[FUN/MECH/RPG] RealWeather v1.6.4 - Makes biomes more dangerous[1.6.4-R0.1]

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    it doesn't hurt me ;(
    I set debug: true and it spams chat:

    but nothing happens...
  2. Your gamemode is set to survival or it is not raining/snowing. If you pass this, you will see your Biome name.

    EDIT: I must improve Debug...it's horrible :D
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    gamemode survival, it's snowing
    still nothing happens.
  4. Ahhh I was really tired yesterday. To temporary fix set here (PlayerDamage.FullArmor) 1. Fix in 1 hour
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    It works now, thanks :)
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    Attached Files:

  7. Did you find source? :D BTW there are missing some files in this jar.

    EDIT: Ahh I see, you decompiled it.
    This system for checking roof works just like my first in RW. Now I readded it into code for future use :D Expand into other biomes is here soon. Your heat detector is quite simple, but useful and it IS unlike my. I can add this feature in this form if you want.
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    Now i'm working on configurable plugin for all biomes, and its near to be released)
    If you want, we can code it together: yours inside-checker is not good, we can improve it)
    And sorry for my awful english again))
  9. 1.0.7 is finished, just few more tests and it will be released. You can look forward to desert related functions and also stamina replenishment. Everthing configurable.
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    1. this causes a problem, because my main world is peacefull, but a world where I want to have these features is survival with difficulty hard.
    2. second issue: in a desert when player doesn't move, it doesnt hurt him.
    3. could you put these messages in config file, I want to see them on the server in my language, not English.
  11. 1. ok I will add more configurations for it
    2. in desert there is no player damage, it just drain his stamina, then - if he has no helmet - food level.
    3. localization...ok I will try ;-)
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    I have put it on the life server yesterday to see how it works and whether it causes any troubles.
    I will have to tweak the config to get desert more noticable. At this moment I don't see bugs. :)

    this. I found in logs:

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    What build of craftbukkit are you using?
    What version of RealWinter are you using?
  14. It points at general error. It happens maybe by calling event from other plugin. Next version will have some basic commands. More in the future.

    This error wont be fixed because of new version which edits many files, then I will start fixing :D
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    This updated or have problems on bukkit for 1.2.4?
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    Images or vid please :p
  17. working on wiki. There will be more about it ;-)
  18. March statistics - 2627 DLs :D
    plugin started on 1.3. :)
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    Totally need this plugin for my RPG server. Is it possible to add a permissions node for players not to take damage? The idea is for players who choose a certain race to be immune to cold damage, but all others will wither from it.

    Thanks. ^_^
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    Hey, a few requests.

    #1 a config option to affect only certain worlds
    #2 a way to make thirst affect the entire world
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    I type in /stamina,/heat,/the otehr commands and they do not work. :(
    Anything i'm doing wrong?

    So everything is great,it just won't use the commands. Even as admin. =/
    Also,why not have this plugin on bukkitdev?

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    i agree with Avarice

    creezo please add permissions for the different damages!!

    and maybe... inverse effects? slowly heal in desert/snow based on permission?
  23. sorry for my absence here. I must prepare for final exams. Just 1 month of this ;-). After exams I will move to bukkitdev and start more work.
    I will look at your requests and if it take not too much time I will release new version. GL HF
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    Alright,take your time.
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    Multi World Support?
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    Hello everyone! I am very interested in this mod. It's one of the best ideas I've seen so far. Sadly I couldn't make it work, even looking the entire forum and trying a lot of possible configurations. Problem is.. I don't get any damage at all. I stand in snowy biome, moved around, walk on the ice... no thing hurts me or drains my stamina/food. Tried also to set debug mode but I dont't get any info at all. Tried also to set damage with every armor type, and change settings for peaceful mode to do same as hard mode. Tried also to set up the server with only the plugin. Nothing.
    When I run the server, I get those lines:
    2012-05-09 23:00:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Enabling RealWinter v1.1.4
    2012-05-09 23:00:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Loading Configuration.
    2012-05-09 23:00:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Loaded difficulty normal from world world
    2012-05-09 23:00:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Loading Armors.
    2012-05-09 23:00:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Loaded 5 Boots, 5 Chestplates, 5 Helmets, 5 Leggings.
    2012-05-09 23:00:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Localization loaded: english
    2012-05-09 23:00:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Language: English
    2012-05-09 23:00:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] RealWinter enabled.
    I get also the warning message "Beware of frozen areas" when I connect as a player, and I can use the commands (e.g. /rw heat) and the server checks something:
    2012-05-09 23:01:38 [INFO] [RealWinter] Checking heat...
    2012-05-09 23:01:38 [INFO] [RealWinter] From item in hand: 0
    2012-05-09 23:01:38 [INFO] [RealWinter] Total heat: -41
    But apart from that, there are not any other checks.

    I have "CraftBukkit version git-Bukkit-1.2.5-R1.3-b2175jnks (MC: 1.2.5) (Implementing API version 1.2.5-R1.3"
    Any ideas?
  27. I found it. There were problem with permissions. I wrote 'relwinter' :D
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    I'm using RealWinter v1.1.4 and I am having some strange permissions issues. It seems as an admin, I am acceptable to damage but as a player I am unharmed during snow storms. I've tried many combinations and nothing has worked so far.
    I set realwinter.player: true and at one stage realwinter.immune: false and realwinter.immune.*:false.

    It's sending me stir crazy as it should work. I have many other plugins that I've got working but this one is being difficult. I've also done many server restarts and client reconnects but no change. Any clues for me?
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    Niiice, it works fine now, and I get damage/food loss

    In Taiga:

    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Check
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Difficulty: NORMAL
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Player stamina: 0.0
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Biome: TAIGA
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] No Boots. null
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] No Chestplate. null
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] No Helmet. null
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] No Leggings. null
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Armors: 0
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Clothes check done
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Checking heat...
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] From item in hand: 0
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Total heat: -20
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] cross selected
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Heigh: 63
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Is Inside done
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Is Inside = false
    2012-05-11 22:27:07 [INFO] [RealWinter] Check end
    In desert

    2012-05-11 22:34:08 [INFO] [RealWinter] Check
    2012-05-11 22:34:08 [INFO] [RealWinter] Difficulty: NORMAL
    2012-05-11 22:34:08 [INFO] [RealWinter] Player stamina: 0.0
    2012-05-11 22:34:08 [INFO] [RealWinter] Biome: DESERT
    2012-05-11 22:34:08 [INFO] [RealWinter] simple selected
    2012-05-11 22:34:08 [INFO] [RealWinter] Player is outside.
    2012-05-11 22:34:08 [INFO] [RealWinter] Player has not helmet.
    2012-05-11 22:34:08 [INFO] [RealWinter] Food level(1-20): 17
    2012-05-11 22:34:08 [INFO] [RealWinter] Check end
    Thanks a lot, now it works perfectly. Great job!
    I will follow this thread for future updates.

    I don't have any permission defined on my GroupManager plugin (Are you using GroupManager?), I connect as a player (group: Builder) and it works fine. Try to remove permissions and check it again. Also set debug info ON and check if you get any message when connected to the server.
    I tried to set up 'player' permissions and it works fine. I am able to use the commands and also get damage.
    Here is my config:

        - essentials.help
        - essentials.helpop
        - essentials.list
        - essentials.motd
        - essentials.rules
        - essentials.spawn
        - groupmanager.notify.self
        - realwinter.player
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    It is working now. A nights sleep helped ;) I re-downloaded and did a diff and they were different sizes. The latest version is working as as expected now. Thank you for you quick response.

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