[FUN/MECH/RPG] BattleNight v1.6.0 - Organized PvP Battles [1.4.7-R1.0+]

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    What is BattleNight?

    BattleNight is an organized PvP CraftBukkit plugin which makes the normal PvP experience a lot more enjoyable by adding configurable RPG like classes and a arena system. Some of the major features are:
    • Easy to set up
    • Build your own Arenas!
    • Create your own classes!
    • Multiple Battle types (TDM, FFA)
    • Almost commandless for users
    • Permissions (SuperPerms) or Op
    • State saving
    • Music

    Now moved to:

    Live Stats:
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    Hey, great plugin!
    I was wondering if you could add something that would generate a pre-made arena..... I'm loving your arena on the DevBukkit page video ;)
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    this is a spanish tutorial:
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    Great plugin, reminds me of the Mob Arena plugin. My players like it alot.
    Im not sure if its just me, but i Worldguarded the region where my pvp arena is, and Friednly Fire is set to 'false' in the config yet they can still do it. Also, sometimes players loose items when its finsihed?
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    I also need this and i can't access the dev's page forum
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    There is no forum. To make a feature request or report a bug post here. To get help or to make a general comment post here.

    Can you please try this and see if it fixes the issue. Tell me if it does or not.

    Thanks a friend and I built that, if you want it you can download it here.

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    Worked. Thanks alot!
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    Is it possible to fix a limit of players which can join a team? Like for a 1v1 arena just 1 player per team? :)
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    No not at the moment. If you would like it added please post it here and ill see what I can do.
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    I will do it, thanks ;)
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    you're BukkitDev page is not available

    "This project is currently under moderation. Please come back later.
    If you find this to be in error, please notify the administrators."

    Can i have a BNversio for Bukkit #2155? i Can't update because Essentials, ...are not updated yet.
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    I would do that but I have the following error

    This project is currently under moderation. Please come back later.
    If you find this to be in error, please notify the administrators.
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    Yea i have the same problem. I just need this one command, quite annoying.
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    I have the same error. Please do what you can to fix it!
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    Yeah the dev site is down. I hope it will be back soon because we really need the download links and documents on that page.
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    For those who have problem downloading it you can download it from curse but commands arent aviable there
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    I am currently trying to resolve the issue.

    Latest Download




    /bn help


    Shows the help menu
    /bn waypoints


    Shows the waypoints set and unset
    /bn join


    Automatically picks a team and teleports you to that lounge
    /bn watch


    Teleports your to the spectator area
    /bn leave


    Removes you from either the spectator area or the Battle
    /bn kick {Player}


    Kicks the specified player
    /bn kickall


    Kicks everyone, ending the Battle
    /bn endgame


    Alias for kickall
    /bn redlounge


    Sets the Waypoint for the Red team lounge
    /bn redspawn


    Sets the Waypoint in the arena where Red team starts
    /bn bluelounge


    Sets the Waypoint for the Blue team lounge
    /bn bluespawn


    Sets the Waypoint in the arena where Blue team starts
    /bn spectator


    Sets the Waypoint where spectators go, and where players go when they die in the arena.
    /bn exit


    Sets the Waypoint players will go to when they leave the Battle
    /bn version


    Displays the current BattleNight version
    /bn relaod


    Reload config and classes files

    If permissions are enabled, commands with the User type require the node "battlenight.user" and commands with the Admin type require the node "battlenight.admin". The permission node "battlenight.*" can also be used to give the user/group both the "battlenight.user" and "battlenight.admin" permissions.
    If permissions are disabled, commands with the User type can be used by anyone and commands with the Admin type can only be used by Op's.
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    I have been trying to download this plugin for about 2 weeks now but keeps saying the plugin is in moderation, can you please fix this and let us download it?
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    Look at my last post. There is a link there. I am trying to resolve this problem asap.
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    Ad fly and other URL shortener links are not allowed. Removed.
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    EvilSeph's post said we were allowed URL shorteners that are not ad supported in his post. (I am talking about my bit.ly link not the other guy's and only posted this link instead of BukkitDev as the page is waiting for approval).
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    The only thing I could find about the bit.ly status was:

    Post made by:

    shadrxninga said:
    I use bit.ly to track how many times my plugin has been downloaded as it offers a good service for that. Is it still ok to use that?
    I agree with banning adf.ly - I used it for a bit and made about $2. The adverts are annoying and it's not worth it..​
    1337 said:
    I use bit.ly for the same reason is it ok?​

    So I assume that means no bit.ly
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    Can you add a way so that when players join the arena they can PVP without me having to turn PVP-True on the server.properties Please?
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    It was only a temporary link with the BukkitDev page was down anyway.

    I should have done this in version 1.2 but if this is not fixed:

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    My just says Internal error aquired....
    and i am sure i setted all 6 waypoints
    btw: my arena is worldguarded and my lobbies to
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    Dear Aza24.

    The download link for the arena in the youtube description is broken, could you fix it?
    Id like to get the map, its pretty sweet!

    Thanks for this plugin.
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    The download link is under the video on the BukkitDev page and I have added it to this one too. And thanks, I don't get much credit for the arena, TheDGCCrew get most of it because its on their channel.
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    Well i seriously support your work, its really awesome.
    And the orginal thing is that we get the map, keep the work up!

    I got a problem with this plugin.
    I cant attack the enemy with no one class.
    I have PvP on, we not op, no gamemode any idea?

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  29. Looks like an amazing plugin,cant w8 to try it!
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    Make sure PvP is set to on in all your other plugins like MultiVerse.
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    If it had more teams like orange, green, yellow and purple (so I could use it with other mods) I would use it all the time! nBut now I have to look for another plugin who has the same awesome features like youres does! How could I ever find something that AWESOME!?

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