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    Rifts - An all in one MMO plugin
    Version: v1.09 Beta

    Upgrade note 1.05: You will need to delete your plugins/Rifts/database.db file to get the pvp world to work. To avoid this, open your database.db file in SQLite Database Browser and in the execute sql tab, enter DROP TABLE CAGES; and restart your server. This should recreate the table and generate new cages (the dark world one never generated, the lightworld one will be in the same place. No need to regenerate the map). I apologize for having to do this, but going forward the need to mess with the database should be minimal.

    Please note this plugin is very BETA. It needs testing and will have bugs. Report the bugs here and I'll work to fix them. It also needs class balancing so if you notice some balancing needed just let me know and I'll do what I can to work with you. Also, this is a beefy plugin. If you cannot run at least 2 worlds at once on your server, it won't work real well for you. Sorry, but I don't have any plans on making this work on a one world server (3 if you want the pvp world).

    A PvP based RPG plugin that contains everything you need all in one plugin!

    Rifts contains 2 factions, the light and the dark. Each faction has their own world isolated from each other. Each faction has 5 classes:

    Fighter – Front line soldier, utilizes strength to cut down their opponents.
    • Gains 1 str point per level
    • Can use diamond swords
    • Can wear iron armor
    • Cannot use bows
    Defender – A soldier more reliant on defense than offense, great for sieges.
    • Gains 1 def point per level
    • Can use iron swords
    • Can wear diamond armor
    • Cannot use bows
    Mage – A high powered character with little defensive abilities.
    • Gains 1 int point per level, to use magic must be holding a book
    • Can use stone swords
    • Can wear cloth armor
    • Cannot use bows
    Priest – A support unit able to heal themselves as well as their party members.
    • Gains 1 spr point per level, to use magic must be holding a stick
    • Can use stone swords
    • Can wear iron armor
    • Cannot use bows
    Archer – Able to attack from greater distances, uses mana to enhance their arrows.
    • Gains 1 agl point per level
    • Can use stone swords
    • Can wear cloth armor
    • Can use bows
    For every level a character gains, they get 7 stats points, 2 skill points as well as unlocking new skills to buy.

    Each player has 6 attributes they can add their stats to:

    Str (Strength) – How much damage you do with a physical attack (sword, axe, bow).
    Def (Defense) – How much damage is negated due to any type of damage (entity, falling, fire, etc).
    Int (Intelligence) – How strong magic spells are (fireball, heal, etc).
    Spr (Spirit) – How quickly your mana regenerates, your total mana and how often you land attacks (magical only).
    Agl (Agility) – How often you are able to dodge attacks.
    Dex (Dexterity) – How often you land attacks (physical only).

    As time goes on in the game, Rifts appear at a random time (0-5 in game days) for a duration of half an in-game day. They always appear above ground, but can be anywhere on any loaded chunk (including in the middle of an ocean). They will also only appear if both faction worlds have at least 1 chunk loaded (does not require players to be in the world). Rifts allow a faction to teleport to the opposing faction’s world and do whatever they want there. However, when someone dies in the opposing faction’s world, they will be teleported back to their own on respawn.

    The third world (pvpworld) has the nether environment. Both factions can access this world by creating a portal. To create a portal, make a standard obsidian portal rectangle and place a sign on any part of the active portal, if the portal is not 'lit' then it won't take. The first line of the sign should say @pvp (if you are in the pvpworld, a portal can be made back to your home world by typing @home as the first line). Once the portal is created, it will link to that faction’s “cage” inside of pvp. The cage is a room made completely of glass and is indestructible. If the opposing faction comes within 30 blocks of the cage, they will receive a warning. If they continue getting close they will instantly die. This is to prevent spawn camping. Experience is greater in pvp than in the normal worlds. Once altars are implemented they will also add incentive to go into pvp.

    Altars still need to be added into pvpworld and are still in design phases. What they will be is areas that can be taken over by a faction. The owning faction will gain a benefit by owning the altar. They will also be in charge of defending their alters from attack by the opposing factions. I may add in mobs that only target the opposing faction to help defend, but again, it’s in the design phase.

    A spawnblock is a temporary spawn location created by the player. Spawnblocks can be created by any user that has enough money to do so by placing a sign on an obsidian block with the first line reading @setspawn. The amount it costs to create one is configurable in the config.yml file. Spawnblocks can hold up to 4 player’s spawn locations, all a user has to do is right click the block to add themselves to it. By default they have a life span of 20 spawns before they are destroyed. Anyone can destroy a spawnblock by breaking the obsidian block that holds the sign. Only the creator of the block can destroy the sign, destroying the spawn block. There is a glowstone on top of the spawnblock that allows for easier detection by those who would want to destroy it. Players spawn on top of the glowstone so hiding it with blocks would create an unsafe spawn for those bound to it. The glowstone is also unbreakable as long as the spawn block is active.

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    /joinrifts {light/dark} {class name} – allows a player to join a faction as a class
    /level - shows a character his/her current level
    /class – shows a character his/her class. Can be used like /class {user} to find a user’s class.
    /party {player name} – creates a party or adds people to an existing party. Parties have a max size of 4.
    /party leader {player name} – when typed by the current party leader, switches the leader.
    /party invites {public/leader} – changes the invite type from private (leader only invites) to public (any party member can invite).
    /party loot {leader/random} – currently does not do anything.
    /leaveparty – lets a user leave a party they’re in.
    /disbandparty – allows the party leader to disband the party.
    /spawnblock: {uses, bound, leave} – lets a user see uses left on the spawnblock, if they are bound to one or not and finally, allows them to leave the block they are bound to.
    /exp – shows a player their current exp bar.
    /stats – shows a player their current stat levels as well as free stats.
    /stats add # {str/def/spr/int/agl/dex} – allows users to add to their stats using their free stats.
    /skill {add} {skillname} – used like /skill, it will show a user their available skills and mp costs. Used like /skill {skillname} will activate the skill for use (Can also be done by "skill scrolling"). Used like /skill add {skillname} it will add the skill to the user's list of available skills. /skill off turns the active skill off.
    /skills - shows the user the list of skills they can currently "buy" with skill points earned through leveling.
    /status – shows a player their class, level and current mana bar.
    /hide {exp/miss} – will hide the exp or miss notifications.
    /show {exp/miss} – will show the exp or miss notifications.
    /resetcharacter - will delete your character and allow you to rejoin the game as a different faction and class. It will delete all of your stats/levels/exp/etc.

    GM Commands
    /savechars – saves the current online player’s stats and information into the database.
    /setclass {player name} {class name} – allows GMs to switch a player’s class
    /fullheal – fully heals the GMs health and mana bar
    /setlevel: {player name} {level} – allows GMs to change a player’s level.
    /setstats {player name} {stats number} – allows GMs to change the free stats a player has.
    /setskills {player name} {skills number} - allows GMs to change the free skill points a player has.
    /toworld {world name} – teleports a GM between worlds using the world’s name.
    /createrift: - Allows a GM to manually create rifts, however they cannot choose where the rifts are created.

    How to install:
    • Download Rifts.jar
    • Download sqlitejdbc-v056.jar if you do not already have it.
    • Put Rifts.jar in your plugins/ directory.
    • Put sqlitejdbc-v056.jar into your craftbukkit directory.
    • [Optional] Edit plugins/Rifts/config.yml and change them how you'd like (an example can be found in this post if it's your first install, just make the file plugins/Rifts/config.yml).
    • [Optional] If you're using Permissions or GroupManager, use rifts.gm for GMs and spawnblock.create for those that can create spawnblocks.
    • Restart your server.
    • On your first install, it may take some time to generate the pvp cages. Please let it finish or you will need to start over from scratch.
    • If you are upgrading, please read the upgrade notes at the top of the post if there are any!
    Installation Notes:
    • This plugin conflicts heavily with mcmmo, it is not recommended you use both.
    Config Walkthrough:
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    spawnblock-iconomy-cost: 0 // How much it costs to create a spawn-block
    spawnblock-uses: 20 // How many times a spawn block can be 'used' before it expires. 1 use per respawn.
    force-autojoin: false // setting this to true will force users to join when they connect to your server. They will be assigned to the faction that has a lower number of members.
    use-pvpmap: true // setting this to false will disable the pvp world. Portals will not connect to it, but rifts will still form. If you're having trouble running all 3 maps, turning this off may help
    use-factions: true // setting this to false will disable lightworld and darkworld. You will only be using the class/standard RPG functions of this plugin. No rifts.
    //These are the seeds your worlds will be created from if you have a seed in mind. Please keep in mind that lightworld and darkworld are created as NORMAL worlds, pvpworld is NETHER.
    //Changes the name of the world names. It will create a new map with that folder.
    must-rift-to-play: false

    #Experience - These are a multipliers: 5 is normal, 10 is double exp, etc.
    #Players is for pvp kills, Mobs is for monsters and Blocks is for breaking blocks.
    players: 5
    mobs: 5
    blocks: 5

    #Gold received - This are a multipliers: 5 is normal, 10 is double exp, etc.
    #Gold is only given when mobs or players are killed.gold-received: 5

    Current TODO list - Please read before posting addition suggestions:
    Show Spoiler

    In Progress
    • Examine (not implement) dual class idea - level 60 allows you to continue as another class
    • Balance damage (main focus)
    • Start guild support
    Future Release
    • Create guild support/cities
    • Add unique weapons as rare mob drops to gain better stats/skills in those
    • Add crafting skills that are levelable
    • Add in GM/Guild leader quest signs.
    • Add the class summoner and rogue/assassin.
    • Add altars to pvp.
    • Possible addition of chainmail armor for archer’s use.
    • Implement a PvP ranking system.

    FAQ - Please read this before requesting a change (not a bug):
    Show Spoiler

    Q: Can this be made to only run on one world instead of two/three?
    A: Yes!

    Q: I miss mobs a lot/do no damage. Why?
    A: As you level, mobs also level. If you're not keeping up with your dexterity and strength stats, you'll quickly notice that you won't be doing much to kill them. Always maintain your dexterity and strength (spirit if you're a priest or mage). If you've used the /changelevel gm command, this will also cause this unless you also balance your stats.

    Q: I feel my stats are fine, but I'm still missing too much or not doing enough damage. Can't anything be done?
    A: Post your level and stats. That way I can better balance the game. I know balancing needs to be done, but I can't do that unless I know how you're using stats and what needs to be adjusted.


    Version Beta 1.09
    • Added option to disallow unregistered users from building/destroying.
    • Added check for blockbreak, if it's cancelled via another plugin don't add exp.
    • Fixed glowing redstone gives no exp
    • Fixed Portals not loading on server restart
    • Fixed obsidian experience
    • Fixed joinrifts message showing factions when usefactions = false
    • Self skill now heals 1 if spr is too low and reduces mana
    • Readded skill list when /skill is typed with no parameters
    • Added riftportal.create (permissions/groupmanager) for portal creation
    • increase TNT Arrow damage
    • Lowered priest healing skills by 5 mana.
    • Changed healing spells to use Spirit instead of Int
    Show Spoiler

    Version Beta 1.08
    • Minimized the config file by using multipliers instead of individual instance experience values
    • Fixed aggressive mobs not dying in the sunlight.
    • Better balanced mob damage.
    • Fixed impale for archers.
    • Removed weapon/armor restrictions on non-rift worlds.
    • Removed the warning when a player is near.
    • Started guild code, more to come.
    Version Beta 1.07
    • Fixed meteor to not be resource heavy. Moves faster, does more damage.
    • Added warnings if the opposing faction is nearby (unless they're in sneak mode)
    • Fixed Fall (all natural) damage using defense to lessen the damage.
    • Made self and taunt a repeatable spell that can be accessed through cycle
    • Added damage to entity hit with blast
    • Made armor more effective in decreasing damage based on level
    • Made weapons more effective in increasing damage based on level
    • Changed Mages to use books to prevent griefers, Priests still use sticks.
    • Fixed cycling through mutliple skills to the highest level skill only.
    • Turned off friendly fire for single server Rifts
    • Allowed GMs to use /toworld without being killed for spawn camping.
    • Fixed rift creation algorithm
    Version Beta 1.06
    • Added support for single world servers
    Version Beta 1.05
    • Fixed armor type restrictions
    • Fixed mana going negative
    • Fixed database locking issue again, now works as one connection
    • Fixed cage generation for pvp maps (the player_move error)
    • Increases exp reqs - 34 million for level 60. Wowzers!
    Version Beta 1.04
    • Seperate skill level from the name
    • Find/fix database lock issue.
    • Fixed left clicking with nothing in your hand throwing a null pointer error.
    • Fixed a display problem with /savechars
    • Fixed level 2&3 skills showing in /skills if you already have it.
    • Fixed being able to add level 3 skills multiple times
    • Fixed skill names having to be case sensitive.
    • Made rifts spawn at least 60 blocks away from the world's spawn to stop spawn camping kills
    • Fixed entangle to destroy webs after 10 seconds, made them unbreakable
    Version Beta 1.03
    • Renamed cloth armor to leather armor.
    • Made eating food heal your mana.
    • Add mana per level
    • Converted all character integers to more appropriate data types.
    • Added /statshelp as part of the tutorial.
    • Added a basic tutorial once you join rifts.
    • Created the level cap 60
    • Fixed damages from mobs, added more damage to mobs.
    Version Beta 1.02
    • Made world names customizable (change folder names).
    • Added some tutorial lines for commands when the commands become relavent.
    • Cleaned up /status, /skills, /skilllist, skill cycle displays. Add more info to /status.
    • Fixed pvpworld insta-kill on enter
    • Re-add drops to mobs killed by setHealth()
    • Fixed heal overhealing
    • Fixed Whirl not being able to be used because it reports mana is too low.
    • Updated iConomy support to iConomy 5
    • Fixed /resetcharacter printing out the command when entered.
    • Turned friendly fire back off
    • Fixed joining rifts if auto-join is true.
    • Changed changelevel/changeclass to setlevel/setclass
    • Fixed /joinrifts teleport teleporting you into blocks and respawn into blocks and /toworld into blocks.
    • Fixed miss and experience notifications being off by default.
    • Lowered the chances of attacks missing/being dodged
    • Remove rifts on disable.
    Version Beta 1.01
    • Fixed rift/portal teleporting to get around minecraft's fly/kick feature.
    • Fixed PvP cage glowstone being able to be destroyed.
    • Added "scrolling" through skills by left/right clicking with your weapon in hand. (If you are a fighter, right click air with a sword, defender use an axe. Mage LEFT click air with a stick, priest do the same, archer use a bow).
    Version Beta 1.0
    • Public beta release.
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    Alright, my noob is kicking in. I really dont want to delete my Database, and I dont know how to do the alternative. Could somebody help? haha
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    Link to your database so I can download it, I'll run the command for you
  4. Offline


    Its not allowing me to. Wrong format or something.
    Nevermind.... Computer deleted it anyways haha. Oh well! Ill just add in the stats.
  5. Offline


    It shouldn't happen again, that was a pretty serious bug. The database shouldn't need any tweaking like that.
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    haha I dont really mind. It was just me and a friend. How many stats points would a lvl 60 mage have? And I set him at level 60, he got all the spells, but they're all lvl 1. Is that supposed to be like that?
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    ok, rift appears, i will check if it works. Mobs still killing me with 1 hit >.< (yea i know thats my problem) can it be possible because i touched something in the config file?


    Im getting strange error , couldnt load sqlitejdbc-v056.jar : jar does not contain plugin.yml
    But seems that rift works better than before, this error have any relation with rift? i think it have not.
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    At level 60, you should have 420 stat points (the number is purely coincidence) and 120 skill points.

    Nothing in the config file, but I am making armor stronger! That way mages won't get rocked too hard (hopefully). Rifts right now are kind of jacked, I've fixed the problem in the version I have now, but a lot of the features still need to be tested. I'll release it tomorrow, sorry but tonight no rifts :(
    I had added protection in rift creation that stops them from being created near spawn so you don't insta-die. Doing that unveiled a bug in their creation algorithm.

    If Rifts is saving and loading your character when you logout and login, that error isn't this plugin. I tried to make all of my plugin errors report [Rifts] before the text.
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    Can you make some kind of command to make pvp abaible between same side (light or dark) faction?

    When i go with admin command to pvpworld (kind of nether) i get insta die

    Ok i tried the Rift gate, and it dont work >.< and its so strange i saw TWO of them

    you're working hard, nice to see that. Good lock with all, and thanks for answer my questions. I will post more surely
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    And what about leveling skills? Do they level as you use them or as you level? Because I used the command for lvl 60 and they're all lvl 1
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    /toworld has also been fixed for the next version, giving GMs the ability to bypass spawn camping checks. Here's a list of things I've fixed/added in the next version.
    Show Spoiler

    - Find a good way to tell the difference between factions
    * Fall damage doesn't use defense
    * Make self and taunt a repeatable spell that can be accessed through cycle
    * Add damage to entity hit with blast
    - Make armor more effective in decreasing damage
    - Make weapons more effective in increasing damage
    * Priests use staffs, Mages use books
    * Fixed cycling through mutliple skills to the highest level skill only.
    * Turned off friendly fire for single server Rifts
    * Allowed GMs to use /toworld without being killed for spawn camping.
    * Fixed rift creation algorithm

    As you level the higher level skills become available. Type /skills to see if you have access to the higher level (level 2) skills and do the same /skill add fireball or whatever. It'll add the higher level skill.
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    I did. But I can only use the level 1 skills. I am set at level 60

    Hm... ok, my skills leveled up. But my "scroll-able" spell list is quite crowded. Any way to take spells off the list?

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    Hey, I've been keeping track of the progress on this mod. I was using it for a little while, but my users pointed out that they really liked how McMMO had profession skills that have to do with more than combat. So for now, I have to stick with McMMO.

    I'm not sure how in-depth you want to go with this mod, but stuff like "Woodcutting, Acrobatics, Furnace Operation (Quicker smelting), Smithing (Maybe to make stronger than usual wares)" etc would be a great direction to go in. Also, anything you could do to make monsters more varied and interesting would probably go a long way towards keeping players occupied.
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    +1 for this, I would love if this happens.
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    I fixed the duplication of spells showing in the cycle list so hopefully that will make it less crowded for you :)

    Eventually I'd love to add crafts to the game, I plan on making armor and weapons "named" and giving them their own stats eventually. Crafting would go along very well with that. As for the mobs, I tried to keep them at least relevant throughout leveling. Eventually I could add random skills for them to use to make them more interesting, that sounds like a good idea :)

    Upgraded to 1.07

    Armor and weapons damage was changed and will most likely need balancing, just a heads up! I'll do some more balanacing for the next release, wanted to get this one out there to fix rift creation.

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    You mentioned in the GM commands that /savechars saves data for current chars online. Does that mean it's not automatic?

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    It's there strictly for backup reasons (if you have a script to do automatic backups for example).
    Every time someone quits it saves their information and every time the server shuts down (or reloads) it saves their data. There are no TIMED saves implemented, only event triggered saves. The only time you can really lose data is if you shutdown bukkit by pulling a power cable (I imagine this plugin will be the least of your worries if that happens).
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    Lonely, you fixed bug that makes no exp gaining when we kill a mob with skills?
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    Thanks for the info. I couldnt get the plugin to run. You might mention in the main thread that you need a good slice of RAM in order to run the plugin.
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    Which skill wasn't giving you exp? AOE skills are still kind of wonky, but regular skills should be fine.

    I imagine it would. I haven't done proper load testing, but it's pretty beefy. Did it noticeable slow your server down or did it just not run at all? What are the specs of your server?
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    256mb RM dedicated to bukkit, but it still uses 400mb RAM anyway. The server didnt start at all, and it the plugin had atleast 30mb of RAM to work with
  22. Offline


    Yea that's cutting it pretty close, I don't know that it'll run on anything less than 512mb
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    Fireball , now i will check again to see.

    Ok i have a "minor problem" that's we've tried to made one character of dark side and other of light side, and when they meet the server dont stop to spam "'X' is close to you!" every second, can i deactivate that?..
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    Also, I want to know how to set up SingleWorld, since I can see Rift has created a bunch of other worlds in my directory. That may be what is coursing the high RAM usage, since it is trying to multiworld, when the server isnt using multiworld.
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    I have that run every 5 seconds, I'll cut the notifications back time-wise.

    In the config file set use-pvp and use-factions to false.
    An example can be found in the first post.
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    That seemed to work, not even 2mb of ram is used now!

    Now I just want to know. Is it a bug in Rifts that is coursing mobs not to die from anything but a player who hit them`?
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    You need to level your stats when you level, add str/int to affect damage to mobs.
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    Is it wrong that I look forward to your updates more than Notch's? haha :)
  29. Offline


    I mean, you know, when it's day Zombies and such normally die. Now I just get an annoying sound of them "suffering" for ever until I kill them. They basicly live forever.

    Also, using a single world server, I havent really noticed any rifts. And the map arent that big. Nothing more than the standard .mcr are created in the world. Also, players are complaining (especially the archer), that all (or almost) attacks are either missed or dodged, and they want it nerfed a bit.
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    Hi, love the plugin so far, I had an idea for a possible update, for fire based attacks like firearrow or fire. The arrows or spell could set fire to trees ect. also that the arrows skills happen on all blocks rather than just enemies, i understand this could take a while and not everyone would want this, a reply containing your thoughts would be appreciated, Thanks
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    Uhm... mage level 10 with full leather armor dies with 2 hits. Its imposible to play , too hard :confused: and yes , i put some stats on def ><

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