[FUN/MECH] PowerSwords v1.1.9 - Gives Powers to Swords! [1.6.2-R0.1]

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    Version 1.1.9
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    PowerSwords is developed by BoomIt'sWill, with help from whinmoorboyz (Testing, managing tickets). It allows you to have various powers on swords which can help you in battle, such as regeneration, heal, damage resistance, etc...

    Wooden Sword = Damage Resistance (5 Seconds)
    Stone Sword = Water Breathing (5 Seconds)
    Iron Sword = Smite (Every 10 seconds)
    Gold Sword = Speed(10 seconds)
    Diamond Sword = Regeneration (10 seconds)

    New video tutorial!
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  4. ... Lmao bad video diamond sword and gold sword do same things
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    ...Lmao you're evidently wrong.

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