[FUN/MECH] JukeIt 3.0.0 (formerly JukeBukkit) [SPN1414/CB1.4.7-R0.1]

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    JukeIt (formerly known as JukeBukkit) will no longer be hosted on BukkitDev.

    JukeIt can now be found Here.
  2. I like the idea of this unsure at the min though wait for abit of feedback before testing
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    Grammar Troll

    I added this plugin to the Spout (plugins list) wiki. Good job!
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    how do I get it to work
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    Seems awesome!
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    Permissions or OP only support?
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    Permissions !!!! PLEASE!
    This would be an AMAZING Donor Benefit for my server. We use BCMusic already with Spout but this would be fucking amazing!!!
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    Cosmic Break

    when you fix the global music part, i'll look ito trying the plugin
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    Where would you recomend that I upload the music files? I'd love to see this plugin in action but I've yett to find a way to host the songs.
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    Thanks for all the positive feedback.


    Will be in the next release

    If you have your own website, that is a great place for them. If you have Apache or something like it on the same server as your Minecraft server which is exposed to the web, you could use that as well.

    If the OP doesn't explain it enough on how to get it to work, let me know where your having trouble and ill help you out, and fix up the OP

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    I type in the url from something i uploaded on toofiles.com and it says cd burned, but then when I put the disc in to play...it just stays silent. I tried with the pre-made game discs and that works. I also thought that maybe the file was too large or something so I tried a 9 second clip of wav that was on thier too and it didnt do anything...Im not sure what Im doing wrong. Helps?
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    just to verify, are you running Minecraft through the spout launcher? Do you get the notification popup that states the music is downloading?

    Permissions now included. This uses the Bukkit Permissions API, so set your permissions with a compatable permissions editor (like PermissionsBukkit)

    Can you elaborate on your idea of restrictions?

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    It doesn't work the music disc stays silent but I get the popup that says music is downloading and the the dowload complete popup, and I am running minecraft through the spout launcher. I alse tried regular music discs they also stay silent.
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    when you play an original music disc, JukeBukkit hands off the actions to the original sequence. So if your not hearing music even when playing regular discs...
    I had a tester on my server state this to me as well. I am not in anyway trying to insult your intelligence, but believe it or not this happens. In the options, do you have your "Music" volume turned up? You may have your music volume set to 0%. The music does go through the Music channel, and not the sound channel.
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    I recommend using dropbox.
  17. Hey, very interested in this but a quick question. If you write a track to a golden disc does that mean that all golden discs have that track on them?
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    No, only the disc that you are holding. This allows you to make lots of different tracks on new golden discs that you find. To be exact, you can have 32,767 different music discs (untested).
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    32,767 discs per person or in the entire server? My guess is that's a restriction to the entire server that you can't change. Nice plugin. Will be changing to a spout server just for this haha.

    Edit: Argh. Can't test properly because for some reason I don't get any sound at all when using SpoutLauncher :/
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    Ah ya, guess i could have been more clear. That is 32,767 total on the entire server, assuming your allowed to set the item durability that high, that is the maximum value of the short data type. Now, if it is possible to set the durability of an itemstack to a negative number, well than that would effectively double the amount of discs a server could have, but I don't know if it is possible and I haven't tried.
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    Permissions is all I was thinking of when I mentioned restrictions.

    Consider: Without permissions, you add the plugin, tell everyone about the plugin, give them a reasonable way of getting at gold records and let them at it. A good time is had by all~

    With permissions, you could sell premade 'burnt' records through an NPC shop, add them as prizes to dungeon chests, charge to burn each disc through an economy plugin, or a bunch of other things. Flexibility is the thing.
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    The music and sound was at 100% anyways I reloaded the server and now it works fine and by the way great plugin.
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    This plugin gave me a boner.
    No, but seriously, its a great plugin!
    i would love mp3 support though... Ohwell
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    Sweet! were on the same page then. Permissions have been added, your goals can be obtained!

    ah good, im glad its working. I have found that sometimes spout launcher gives up trying to play music, but this was mostly happening when trying to play new music before stopping any music already playing, thus i do already have any music stop before attempting to play any new music.


    me too! Unfortunatly this is a limitation of Spout, or probably even further than that, this could just be a limitation to Minecraft itself. There could be reasons for this beyond us.
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    after a quick search i found this:
    It shows that ogg files are almost the same as mp3.
    hah, sweet!
    And i found the perfect converter =D
    Thank you again!
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    Oh, and one more thing:
    Can you remove the 4 last letters in the "downloading" popup?
    so it will show deadmau5 instead of deadmau5.ogg
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    i burned a disk and i cna play the song, but a other user of spoutcraft cant hear it

    if this is just like it should be, i would really like it to have it auto download for other spout users, so we can hear each others music
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    I'll see what i can do but im thinking probably not. The downloading notification is administered from Spout itself. Worst case scenarion I allow the notification to be disabled from the config.

    Are the other users within range of the jukebox? The music doesnt play world wide, only within range of the jukebox. If they are, then you might have them quit out of SpoutCraft entirely, and restart.
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    yes he is within range, i let the quit and restart spoutcraft.. nothing
    maybe its his client i dont know, dont have others to test it for me yet

    i let him remove .sputcraft en redownload him it aswell, nothing

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