you can help with any of these tasks, please fork the project on GitHub and send me a pull request. You will be credited in the OP and in the plugin.yml.
    - Rename plugin to Polaroid and auto-migrate pictures and config to the new data folder
    - move the next damage ID into a separate .yml file
    - Implement a block that would launch a separate map renderer and drop a picture when redstone current hits it
    - Any more?
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    is it possible to make this work for taking screenshots off from a distance? like place the camera down somewhere, and then run off and set it to snap a pic when you press a button or something. im looking for something that i can do this with because i do mc photography, and i wanted to take a certain pic but it requires at least 2 people, and the freezecam i usually use is single player only
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    Looking for a plugin like a CCTV camera. We have a greifer at the server and the place is right outside of town where the wilderness is so I want to put a CCTV camera to record it. Hope you can make one! ;)
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    The current plugin can only takes screenshots from clients, not automated cameras :(
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    Goood joob
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    Oh well. I wonder if I can at least get a mod for that. I also wonder if you can get mods in servers.
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    Are you using the Spoutcraft client? You need that to operate the camera and to view the pictures.
  29. i have spout... but it doesn't work

    says i took a picture, but when i right click with the sign, nothing happens =(

    have spout both client and server... your plugin is massively out of date though...
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    I haven't tested it in a while; I'll take a look.

    Edit: found the problem; a simple recompile with different imports should fix it. The fix will be up shortly.

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