Inactive [FUN/MECH] MusicCraft v1.4.4 - Compose music! Play it with note blocks! [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by bekvon, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Rune de Groot

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    You're right.. links are broken. Someone misslinked my domain :confused:
    I'll fix it soon!
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    FINALLY, finished with Mega Man 2: Wily Stages
    I recommend 2 noteblocks for each instrument for a richer sound.
    WilyMelody - wool
    WilyHarmony - wool
    WilyBass - wood
    WilyPerc - sand

    (Please enable 3 octaves in your config files!)

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    Just wondering if this is a particularly intensive server plugin as I start to lag on my computer-hosted one with more than one person online with this, lol.
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    Anyone know of a preferably free or just cheap mac compatible midi editor that would be good for musicCraft?
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    I've been using this on a small laptop hosted server and it works perfectly and doesn't cause any lag.

    Any chance Minecraft Song Planner songs can be ported into MML format? That would be amazing.
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    Amazing plugin. Thank you Bekvon for creating this, and everyone for converting those songs.
    My bud about crapped himself when he walked into his home and the Pirates song played. :cool:
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    I have the ff7 song setup in my server, but the lags screws with it and each note block plays in a delayed time. Anything you recommend to lessen the lag to make this work better? :D
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    This is just a small part of the NES Goonies song, hope y'all enjoy it. :p

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    This plugin is BEAST. Thanks!
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    Svensk Folkvisa
    Swedish Folk Song

    Name=Vårvindar Friska

    Vårvindar friska
    Leka och viska
    Lunderna kring, likt älskande par.
    Strömmarne ila,
    Finna ej vila,
    Förr'n ner i djupet störtvågen far.
    Klaga, mitt hjärta, klaga! — O, hör;
    Vallhornets klang bland klipporna dör!
    Strömkarlen spelar,
    Sorgerna delar
    Vakan kring berg och dal.

    Klaga, mitt hjärta, klaga! — O, hör,
    Vallhornets klang bland klipporna dör!
    Strömkarlen spelar,
    Sorgerna delar
    Vakan kring berg och dal.

    Hjärtat vill brista —
    Ack! när den sista
    Gången jag hörde kärlekens röst:
    Avskedets plåga,
    Ögonens låga,
    Mun emot mun och klappande bröst.
    Fjälldalen stod i grönskande skrud,
    Trasten slog drill på drill för sin brud!
    Strömkarlen spelar,
    Sorgerna delar
    Vakan kring berg och dal.

    Fjälldalen stod i grönskande skrud,
    Trasten slog drill på drill för sin brud!
    Strömkarlen spelar,
    Sorgerna delar
    Vakan kring berg och dal.
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    How do you change the speed? I imported a bunch of midis but they play incredibly slow.
    Also, is it possible to save a song with the name "Deku_Palace_v2_Track4" to the name "DP4"
    And then make it so when I flip a lever the song will start and when I flip it again the song will stop?
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    put the lever bside the sign not in the noteblock
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    This plugin is awesome, makes adding theme music to an area so much easier. Thanks for the work!
  17. great plugins thanx :)

    i'm not quite a musician, so i hope more songs to be publish here.
    Or may be a place where i can find some MML format songs ?
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    Get's too laggy for the music to play in time
  19. Is there any way to increase the range at which it can be heard on a 'by noteblock' basis? I'm using a little tune as an alert for when the subway/minecart rolls into town. (It announces a little ahead of time), but it can't quite be heard throughout the city square, and rather than building multiple note blocks in various locations and running wire, I'd just like this one to be 'louder'. Possible?
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    Sorry, Im quite new to this plugin .... could you tell me how to set them up correctly ?
    The mario one maybe ? (3 files ... thats 2 too much for me :p)
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    21:42:59 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to MusicCraft
            at com.bekvon.bukkit.musiccraft.MMLManager.playMMLSong(
            at com.bekvon.bukkit.musiccraft.MusicCraftPlayerListener.onPlayerInterac
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callPlayerInteractEven
            at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.interact(ItemInWorldManager.j
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.Packet15Place.a(SourceFile:57)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    This is what happens when i try to play a custom midi, any suggestions? btw the ff7 midi's work fine. Please reply.
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    Can someone do a proper "zelda secret sound" one ? :D
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    Getting this on bukkit 1036
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    can someone do the portal 1 & 2 ending songs :D would be awesome ^^
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    How does one increase the tempo of the song that's played. I'm trying to play the Sleepless City track from FF9, which is quite fast, however the song in minecraft is extremely slow. The conversion produced 3 MML tracks which I have playing at the same time with redstone, they're just very very slow. I've altered the config minimum tempo to 50, yet it's still very slow. Any ideas? I'm sure it's something simple I haven't thought of.
  28. Could anyone help me?
    Nothng plays when i make a sign next to a noteblock or if i use /mml play <Song>
    It says it starts playing but i don't see any notes or hear any sound!

    Help me
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    It was broken on CB1060, new version should fix it :)

    See example 2 in the OP, you change tempo with "T" in the MML.
  30. Ok i'll try it again, Thank you!

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