[FUN/MECH] Battery - Store and Release the Power of Redstone [1.5.1]

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    Battery - Store and Release the Power of Redstone
    Version : 1.5 (Power Plant Edition)

    This plugin is now on BukkitDev

    Old Post

    Create batteries.
    Catch any redstone activity in a battery and release it later with a lever.
    For example, you can use it with my ThunderTower plugin.

    Features :
    • Create Batteries with a block, a sign, and a lever
    • Save it in a flatfile
    • Charge your battery
    • Uncharge it
    • Full configurable
    Download Links :

    Battery v1.4.3

    How To Use :
    • Place a Battery Block (configurable)
    • Put a Sign with the first line [Battery]
    • Optional : See the Parameters section to make special batteries
    • Let's charge with redstone on the left side (redstone wire) or with an active furnace
    • Click on the Sign yo power on the right side (redstone wire) or a to active a furnace
    Parameters on Sign :

    All the Parameters can be written on the second line of the Battery sign on the creation of the Battery
    Only One parameter can be set for a battery

    Params (open)

    Battery will automaticly uncharge it when arrive to a define level
    Usage : APxx when xx is the specific level

    Battery will uncharge it only if a redstone wire is powering the back of the battery
    Usage :AA

    Screenshots (open)


    Todo :
    • Load Batteries Chunks
    Known Issues :

    • No more
    ChangeLog :

    Version 1.4.3 (11-09-2011)
    • Fix the remaining problems with the CurrentModificationException
    • The timeCheck is no more in miliseconds but now in 1/20 seconds (10 = 0.5sec)
    ChangeLog (open)

    Version v1.4.2 (09-09-2011)
    • Code cleaning of the remaining classes
    • Fix a lot of bugs
    Version 1.4.1(08-09-2011)

    • Enormous Code Cleaning
    • Fix battery loose problem
    • Fix AP Problem
    Version 1.4(05-09-2011) (Furnace Edition)

    • Add furnace powering
    • Add AA param (AutoActivation) on a battery to activate it with a redstone current on the back of the block
    Version 1.3(28-08-2011) (Timer Edition)

    • Some code cleaning
    • Add Furnace charging
    • Add AutoPower to X% with the parameter APXX (where XX is the number)
    Version 1.2.2(27-07-2011)

    • Perhaps fix the non charging error
    • Delete batteries instead of spamming the console don't finding them
    Version 1.2.1(13-07-2011)

    • Fix a little bug in the configs on the plugin loading
    Version 1.2(09-07-2011) (St-Evarzec Edition)

    • Rewrite of the energy support (using my own RedstoneManager)
    • Delete of the AutoPower configs in properties
    • Add AutoPower optional on Batteries Sign
    Version 1.1(27-06-2011)

    • Fix the right Click issue
    • Add an autoPower config to deliver power when charged at 100%
    Version 1.0(23-06-2011)

    • Just the release of this awesome plugin

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    very nice!, i can see alot of uses in this
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    Yes you can also use it with My ThunderTower plugin ^^
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    Huh, this looks cool :p
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    I like this :D
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    Title is wrong, there is no such tag as FFUN. Changelog must show two most recent changes without spoilers.
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    Everything is corrected now
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    what would be the point exactly o.o?
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    how much energy can this battery hold?
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    What are you talking about, I d'ont understand

    It depends of the configration you put.
    It's in seconds of energy
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    this is just so cute a plugin :)
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    what features to redstone would this add precisely? like what could i do with this that i couldnt do with say... a redstone torch or a repeater?
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    can u send me a pic, or tell me how to use this with ur thundertower? i maked redstone on the bottem, but it didnt light up, but my redstone% in the confix is 5....

    nvm, found it already ;p

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    It's [Battery] and not (Battery)

    It's just to have a block in wich we can store energy
    It's more for the RP than another things because a lever can also make that ^^
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    It is [Battery] :p it just looks like () becauuse of the view angel

    EDIT: Okay its working now :p

    EDIT2: You can power the battery by itself by rightclicking the lever. Hope you can fix that if possible
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    Ho yes, never tought we can active lever rightclicking
    I'll update it in the next days
    Thanks for reporting this
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    no problem.

    so far im using this mod right now but there is no storm :/

    If you fix that its pretty nice :)
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    Ok thanks for using it ^^
    While fixing, I'll add the possibility (configurable) of releasing the energy once charged at 100%
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    MASSIVE BUG! >.< basically I'll charge up the battery, get rid of the source, click the lever and it will power the redstone and the power WON'T drain :(
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    for me it will drain mh
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    Can you send a screen of your instalation

    I'll be not very active on the forums in the next 3 days (vacations ^^)
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    could you add solar pannels :))?
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    -Bookmarks- ;]
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    I have a idea..can you make it..can replace the lever with redstone
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    In what way? :p I just popped it into the Plugins, restarted the server, and away I went :p
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    I can't really find any uses for this mod... Can you explain one of them to me?
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    At the moment when the source of power (lever or something) is too farr away from the battery the battery won't charge.. Are you going to change this? It's pretty anoying.

    I'll need first too make a switch close to the battery and then father away from it. Else it doesn't going to work. Sounds like a bug for mee :p
    \i'll hope i've explaint it good enough

    Don't now what is wrong. Sometimes it's working and on another place its nog...
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    Dallin Boyce

    I keep getting this error
    16:10:33 [SEVERE] java.lang.ClassCastException: org.bukkit.craftbukkit.block.CraftBlockState cannot be cast to org.bukkit.block.Sign
    16:10:33 [SEVERE] at org.rominos2.Battery.BatteryTimer.updateSign(BatteryTimer.java:52)
    16:10:33 [SEVERE] at org.rominos2.Battery.BatteryTimer.run(BatteryTimer.java:36)
    16:10:33 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftWorker.run(CraftWorker.java:34)
    16:10:33 [SEVERE] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:680)
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    --- Release of the version 1.1 ---
    See changelog for news

    @Dallin Boyce
    Are you sure it's a sign on your battery ?
    Try to delete the save and try again

    It's essentially for Rp, making batteries
    Yes a lever can do better, I know but batteries are much funnier
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