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  1. Pitfall - Make clay (configurable) become a trapdoor
    Version: v0.6

    A configurable plugin that allows certain blocks to act as pressure traps. Once a player steps on them, the blocks disappear temporarily causing the victim to tumble into the pit you dug below.

    • Allows the user to create traps with clay (configurable). Building a layer of clay, and then a layer of any material above it will cause it to become a trap. Whenever a player steps on the layer above the clay, both layers will temporarily disappear, plunging the victim into the depths of the abyss you dug below. After a second, the two layers will reappear, waiting to claim another hapless soul.
    • Configuration of what block to be used instead of clay.
    • Allows setting up a list of blacklist blocks. These are blocks that will not disappear even if placed above the clay block. Format: [3,24,33,2]
    • Allows the user to create redstone triggered traps with brick (configurable). Once a brick block receives a redstone current from either above or below, it (along with all adjacent block bricks) will disappear for a few seconds. Pictures:
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    Download The Pitfall Plugin/Source

    Note for navigating github:
    You may press the "Downloads" button to download this as a zip file. If you don't want the source and only want the .jar file, just click on the Pitfall.jar. Then click view raw, and it should give you a download file. If not, right click view raw and click save link as.​

    A review by jamescosten:

    Pictures (open)

    Constructing the trap:

    Filling up the top layer with same block as surroundings:


    The completed trap is indistinguishable from normal land:




    The trap closes back up above me:


    Version 0.6
    • Configurable trap delays
    Version 0.5
    • Sign's texts will be restored.
    • Will print an error message if any blocks are unable to be restored.
    • Jumping over the clay will no longer trigger trap.
    • Trap will only be triggered if standing on solid block above the clay.
    Version 0.4b
    • Fixed a null pointer exception error when first using the plugin.
    Version 0.4a
    • Minor change to how the plugin gets the version number.
    Version 0.4
    • Added configurable redstone triggered blocks
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed a stupid bug where the plugin will not work if you don't have a blacklist enabled.
    Version 0.2
    • Changed name to Pitfall
    • Added a config file that allows you to specify what block to use as the trap block
    • Config file also allows you to define blacklist blocks to be placed above the trap block
    Version 0.1
    • Added the plugin

    Thanks to Avous for features suggestions. :)

    • Add support for mobs
    • Add support for changing what block to use (instead of clay)
    • Redstone triggered traps
    • Keep special data of certain entities. (Texts for signs, items in chests, etc) if they disappear as a result of trap. (Configurable as option)
    • Permissions support

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    No pictures. ;(
  3. I just uploaded pictures. :) They should be viewable now.
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    no pictures still :(
  5. Oops I realized I used the wrong dropbox link for the image, updated.
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    What texture pack are you using?
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    Ok thanks! How would I go about editing some of the textures? (Sorry for being completely irrelevant)
    This plugin seems like it will have a lot of potential and I will be trying it out!
  8. To edit the textures, all I did was the following:

    1. extract the .zip/.rar file with some type of uncompressor (winrar, 7zip etc)
    2. look at the image files and open with photoshop/gimp/paint/any other image processor
    3. modify the blocks you want
    4. rezip it up

    Hope you like this plugin. I actually programed up a load of random plugins for my friends to use in my private minecraft server and never really thought about releasing them. Today I decided there's no point for them to just sit on my comp slowly rusting, so I published them for others to enjoy. :) Hopefully I can get some good comments and can improve them further.
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    Could you make a config so we can select what block does this... not just Clay? otherwise i like it a lot XD and other problems i foresee with this is can you trap a locked chest and make it drop its contents? if so can you add a block blacklist to not make it vanish if some blocks are above it?

    and final thing id do is change the name to Pitfall or Trapdoor just a suggestion since quick sand suffocates you it doesnt ya know make you fall into the depths of a underground maze/dungeon/trap... which is what i think would make this plugin great is not for griefer traps but dungeons/mazes/spleef tournaments/general lawlsy pranks since theres a ton of griefer protection already it would be great to make funny trap plugins since no ones really doing that now unlike the 101 weather plugins and logblock/blocklog/bigbrother/log/ect ect ect
  10. oo great suggestions! I'll try to implement these into the next version. Today was supposed to be a study for classes day but i'm feeling lazy so I might just work on these plugins a bit. :)
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    re edited my post there for ya a bit :p they are my personal suggestions for ya i cant wait to see what you decide to do with this plugin

    and i have a premeditation... people will flock and beg for PERMISSIONS dun dun dun!
  12. I know people are gonna beg for permissions, I personally do not like permissions plugin that much, but I'll end up adding support for it since it most likely will be highly asked for.
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    Another question......AGAIN
    If the people you trap fall into the hole, can't they just dig themselves out?
    Could I use something like WorldGuard to cuboid the area so they can't dig themselves out?
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    Off-topic: What texture pack is that? :)
  15. That could work! Make sure to protect the clay too, or else they can just pillar jump up and destroy the clay to get out.

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    Ok, downloading now!

    Also, just downloaded the texture pack! AMAZING and no lag considering it's HD!

    Oh lol its not out yet

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  17. Updated! version 0.2 allows configuration of what blocks to use! And a blacklist :)

    Also, I realize I messed up my git config so the source files werent actually included for some reason, they should be there now.

    ?? What is not out yet?
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    The plugin. It takes me to source. I'm not looking for that atm =o

    It might be out, but idk where to download it takes me to github. Idk what to do from there.

    nvm i might have found it

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  19. On github, look for Pitfall.jar, click on that and click "view as raw" to download
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    Hey, i've made my trap and covered it up. I walk over it, and noting happens?
  21. Hmm, I think i figured out the problem, I'll release a fix in a few seconds.
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    EDIT: Why is it doing this?

    Oh! woops sorry for the comment after you replied.

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  23. Bug should be fixed now, redownload the jar file. Sorry for the hassle. :p

    If you guys care, here's an explanation:

    When the blacklist is empty, the plugin added a "" entry into the blacklist. Then when the plugin tries to parse "" into an integer, it fails. For some reason no exception was being thrown, and the plugin would simply quietly refuse to do anything.

    I put in a fix that checks to make sure the blacklist is an integer before parsing. The check is exception driven, which is a horrible style, but I will change it up a bit more later.
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    AWESOME! So all I do is dig a pit and cover it with the desired, chosen block? (The one set in config file)
  25. Yup! dig a hole, cover it with clay (or whatever) then cover the clay with any block. Step on the any block, and both that block and the clay will disappear for a second.
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    woot mate :p that mean you added a black list so you can choose what gets hidden or not depending if griefers try to break chests? (id test and see but my servers down TCadmin is killing Brohoster (my host) )
  27. I am not too sure what you mean by
    Can you rephrase that please? :p

    For now the blacklist just prevents certain materials from triggering the trap door. For instance if you set stone to be in the black list then:
    [stone] will not trigger trapdoor

    [clothgrey] = clay
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    based on logic :p and my masters in bell end analogy ill give this example...

    You own a chest filled with... i dunno... COOKIES... with a lock plugin to keep your stuff safe like Lockette

    Griefer cant access chest but wants those mad cookies :p so he puts clay under the chest and steps on it to "pit fall" and trap himself... thus deleting the chest dropping all the mad cookie loot and then just leaves respawning the chest and off with all the awesome cookie goodness...

    i cant test personally because my servers dead atm but im fairly sure if you "disappear" a chest it counts as destroying it and rebuilding a NEW chest/sign and all the items WILL drop... so can you test and if its the case add a BLACKLIST (meaning you can choose through item IDs/bukkit codes like CHEST/SIGN/WOODEN_DOOR) to choose what it doesnt work on for pitfalls?
  29. Ohhh!! I see what you mean, in that case this blacklist should do exactly just that. Just add the id of chest and large chest to the black list, and it won't disappear even when theres clay (or whatever you configured it to be) under it. :)

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