[FUN/MECH] JukeIt 3.0.0 (formerly JukeBukkit) [SPN1414/CB1.4.7-R0.1]

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    JukeIt (formerly known as JukeBukkit) will no longer be hosted on BukkitDev.

    JukeIt can now be found Here.
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    Please update it to work with Latest Spout.
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    it is up to date the latest RECOMMENDED SpoutPlugin and SpoutCraft.

    I'm not going to update JukeBukkit for a dev version of spout. and if you want stable, you shouldnt use dev versions.
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    what would make this better is .mp3 support :> but nice
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    I swear this seems to be just another useless plugin to me. Absolutely useless seeing as how this barely even works like it's supposed to. I may as well write the damn thing myself.

    There goes two hours of my life wasted on another plugin.
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    well this project is open source, so if you think you can do better, perhaps you could just contribute some code to this project, instead of rewriting it all from scratch. I gladly will accept working pull requests. I think it would be great if you made JukeBukkit even better than it is. Don't hold back lets see what you've got.
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    hey i still get flint!! when i do the convination u give me!!! plz help!!!!!
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    Ryan Clemente

    Will this work if i use hamachi for my server, as i cannot port forward?
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    Fun plugin :D Had a little mess around with it on my test server
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  12. Why is bukkitdev not hosting your jar files anymore sems to me the bukkit team seem to be distancing themselvs from the community more and more these days. I see dark days ahead because of this

    Nice work on the new release downloading it now for my server that it has become a stable plugin used constantly
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    do you need spout?
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    download is available on Bukkitdev now

    SpoutPlugin and SpoutCraft
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    All you need for JB1.6.0
    2.Spout Plugin
    3.Spout Client
    After you have those... Well its up to you. :)
    Note: Working perfectly for me. Thanks thedudeguy!
    For Newbies:
    I recommend using DropBox.
    Here's a public link of mine for a song remix don't worry you wont be infringing any copy-rite laws as you can download this song from the artists (Billy Van) website for free.
    Paste this onto your JB CD URL > Burn > Put into a player(Downloading) > (Downloaded) MUSIC!!!
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    nice little tut sharpenup.

    would like to note though I recommend using the built-in-to-jukebukkit server, there is a web gui with an upload form to easily get your ogg's onto your server correctly. just have to browse to http://your-server-address:8080 of course changing port 8080 to whatever you set the port to in the jb config. I recommend that over Drop Box.
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    Iv been meaning to get that set up :p
    I'm gonna give it a go nw and see if I can get it all up and running.
    Previous versions were to buggy for me but this one seems to be running a lot better. :)

    hmm... I have web gui up and running but when burning the disks and putting in an player it says downloading.. then nothing.. I burn a different disk (same song) using the url from drop box and within a few seconds it is playing... Im confused :p
    the file is only 1.5Mb
    Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

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    does your file name have spaces in it? did you use the webgui uploader to upload the song? did you set the minecraftServerAddress and set it to something other than localhost?
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    -.- as soon as I read
    I clicked. That was the missing piece of the puzzle :D hence while your standard and one of my songs worked but the other two had spaces... Removed spaces works fine if not faster.
    I might alter your GUI to add a note saying "Song must NOT contain spaces" :p
    Thank you again.
    Last thing to do is check it all works from an outside Network (Gonna tether my phone to My laptop and test it)
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    hmm. the gui is supposed to automatically remove spaces from filenames and replace them with underscores when uploading through the gui. could be a bug I need to address then.
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    Quick Question...
    Whats an IO error?
    Im getting it when I try upload atm...
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    oh... damn. ok dont use the uploader for now I removed a library from the jar that was needed. shoot
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    Thats ok. :)
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    going to update that here in a few minutes

    Ok ive updated. Release 1.6.1 is available which fixes the upload error. Will be available as soon as a bukkitdev guy approves it, assuming they do

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    Cool. Ill Keep an eye out for it.
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    Ryan Clemente

    Well, since the creator of this plugin cannot help me, does anyone know if this plugin is possible when used on a server being run by Hamachi?
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    you should try it and do some trial and error and than maybe you will have the answer to share with us
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    Dropbox Public Folder is not there. i heard they took it down. what now? anyone know a site where i can upload music and use it for this plugin?
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    version 1.6.1 fixes uploading through the web gui.


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    and once i stop the game all sounds get deleted from C:\Users\Windows 7\AppData\Roaming\.spoutcraft\cache\temp\JukeBukkit . where do they get added when they are finished downloading? also i mean where are the full downloaded sounds stored? which directory?

    hey mate what web gui? is there a block for this or what do i have to do to upload a file? and can u help me with my other post?

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    Are you running the newest version of jukebukkit?

    I believe that you have to re-download them each time you exit and enter spoutcraft.
    If you are not wanting to use the web GUI, DropBox does work. All you need to do is right click and get a public link from your uploaded .ogg file and use that public link for your url ingame.
    The Web GUI firstly you need to make sure you have port 8080(or what ever you set it to in the config) open and your minecraftServerHostname: (NOT your local IP. The one outside users use to connect to your server)
    enableWebServer: true
    webServerPort: 8080
    serverName: TheWar
    allowWebServerUploads: true
    allowExternalURLs: true
    debug: true
    Start the server once you think you have all that sorted. You can check to see if your port is open(I use http://www.canyouseeme.org/)
    If it comes back with success then in your browser type in "" (replace with your address)
    and you should hopefully see the web GUI where you can and your server users can upload their songs.
    NOTE: Your music that is uploaded is stored in "...\plugins\JukeBukkit\music"

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