[FUN/MECH] Armor Abilities - Get Abilities For Wearing Different Types Of Armor! [1.4+]

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    Have you ever wanted there to be an incentive to put different types of armor on? Not just have everyone running around in diamond armor because its the best. Well look no further because Armor Abilities is for you!

    Armor Abilities adds cool new abilities for wearing different types of armor.

    GET IT NOW:http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/armor-abilities/

    Got an idea for an ability? Tell me about it HERE!

    As of version 3.0, you must craft the abilities onto armor with a crafting table or survival craft box, allowing for all abilities to be created in game.

    NEWEST VIDEO SHOWCASE (version 3.0)

    Watch the showcase of the newest ability (spider)

    Presets ( changeable in config )
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    Leather Armor : speed
    Iron Armor : scuba
    Gold Armor : jump
    Diamond Armor : lava
    Chain-mail Armor : rage
    Pumpkin Helmet: assassin

    List of all the abilities ( accessible in game with /ability list )
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    Name: SPEED
    Ability: Run Faster + Faster Digging Speed

    Name: SCUBA
    Ability: Breathe Under-Water (Limited To Seconds)+ Faster Digging Speed and Night Vision Under-Water

    Name: JUMP
    Ability: Jump Higher + Take No Fall Damage

    Name: LAVA
    Ability: Swim In Lava Unharmed (Limited To Seconds) + Take No Fire Damage

    Name: RAGE
    Ability: Strikes Attacker With Lightning

    Name: PEACE
    Ability: No Monster Will Attack You ( Unless They Are Attacked )

    Name: ASSASSIN
    Ability: Sneak To Become Invisible To Other Players + Do More Damage (when sneaking)

    Name: CREEPER
    Ability: Explode When You Die + Sneak To Become A Creeper (If DisguiseCraft is installed)

    Name: VAMPIRE
    Ability: When You Attack Something, You Gain The Half The Health They Lost

    Name: SPIDER
    Ability: Climb Walls + Sneak To Become A Spider (If DisguiseCraft is installed)

    Name: MINER
    Ability: See In The Darkness + Faster Dig Speed

    New Abilities are always being added! Have an idea for one? Tell me HERE.

    Think You Can Make The Biggest Explosion With The Creeper Ability?
    Watch This Video And Participate!

    Permission Nodes :
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    armorabilities.* - Gives access to all default abilities listed below

    armorabilities.nofalldamage: Take no fall damage when wearing jump armor.
    armorabilities.jump: Jump higher when wearing jump armor.
    armorabilities.nodrown: Do not drown with scuba armor.
    armorabilities.scubaextras: Dig faster under-water and see better with scuba armor.
    armorabilities.speedhaste: Dig faster when wearing speed armor.
    armorabilities.speed: Run faster with speed armor.
    armorabilities.lavaswim: Swim in lava unharmed with lava armor.
    armorabilities.nofiredamage: Take no fire damage with lava armor.
    armorabilities.rage: Punish things that attack you with rage armor.
    armorabilities.assassin: Become invisible when sneaking + do more damage.
    armorabilities.peace: Become neutral with all mobs.
    armorabilities.creeper: Explode on death + disguise as a creeper when sneaking.
    armorabilities.vampire: When You Attack Something, You Gain The Health They Lost.
    armorabilities.spider: Climb Walls + disguise as a spider when sneaking.
    armorabilities.miner: Dig faster and see in the dark.

    And the best part is, if you do not wish to use permissions, you don't need to because all permission nodes ( except rage, creeper )are set to default so there is no need to use permissions if you want everyone to have all armor abilities.

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    Public Commands:
    /ability - shows user what ability they currently have
    /ability list - shows user all abilities the server has available for use
    /ability [playername] - shows user what ability [playername] is using
    /ability info [abilityName] - shows user in depth info on the ability + how to craft it

    GET IT NOW:http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/armor-abilities/
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    Nice. I was going to attempt to do this plugin, but good job! :D
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    Beat ya to it :) Haha but thanks! Much more to come
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    Not to be a bother, but in the title please add [1.2.5-R4.0] or they wont accept this plugin lol.

    Anywho this plugin is awesome!
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    Done. And no your not a bother. Just being helpful :) thanks. I just finished coding speed and underwater breathing abilities so all thats left is lava swimming and fire walking ( and I might throw in a few easter eggs for fun )
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    Nice, maybe add a feature to "Full Sets" example; Full golden set (armor, legs, helmet etd..) giving a ... blablabla
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    Ya I wanted there to be an extra reward for wearing a full set and not mixing and matching so I might put in option for people to choose what reward the full set gives. Im having trouble coding in lava invincibility lasting only a specified amount of time :/
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    nah sounds bad.. make simple bonus, example: extra speed movement, faster diging, breath underwater, bigger damage + few potion effects at character :)

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    Maybe have a config where people can set wearing what pieces of armor is considered a full set and what bonus is given, and not have it require to be a full gold or full diamond set.
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    I have experienced the bug that players near someone wearing gold armor will be able to jump high even if they're not wearing the armor, but its only happened once so its not to important. Would be nice if you could fix that though.
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    In the next updated version I have tested this and have not experienced this bug so it is most likely fixed
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    Tooner it has to do with the potion effect. I can tell you this much.
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    Hmmm. Weird. Well I've never experienced this and Papsern13 said it only happened once so it must not be that big of a deal. But if it does have to do with the potion effect there is nothing I can do for the jumping or speed abilities because I am not going to use vectors instead of potion effects as they are very glitchy. The other abilities I am writing code for do not use potion effects. Anyways take care, I am close to being done with everything for full release. I just need to polish everything a bit and maybe add one or two more features
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    I think it only happens if there is someone standing next to when you put the armor on.
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    Oh well thats not really something I can fix as it is in game but I will look into it after full release anyways
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    Ok, found some issues with the plugin (Its an awesome plugin btw;) ).
    When I first downloaded it and put in into my plugins folder, I would always get an error about the word "default" in the permissions. I checked the plugin.yml and found the problem. Under the .nofall and .moonjump nodes you have literally: default: default
    Idk how this happened but if you change it to "default: true" it works :p
    Also, the config is missing the newline between "Extra time in lava WEAPO" and the actual time setting. Just thought I'd let you know :p
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    Thanks for your help. I had previously found the issue with the "default: true" but did not know about the lava line. I finished coding all the abilities but the code is not efficient in the least bit so i am going to go back and rewite a lot of code to prevent server lag. I also broke my code for the moon armor fall damage disable ( which is my favorite ). So once I fix a few more things and like everything I will release the full release. Take care :)
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    I can't wait for the new release, really like this plugin. Finally a use for all my gold on my private server.
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    Im glad you like it! I'm going to use it on my server too and I know a lot of people may want to also so I will try to get everything finished up within the next few days.
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    Do you have an ETA for the next update? I just got this plugin today and I'm already getting excited about it. The gold armor jump bonus in itself is a blast, and we finally have a use for all that gold.

    Suggestion about your dilemma with the timer for diamond armor lava resistance: Give the player fire resistance as soon as they put the armor on (so they know its working). As soon as a listener detects they touched lava or fire, change the timer on the fire resistance to [config_timer*diamond_armor_count] and change a boolean (ie lavatouched) to true. Set up this whole resistance timer change inside an if statement that checks for the boolean.

    I don't know how that translates into Java but in C++ it sounds fine :p

    Ok, found another strange bug it would seem. Whenever I am wearing more than one piece of gold armor, the jumping is very buggy. I'll jump into the air, reach full height, then instantly teleport to the spot underneath me. Its quite annoying to be honest. I tried jumping a gap in a bridge over some water (the gap was small enough to clear on a normal jump, so I figured it would be a piece of cake with this), but halfway across the gap, I teleported into the water below. I think its a permissions bug (even though I've given the permissions to the default group), since OP's dont have this problem....
    Just thought I'd let you know

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    Ya I fixed that in the upcoming update. The permissions were a little off in that one but good to know so I will watch for it. Trying to nail down as many of these bugs before initial full release

    That would have been a good idea too. I got help with it earlier from a guy on the bukkitdev forums and his idea was really simple and effective. If your curious, what he said to do ( and what I did ) was when a person puts on the lava armor, add them to an arraylist. Then when checking if they should get hurt by lava, if they are in the arraylist, dont hurt them. But then just after they do not get hurt, create a delayed event ( say 30 seconds ) to remove their name from the arraylist. Then it will keep stopping them from getting hurt until that event triggers and then they will be vulnerable. Kinda confusing just to say but I thought it was a very good idea and simple.

    And the update should be ready within 1 to 3 days depending on how hard these stupid little bugs are...

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    Nice and simple. Just remember to check when they remove their armor that you only remove them from the list if they don't have any diamond armor left, or we'll all wind up with some really mad players :p
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    It will warn them how much time they can spend in lava in their situation when they first enter. Also, when in lava they will be hurt slightly by the fire tick unless they have full diamond on, then they are invulnerable to fire as well.
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    How much time do you need for the next update? :rolleyes:
    I [cake] this plugin ^^
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    Hopefully not much longer. I am trying my best to get it out today but if that doesn't happen ( which hopefully it will ) I will try to get it out tomorrow. And i'm glad! It shouldn't be much longer... but trust me, the wait will be worth it
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    Tomorrow, OMG thats great :) i thought youe need 1 week for updates like this. Can't wait to play with the new update, u did a really good job.[gold]
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    Ok, I got another idea for you. This one will probably take some time so I wouldn't worry about it too much. I was thinking you could program every possible potion effect into this plugin (each with its specific immunites and what not), and then change the config to something like: ArmorType: PotionEffect1,PotionEffect2,etc...
    So you could set it up with something like this:
    Leather: Swiftness
    Iron: Fire_resistance,Fast_mining
    Gold: Jump_Boost

    Basically I was hoping you could make it configurable to the point where you can have any type and any amount of potion effects on an armor type. I hope that made sense, lol
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    Well sometimes it may take a week ( or even more ) depending on what your working on. This is a fairly small project when compared to something like WorldEdit but everything takes time :)

    I like it. Definitely a lot of work but I like it. I might try to do something along the lines of that later on

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    Thanks. For now I'll be happy with this update you are currently working on, lol. Did you find that permissions issue?

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