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    Outposts, A Capture the Points Economy System.
    Version: 2.2


    (You need iConomy, BOSEconomy, Essentials, or Multicurrency for this to work). Players can create groups that gain money over time based on the worth of the outposts they create. They can also capture other groups' outposts for a profit. An outpost is a 4x4 square of bedrock spawned when the /ocreateoutpost command is called that is filled with a block (smelted cobblestone by default). To capture an outpost that another group holds (make sure your active group is set to the group you want to get the outpost first), mine out the blocks already in the outpost and place the same kind back into the 2x2 area inside the 4x4 ring (smelted cobblestone by default). This graph explains how much money is earned per outpost on every timer tick (the timer length can also be customized), and the 3 variables in OutpostsSettings.yml can be changed:


    Here's a quick video about the plugin:

    This video is a bit out of date: now you can appoint others as founders if you are the group "leader". The person that creates the group is the leader. Also, some codes have been changed around, so check the changelog. Also, the text colors are better :3


    None right now. They will come soon.


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    description: Relays command codes so you don't have to memorize them or look on this thread.​

    /ocreategroup <name>
    description: Creates an outpost group if this player has enough money.​

    /oplayer <name>
    description: Checks what groups a player is in.​

    /ocreateoutpost <group>
    description: Create an outpost for this group.​

    /ogroup <group>
    description: See information about this group.​

    /oaddplayer <player> <group>
    description: Adds this player to this group if you are the founder of the group.​

    /oremoveplayer <player> <group>
    description: Removes this player from this group if you are the founder of the group.​

    /oaddfounder <player> <group>
    description: Adds this player as a founder of this group if you are the leader of the group.​

    /oremovefounder <player> <group>
    description: Removes this player from this group's founder list if you are the leader of the group.​

    /osetactivegroup <group>
    description: Sets this as your group for taking over points.​

    description: Returns the distance and group for the closest outpost for a fee that can be changed.​


    Source Code: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36326695/OutpostsSource.zip

    2.2 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36326695/OutpostsV2.2.zip
    2.1 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36326695/Outpostsv2.1.zip
    2.01 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36326695/Outpostsv2.01.zip
    2.0 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/36326695/Outpostsv2.0.zip


    Extract Outposts.zip. Insert Outposts.jar into your plugins folder.


    OutpostsSettings.yml is where all of your customizing will take place. It is created after you start up the server and is updated whenever you install a newer version and start the server.

    This is an explanation of the variables in it:

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    allblockscanfill: can any block fill the 2x2 area?​
    moneytimerminutes: length (in minutes) of the timer ticks for group money​
    rangeofdecay: explained in the graph above^^​
    outpostcost: How much it costs to make an outpost​
    maximumnumberofoutpostspergroup: self explanatory​
    minimumoutpostdistance: minimum distance an outpost can be from another one. I recommend no less than 5​
    getclosest: can people use /ogetclosest?​
    fillblock: what block should fill in the outposts?​
    maxmoney: explained in the graph above^^
    minmoney: explained in the graph above^^
    costtocreategroup: How much it costs to create a group​
    buildcap: Maximum amount of outposts that can be built in a group (the rest needs to be captured)​
    getclosestcost: how much it costs to use the /ogetclosest command​

    • Find bugs
    2.2: Might have fixed the wrong block placement issue and others
      • You do not need new .ymls anymore since it will automatically add in new variables
      • Added in a build cap to the .yml. This is the maximum amount of outposts that people can build, the rest will need to be captured. It defaults to your maximum number of outposts per group
      • ogetclosestcost added to the yml. It defaults to 1.
      • changed ogetclosest so it returns the distance to the closest outpost that is not controlled by a group of yours for a fee of ogetclosestcost in the .yml
      • fixed a small text error with ogroup
      • cleaned up some text colors
      • Message to your group members when your group takes over a point
    2.01: Changed something that may help with a certain error that may or may not come up... just to be safe

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      • right click an outpost block to get information (you need to have nothing in your hand and right click a block inside the 2x2 area)
      • fixed onblockplace and onblockbreak null pointer exception errors
      • fixed a small configuration error
      • fixed it saying you lost an outpost at x:0 y:0 z:0
      • made it more efficient
      • made allblockscanfill in the .yml. Set it to true to allow any block to fill the 2x2 area.
      • made it easier to read
      • first one to make the outpost is now the leader. leaders can set and remove people as "founders". These founders can add and remove players from a group.
      • getclosest is now in the .yml and I have removed the one permission to make it easier. Set it to true for the players to be able to use the /ogetclosest command. It's true by default.
      • changed /oaddtogroup to /oaddplayer
      • changed /oremovefromgroup to /oremoveplayer
      • added /oaddfounder for the leader of a group to use
      • added /oremovefounder for the leader of a group to use
    1.6: fixed money being split to only online players
    1.55: Fixed /oaddtogroup and /oremovefromgroup errors.
      • Fixed an onBlockPlace error that wouldn't let you get to your true maximum number of outposts
      • updated economies to support iconomy, boseconomy, essentials, multicurrency
      • money is only split between players online now
      • message when a outpost's block is destroyed
      • message when a group takes over a point of yours
      • fixed another /ogroup error, this time about how much money it earns
      • when using /ogroup on a group you are in, it tells you the locations of outposts your group controls
    1.25: Really fixed the /ogroup error this time. Silly .equals().
    1.24: Fixed an /ogroup error not displaying how many outposts that group has
    1.2: Fixed 1.1 errors... that's what you get for not waiting to release an update
    • cleaned up some code
    • /ogroup tells how much the group earns total now
    • tells you how much the outpost is worth when you make one
    1.0: Release

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    Thanks man, I really appreciate your quick responses.

    Edit: It also seems like only group leaders are making the gold. Group members don't seem to be earning anything.
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    I cannot seem to replicate your issues :[ I will have a 2.2 version that may or may not help out though.
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    I found out what the issue was. Players were capturing with stone blocks then digging them out and replacing with obsidian. They did not lose the capture for diggin out their own blocks.
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    They should lose the capture point... I'll see if I can put in a command that stops people from putting in blocks that aren't the correct ones.

    Ok, only the correct block can now be placed I believe.

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    Has this been tested with the experimental 1.8 build?
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    id love to see this plugin updated my server would love to see this expanded maybe with spout (Spout Notify for owner/group of outpost)?

    i wont pretend to say plugins are easy to make or id do it myself XD but this is going to be the hook for my server and id love to see more done to it
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    I might get around to doing a re-code after my recent projects are complete, but that could potentially be a while. This plugin could be tweaked a whole lot for better performance and options, I agree, but I simply don't have the time as of now :[
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    no worries im trying to dabble into the code myself to suit my needs
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    Ok so I have tryed this plugin out and let me say that THIS IS EPIC. (sorry caps) But it does have a couple of problems that are stopping it from being a must need pvp plugin. First of all permissions are a must need. Especially if the person has a public server. I also want to say that I have had an idea for my server where every kingdom fights for control of towns that have different things. This makes that idea awesome. I am so glad I stumbled along this. But you really need to expand this. I am telling you I see so much potential in this. I can tell that you work diligently and care because you respond do much and I know that you can turn this into a Top plugin. Just add much more features. Another thing I dont like how someone from another group can just sneak in and capture it. I dont know if you were going for this as just a way to get money or something and other players can steal it but I think it should be like that there are battles for it and whoever wins captures it/keeps it. Maybe make it so that there have to be certain amount of people in that group that are online to be attacked. Also I think that you should also make it so that you have to be in the area to make the money. These suggestions should all be optional in case someone doesnt like them. I am totally serious when I say that this can be the best plugin out there. You may want more help and make it easy to use with other plugins.
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    Thank you! This plugin really needs an overhaul since it was written when I first started java. If I have time, I'll start re-coding it today. It will be very easy to add more functionality after redoing it all, and it will also be way more efficient.
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    i tried to use this plugin on my server but when i try and create a new group or getclosest it tells me internal error occurred while attempting to execute this command but i can use /oplayer just fine
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    I'm adding this to my bookmarks. At the moment, the plugin is too outdated, but I hope someone will pick it up and keep working on it because it has a lot of potential to be epic.
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    Hoping this plugin is continued to be updated. Also is it Faction friendly(assuming it is)? If so could instead of money generated maybe power givin and omly placeble by Admins. Its a different turn from what this is doing but would allow factions to attack strategic points. Alse, I might make a request for a plugin like that since you seem to be not working on this anymore.

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