[FUN/MECH] Armor Abilities - Get Abilities For Wearing Different Types Of Armor! [1.4+]

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    Hmm that does sound like a problem. I will look into fixing that and the other things once I get my network problem sorted out. I can't even play on my server to test these problems while programming so not much I can do right now. Hopefully I can figure this out soon...
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    Once I get my network connection working so I can play on my server again I will continue to update this.
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    So your server isn't on your computer I take it? I would have thought your testing one should be on your own computer so you can cancel out lag as an issue and so you can start it and stop it anytime you need to
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    Ya I might try to set up my own test server on a different port. Sometime soon
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    Sent you a pm. Hopefully you can help me out. I am attempting a work-around because this plugin is the closest thing possible to what I want... Thanks for it :)
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    Just submitted version 1.1
    Fixed a ton of bugs.
    Fixed full gold armor taking fall damage.
    Added haste underwater in full scuba suit.
    Added CHAINMAIL Armor ("RAGE ARMOR")
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    Add changelog to first page.
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    The only suits I am having problems with are the Lava Suit and the Scuba Suit. The Lava Suit seems to spam me when I am in lava with the amount of seconds a million times, and randomly take fire damage when all the permissions are set up correctly. And as for the Scuba Suit, it works fine just spams the message when you are under water and it's telling you that you can stay underwater basically.
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    Please fix the spamming!!!
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    Are you using version 1.1?

    Are you using version 1.1? How can I recreate the problem because I have tested it and everything works perfectly for me

    New video on home page showcasing new abilities like chainmail armor

    I released version 1.1 which works great so if you want to do a spotlight on the plugin I would love to see it.

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    Hi, this is an amazing plugin and it brings interesting variety to a server. I just found one bug in it and also have a couple suggestions.

    Bug: If you drink a potion the effect will be lost as soon as you re-open your inventory.

    Suggestion: Add a permission to being able to see the messages in chat for when you're wearing a full suit of armour. At the moment even if you don't have permission to harness the armour abilities you will still see the message when you're wearing a full suit.

    Suggestion: For every piece of chainmail armour you wear, you either get extra health, or take % less damage from all attacks. (Which ever might be easier to implement.)

    Hope you can fix/implement these things, thanks.
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    I will try to fix that bug as soon as possible. And yes I was meaning to add permissions for messages but forgot about it. And sure! I will try to make it so you take less damage ( or have more health, have to look into which is easier ). Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you like the plugin.
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    Awesome! Can't wait till that's done and then I think it's stable enough to put on my main server :)
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    I like the look of this plugin, I think it'l have more use for more servers if the admin can set the bonus for wearing specific pieces of armor and armor sets, some more effects would be nice too
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    Hey Tooner101,
    I don't know if anyone already say it, but why not put the "Fireball" in the Rageset ?
    With the second click for exemple, if we haven't some items in the hand.

    (Sorry for my English, i'm French)

    Oh sorry, you plugin's very very good, so congratulation for your work !
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    Awesome! maybe best plugin ever! i hate dudes that are walking around with [diamond] armors and killing ppls that are just started :mad:. Fife stars [gold][gold][gold][gold][gold]:D!
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    Sorry to sound like a noob, but what are "moon suits" or "lava suits"? Are they just gold and diamond armor?
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    According to the users on my server the spam is still happening with 1.1, especially with the diamond suits. We currently don't have permissions set up so maybe it is related to that.

    These are the active plugins on my server:
    Plugins: Appleseed, ArmorAbilities, AutoAnnouncer, AutoRepair, Better snow, BKCommonLib, bLift, BlockDoor, BoatMania, BookWorm, Buycraft, CHDistantFarm, Citizens, ClayGen, CraftBackForBukkit, CraftBukkitUpToDate, CreeperHeal, DeathControl, DisposalChest, dynmap, dynmap-mobs, Essentials, Glowstone Lanterns, iZone, Likeaboss, LoyaltyExp, MagicBookshelf, mcMMO, MinecartRevolution, Minequery, MobArena, MobCatcher, MobHealth, MobRider, MonsterBox, MoreAutoReloader, MyWolf, NoLagg, PermissionsEx, PlugMan, PorteCoulissante, PotionsPlus, SecretPassage, SmoothRide, SnowBallNextDoor, SpongeRestore, StackableItems, Stargate, TreeAssist, Vault, VaultSlots, WeatherMan, WorldBorder, WorldEdit
  19. how do you install this? sorry im new to this :p
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    I wanted to do something like that. I will release that in the next version. Good suggestion

    Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it. I am adding more abilities soon. You can follow me if you want, I will be making more plugins. I have one in development called "FrienderMen". Its going to be awesome.

    Drag the .jar file you download into the plugins folder located in your server folder. Then restart your server and you will see a "ArmorAbilities" folder created within the plugins folder where you can edit the properties of the armor abilities. Hope this helped.

    I am fixing chat spam in the next version. Thought I fixed it but people are still complaining about it so I will fix it and add an option to turn chat off.

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    A new armor type will be builders armor. With each piece wearing, user will have a higher radius around them that mobs are not aggressive to the wearer.
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    if you use Scuba Armor event
    this codes are make your plugin prevent spam chat messages
    and Sync players bubblebar

    for example
    checkArmorJumpWater(ArmorAbilities.scuba, inventory);
    if ((this.waterTime == 4) && (!this.disChat)) {
    ((Player)event.getPlayer()).sendMessage(ChatColor.BLUE + "You are wearing a full Scuba Suit!");

    checkArmorJumpWater(ArmorAbilities.scuba, inventory);
    if ((this.waterTime == 1) &&p.hasPermission("armorabilities.waterbreathe")) {
    ((Player)event.getPlayer()).setMaximumAir(20 * ArmorAbilities.waterNum * this.waterTime);
    checkArmorJumpWater(ArmorAbilities.scuba, inventory);
    if ((this.waterTime == 2) && p.hasPermission("armorabilities.waterbreathe")) {
    ((Player)event.getPlayer()).setMaximumAir(20 * ArmorAbilities.waterNum * this.waterTime);
    checkArmorJumpWater(ArmorAbilities.scuba, inventory);
    if ((this.waterTime == 3) &&p.hasPermission("armorabilities.waterbreathe")) {
    ((Player)event.getPlayer()).setMaximumAir(20 * ArmorAbilities.waterNum * this.waterTime);
    checkArmorJumpWater(ArmorAbilities.scuba, inventory);
    if ((this.waterTime == 4)&&(p.hasPermission("armorabilities.waterbreathe")||p.hasPermission("armorabilities.nodrown"))) {

    if (p.hasPermission("armorabilities.waterbreathe"){
    ((Player)event.getPlayer()).setMaximumAir(20 * ArmorAbilities.waterNum * this.waterTime);
    else if (p.hasPermission("armorabilities.nodrown"){
    if(!this.disChat) {
    ((Player)event.getPlayer()).sendMessage(ChatColor.BLUE + "You are wearing a full Scuba Suit!");
    I think you will be make better then my coading:D
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    Wow thanks a lot! I actually didn't even know that code existed. That would have made my life a lot easier at the time... but I will definitely use those in the next update. Now if only something like that existed for lava.......
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    I don't know how to prevent lava but if you build with spout you can make gui "lava bar" like "bubble bar" :p
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    I don't want to have people rely on downloading another plugin to use mine though
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    Hey, I made a plugin showcase on Armor Abilities - it's a pretty great plugin! :)
    I would appreciate it if you put it on the first post! Thanks a lot.
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    I love it! I like seeing my plugin in action. I will add it to the main page. ( just a heads up there is no download link in the description of your video ) Thanks a lot!
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    Knew I forgot something - Thanks.
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    very cool!!
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