[FUN/MECH] npcx (v0.0.31) - The NPC eXtender (now for 1.8.1) [1097-1157]

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    npcx - The NPC eXtender
    Version: 0.0.31

    UPDATE: mixxit has took the initiative to update the npclib to 1.8, all credit for this update goes to him! it should work on any 1.8 version of craftbukkit

    If you are having trouble, please read the old thread here and the included readme.txt that mixxit left. If you know of any other tutorials, do post and I'll add them.

    Info Update: Well long story short I am beginning to get bored of Minecraft and I don't have as much time as I would like to develop this plugin. This probably means that the rewrite I had planned is just going to die. Besides lack of time and motivation, I find it extremely pointless to write an API for NPCs outside of bukkit/craftbukkit, which makes the rewrite I was working on very frustrating. However, I will continue to update mixxit's code for new versions of minecraft, but don't expect any new features or anything.
    Update 2: As NPCs are being planned natively for 1.8 (the adventure update), I will probably be working on a (separate) plugin or directly with the NPC API if I have time.

    Note: If you have iConomy, make sure you have at least version 5+ or you'll get an error like this.
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event WHATEVER_EVENT to npcx
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/iConomy/iConomy
    You should also be able to add "use-iConomy=false" in the npcx properties file.

    If you're having trouble installing MySql on windows, here's a nice guide: http://forums.bukkit.org/posts/293544, thanks to Atticus Craft. Basic WAMP/LAMP/MAMP servers should work fine too, just make sure you have the username/password correct and the database with permissions to the right user.

    • You can create npcs
    • And they do stuff
    • Everything should work like it did in mixxit's last version
    And by "work like it did" I mean I have no clue if there were bugs from then, but they're probably still around now. Please report any you find so I can take them into consideration.

    For MC 1.8.1 (1097+, no RB yet) Download
    For MC 1.7 (937+, 953, 1k): Download
    For MC 1.6 (807+): Download
    For MC 1.5 (740-803): Download
    Source Code

    Version 0.0.31
    • Updated to MC 1.8.1 (by Mixxit)
    Version 0.0.3
    • Updated for Grum's internal renaming
    Version 0.0.2
    • Updated for 1.6
    Version 0.0.1
    • Updated for 1.5
    • Began code revamp
    All credits go to mixxit for his work. Special thanks to sk89q and fullwall, even if they don't know they helped.
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    I'm not very familiar with SQL so I don't really know what to say. My guess would be that the connection to the sql server timed out for whatever reason. Is it running on localhost (in regards to MC server)?
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    yes 8 different entries.. let say in my Merchant List, I've putted Wooden Sword, Stone Sword, Iron Sword, Gold Sword, Diamond Sword, Wooden Pickaxe, Stone Pickaxe, Iron Pickaxe, Gold Pickaxe and Diamond Pickaxe.. I've combine my Merchant List to my Merchant_Weapon.. When I look at the List.. It only display the 8 Entries: Wooden Sword, Iron Sword, Gold Sword, Diamond Sword, Wooden Pickaxe, Stone Pickaxe and Iron Pickaxe.. he's not displaying the Gold Pickaxe and Diamond Pickaxe...
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    not really, i dont know any which could do this problem
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    Thanks Heaps Dude i Respect You!
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    @wizjany - there is a way to trigger the damage event and also have dynamic damage based on item-in-hand - not sure if you want damage to be variable or whatever.
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    Nah, it's running on two different servers, which I'm honestly quite sure is my problem, but I can't think of any reason for the issue I'm getting because other plugins seem to connect fine.

    Also upon further inspection, I noticed this specific line:

    Caused by: java.io.EOFException: Can not read response from server. Expected to read 4 bytes, read 0 bytes before connection was unexpectedly lost.
    I'm thinking I might try a local mysql database if my host will allow it and see if that resolves anything.
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    Have you checked the database to see if they're even saving correctly? Have you tried buying them anyway to make sure it's not just a problem with the text output?
    Oddly, I don't either. Maybe that's because I have no clue what you're working with though. Who knows!
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    Yes I've checked the database and it's right there.. also when I try to buy the Gold Pickaxe, it let me buy, but it's not on the merchant list..
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    So what should I do? I would love to help, but I don't really know where in the world I should start. I've forked it in Github. It would be useful if you could explain your setup for updating/developing this plugin, like if/which IDE you use. This is my first time developing a plugin.
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    Are you using any mods that might cut off chat? server or client? My merchants are displaying 10, 11, 12 items just fine.
    Uhm, talk to me in irc if you need help getting started. irc.esper.net #npcx
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    why doesnt mysql connect from navicat :/
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    My NPC's no longer can be created to walk their paths... and the one's that used to work now get stuck more. I create the pathgroup, set up 3-5 positions for that group, create a spawngroup, connect the spawn and pathgroup then add the npc to the spawngroup and where as they used to (on 0.0.1) start walking at this point, in 0.0.2 they do nothing but stand around... Would anyone know a solution to this issue, perhaps? Is anyone else experiencing it?

    (FYI: I have 3 working guards currently, although it took 10 tries to get those 3 to work... I can endure the glitches however as this is the only plugin that has working walking guards that use paths! I just wish I could keep trying...)

    Edit: Make that one working guard... I had to delete one that just started dancing after 0.0.2 and the other stopped moving completely much like the others. I also restarted my server and things are still broken :/
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    nope.. no mods here.. only npcx.. well anyway.. thanks for you help.. ill just try to divide my npc..
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    can i get help on how to get this to work without navicat :/
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    Ok Here is the log of the error

    thanks again for the help, and thanks for the mod.
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    Use phpmyadmin.
    11.06 19:49:29 [Server] INFO The last packet successfully received from the server was 361,558 milliseconds ago. The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago.
    11.06 19:49:29 [Server] SEVERE Caused by: java.io.EOFException: Can not read response from server. Expected to read 4 bytes, read 0 bytes before connection was unexpectedly lost.
    Your connection timed out or otherwise broke. Are you running your db on localhost or remotely?
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    Is there a wiki for this somewhere or anything? I'm curious if there's other trigger events and whatnot besides EVENT_CLOSE and NPCATTACK

    By the way, fantastic mod. Been using it the past few days to fill my story based adventure server with NPCs. Although, it doesn't have all the features I'd like for playing out 'scenes' in the story.
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    So I figured out my first problem.


    Now I get "error loaded research" and I have no idea what it means by that.
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    They're all in the readme.
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    Any reason as to why when i add a triggerword, it doesnt show in brackets when I chat to the NPC?

    EDIT: Also, I think you should change how triggerwords and responses are added. The response can only be like 6 words :/
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    problem on npc.. I disable my spawn monster in my town using residence or worldguard but suddenly, they're attacking something but I can't see anything also, sometimes they vanished.. dunno where they go..

    also another problem is sometimes I can't right click my NPC, and also when I reload, they vanished..
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    Ah, thank you. I'm building a full story with quests and everything with this mod and it is a godsend, but if I could make some suggestions..

    Chat Responses:
    Player faction amount changes
    Player money changes
    NPC Loottable change
    NPC faction change

    Also, it would be useful to have NPCs that follow you so you can have mercenaries or when you need to rescue a princess for a quest. Perhaps having NPC weapon changes as a chat response as well to give mercenaries one of your weapons

    One more thing. There seems to be an issue with changing a player's individual faction amount. I tried to change it in the database, but it always reverts back to the original number (under player_faction : amount).
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    Its remote but on a private network.
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    I have a problem, whenever I start the server it gives me this error and the npc I made does not appear at the spawngroup location.
    17:03:33 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Timer-0"
    17:03:33 [SEVERE] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.<init>(Lnet/minecraft/server/World;)V
    17:03:33 [SEVERE] 	at net.gamerservices.npclibfork.NpcSpawner.SpawnBasicHumanNpc(Unknown Source)
    17:03:33 [SEVERE] 	at net.gamerservices.npcx.myNPC.Spawn(Unknown Source)
    17:03:33 [SEVERE] 	at net.gamerservices.npcx.npcx.think(Unknown Source)
    17:03:33 [SEVERE] 	at net.gamerservices.npcx.Tick.run(Unknown Source)
    17:03:33 [SEVERE] 	at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Timer.java:512)
    17:03:33 [SEVERE] 	at java.util.TimerThread.run(Timer.java:462)
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    You have to add the brackets yourself. Also I don't think there's any limit on the response. I have npcs with paragraph long responses.
    As I'm no longer interested in developing this further, you're probably out of luck.
    ..the server isn't running simultaneously is it? shut down server, change database, reload
    people have had problems with running on remote sql servers. I'm not sure i can do anything about this.
    Method is definitely there...you sure you're running a compatible version?
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    I just updated to the latest recommended build.
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    do i have to go into the files to add the responses? when typing in game it cuts off text after a certain amount of characters.
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    I have created some merchants , but have had issues with them not giving the items I have given to them.
    They will list out the items and the correct prices , even allow me to buy them, but never physically give me the item.

    Anyone seen this?
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    when i try to create a spawngroup it cant create an id for it. Instead of getting Spawngroup Bandit[1] i get an error occured.
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    thx for porting this awesome plugin!​

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