Inactive [FUN/MECH] Friendly Creepers v1.1 - Disable those pests [1.0.1]

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    [FUN/MECH] Friendly Creepers V 1.1 RB 1.0.1
    Version: v 1.1

    DOWNLOAD V 1.1

    BukkitDev Page

    This plugin is for the most simple Admin/Server Running people out there. All it does is keep creepers from attacking.

    -It prevents Creepers from attacking

    How to Install:
    -Download Friendly Creepers
    -Drag the .JAR to your plugins folder
    -Reload/start your server, and creepers shouldn't attack you anymore.

    Version 1.0
    -Initial Release
    Version 1.1
    -Updated to 1317

    -include more features
    -working on taming them

    Post what you want to see and I'll try to make it happen!

    Known Bugs
    -when a skeleton shoots a creeper, it still attacks and explodes. (Working on it-80% fixed)

    -Works with all versions of Bukkit from 1317 and later (until further notice)
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    title in bad format (missing version etc)
    also, what does this disable creeper actually bring new (aren't there like 10 others?)
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    Well when I searched for one of these plugins, the descriptions said that they got rid of creepers. This one disables them, but then when I was in the middle of trying to make it, neosilky informed me that his plugin does the same thing. But his is for all mobs and I couldn't find it when searching for 'creepers' so I didn't know about it. Then I got the idea of pet/tame creepers. I couldnt find one of these either. So I am going to try to get them to be tame when I update the plugin for 1.8 RB. And I'll fix the title ASAP.

    Oh and this is for the super simplistic person who only wants to drag and drop, and not wanting to use a config etc.

    ok i fixed the title. i think.

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    still missing a plugin version, c heck the submission guidelines
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    oh wow fail on me. :p
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    Deleted mine, private message me the name.
  7. I'd love to see this extended to more mobs.

    Which mobs to display in my /world/ (or not)
    Which mobs are friendsly (or not)
    Which mobs cause damage (such as creepers) (or not)
    I'd love to just have spiders around, being friendly.
    And have creepers not damage the world.
    Or have giants and slimes hoppin' about.
    Or simply have animals that only show in the nether to also show in the normal /world/
    We have no problem with these awesome creatures being in our world.
    But those damn creepers!! *fist because of damage*

    I currently installed advancedmobs so creepers don't cause damage, and it spawns giants,
    but they're not walking (not sure why, perhaps that i just how they are) and i don't see ghasps or other animals in my 173 (beyond zombie/creeper/spider/skeletons)

    A single plugin that handles it all would be epic. for 173 / 181
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    i agree with that. but im not a very good plugin maker yet, (as you can see i dont have the purple badge) but i might try something like this. neosilky has a plugin that disables mobs in a config, similar to what you want. i think. lol
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    Ok, let me get this straight. With this mod creepers won't attack you, but if you hit them they will? And if you get too close to them do they still explode? I need more info.
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    Oh no they just sit there. And walk and stuff, but they don't blow up. I basically just wanted a plugin that would allow smp servers to be able to get gunpowder( or just keep creepers) and not worry about explosions. I guess I should fix the description. :)
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    so creepers will follow u, and u can hav a pet creeper? But the wont explode? Or despawn?
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    No the don't yet, but I will try to add that. :)

    They don't follow you is what I meant. Or blow up. :)

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    O ok! When u get the purple badge (or when u can) I want to be able to make creepers follow u around somehow ok?

    Sorry im requesting all these things of u! I just.....

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    Lol. It's ok dude. :) I might be able to do that. But it could work two ways. Either it follows you like you want it to blow up, but it doesn't,(ooo idea) or have it be like a wolf. I'm gonna try to do that ASAP :)
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    Umm I had this one time a skeleton shot a creeper and it blew up. Can you make it so that skeletons dont get attacked by them either?
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    Hmm I might be able to this...
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    On the "known bugs" thing u should add that ^ bug.
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    i did, and am working on it. i almost have it figured out also. i just need to find a skeleton and a creeper in the same spot. :/ any suggestions to add to it? i am trying to get it to be like a wolf, (being tamed/not going to have it attack yet).
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    If I can't, then YOU will! =D Hmm, and you should put a way in to make it like a wolf, Or like a regular creeper (without blowing up).
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    OO idea if u right click with gunpowder, it will b like a wolf. And if U don't, It will follow u 4 a short time then stop.
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    thats what i had originally planned, but got a bit sidetracked while figuring out the taming code. parts of it are there but not all of it. and with school i dont have much time anymore. so weekends are the times that i can actually code things.
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    I really love this plugin works perfectly!!!!
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    You should make a setting to where creepers only attack if attacked.
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    Hey , This is compatible with 1.0.0 Servers, Also thanks for making this and it really helped my map,

    (Hamachi server owner)
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    thanks for that, should update it and your welcome. :)
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    Great Plugin :D thanks to you i can have non-exploding creepers , just try your best to fix the "creeper explodes when skeleton hit arrow at the creeper" thanks :)
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    sad that it's Broken in 1.2,

    FurryCraft has been Griefer-esque free (Well terrain wise) w/ this in place.
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    I hate Creepers on my server becouse i have Catacombs and ppl complain they die all time vecouse creepers xD
    I dwl┬┤ed this plugin.. droped .jar to plugins folder, reloaded server.. but thsy keep attacking us :(
    any help please? :)
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    Hi. I was wondering if in the next version, you could have PET creepers. Like they follow you around, and don't blow up!
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    Can you update this?

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