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    AnimalCompanion - Make man's best friend into a companion, Wolf Plugin
    Version: 0.3.2
    Tested with: CB 1060

    Latest JAR:
    MediaFire - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    MegaUpload - Version 0.3.2 JAR

    Older Versions:
    MegaUpload - Version 0.2.1 JAR
    MegaUpload - Version 0.1 JAR

    My second plugin, AnimalCompanion, is a fully featured wolf plugin to give ultimate control and utility to your tamed wolves. Tired of your wolves dieing and being quite frankly useless? Did you just install AdvancedMobs, tame yourself a HellHound, and had it die on you to a ghast? Well, fear no more. This plugin makes your wolf into an animal companion (ala the rangers/druids of D&D fame). These special wolves toughen up over time, are smarter, and can be controlled much more effectively. Best of all, they can follow you between worlds, so your new HellHound isn't stuck in the nether.

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">Important: If you find any bugs or adherent behaviors while using this plugin, please give a list of the wolf changing plugins you have besides this one, the startup messages for AnimalCompanion (it will show [AnimalCompanion] in front of it) as well as any errors you get in the console. Your config file would also be helpful if you changed any values. </font><font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">Also be sure to include your CB version. I will not be responsible for versions I don't support.</font>

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 255)">NoSuchFieldError: PROJECTILE:</font>

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 255)">Do not post about this error if you are not using CB 1060. According to other posts I have found, this is what happens when you use CB 1000 with a plugin built using the CB 1060 API. DO NOT DO IT...</font>

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 255)">And if you still get it in 1060, tell me about ALL of your plugins and if you have Spout or not.</font>

    * Wolf cap limit (default 3)
    * Register existing wolves into the system
    * Name your wolves! (no hovering names... yet)
    * Wolves will respawn when they die
    * Damage Resistances

    - * Set up immunities by damage type (defaults are Suffocation, Drowning, Void, Fire, and Lava, but not FireTicks from being caught on fire)
    * Max Fire Ticks can make fire last a shorter period of time on your wolf
    * Fall Damage Reduction can reduce the falling damage a wolf will take
    - Anti-griefer protection
    * Offline protection makes your wolves not take damage when you aren't there
    * PvP protection makes your wolves not take damage in no PvP areas as well as from it's owner
    - Better behaved wolves!
    * You can now finally make your wolf STOP attacking your friend by telling it to sit
    * Wolves won't ever attack you, or other wolves you own
    * Wolves can feed themselves with any pork they find on the ground (off by default, but great for hunter mode)
    - Improved AI modes!
    * Default - just the way it normally works
    * Passive - won't attack anything, period
    * Defensive - anything that targets you will get it
    * Aggressive - if there are hostile mobs around, they are going down
    * Hunter - for hunting dogs, makes them attack animals
    - Multiworld support - Your wolves will follow you through nether gates and when you teleport between worlds
    * Locate and teleport your wolves when they get too far away
    - Pump up your pooch!
    * A level system allows your wolf to get better as it kills more mobs
    * Increased Bite Damage
    * Damage Resistance
    * Evasion percentage
    * Customizable EXP tables
    - AdvancedMobs support (version 0.3.5 and up)
    * Make HellHounds, Winter Wolves, and the secret wolves into your companion
    - Use a leash item (default string) to control your wolf
    * Left click with the leash from any distance to send your wolf after a target
    * Right click on your wolf to access its inventory without a command
    - Store inventory in a wolf when you equip him with a pack
    * Persistent between respawns and server restarts
    * Just right click on your wolf with a chest to make him into a pack wolf
    - Permissions Support!


    Show Spoiler
    /animalcompanion - prefix to ALL commands
    /ac - shortened version also works
    /ac setname or /ac rename - renames your wolf to a different name
    Usage: /ac setname [current name] [new name]
    Example: /ac setname George Rex
    Permissions Node: animalcompanion.ownwolves

    /ac teleport or /ac tp - Teleports your wolf to you
    Usage: /ac tp [name]
    Example: /ac tp George
    Permissions Node: animalcompanion.teleport

    /ac location or /ac loc - tells you the location of your wolf to help you find him
    Usage: /ac loc [name]
    Example: /ac loc George
    Permissions Node: animalcompanion.locate

    /ac setai or /ac ai - sets the AI to the AI type you specify
    Alternative: Left clicking on your wolf with a bone in hand will switch between modes
    Usage: /ac ai [name] [ai type]
    Example: /ac ai George Aggressive
    Permissions Node: animalcompanion.setai

    /ac inventory or /ac inv - If your wolf is a packwolf, causes you to open its inventory
    Alternative: Right click your wolf with the leash item
    Usage: /ac inv [name]
    Example: /ac inv George
    Permissions Node: animalcompanion.pack

    /ac info - Gets information about the wolf, including his current AI type, his health, and his wolf type
    Alternative: Right clicking on your wolf with a bone will give you this info too
    Usage: /ac info [name]
    Example: /ac info George
    Permissions Node:

    /ac list - Gets the names of all of your loaded animal companions
    Usage: /ac list
    Example: /ac list (that's really it)

    /ac dismount - dismount a wolf that you are riding
    Alternative: Right click your wolf with a leash item
    Usage: /ac dismount [name]
    Example: /ac dismount George
    Permissions Node: None to dismount, but animalcompanion.ride to mount in the first place

    /ac makenormal - Will make the selected companion a normal wolf (sans rideable or pack status, not AdvancedMobs variants)
    Usage: /ac makenormal [name]
    Example: /ac makenormal George

    /ac release - Releases your wolf back into the wild (kills it since special wolves would then attack you)
    Usage: /ac release [name]
    Example: /ac release George (No, not George!)


    Show Spoiler
    animalcompanion.* - Enable everything
    animalcompanion.ownwolves - The ability to tame wolves at all
    animalcompanion.register - Turn a wolf into an animal companion
    animalcompanion.infinitewolves - The wolf cap does not apply to this person
    animalcompanion.respawn - These wolves will respawn when they die
    animalcompanion.setai - The ability to change the wolf's ai to something other than default
    animalcompanion.locate - Find out where your wolf is
    animalcompanion.teleport - Teleport your wolf to you - Get the advanced info about your wolf
    animalcompanion.level - These wolves can gain exp and level up
    animalcompanion.multiworld - Your wolves will follow you between worlds
    animalcompanion.leash - Use the leash item to make your wolf target an enemy or access inventory
    animalcompanion.pack - Make your wolf into a pack wolf to carry items
    animalcompanion.ride - Make your wolf into a rideable wolf with a saddle

    Change Log:

    Version 0.3.2
    * Fixed a registration bug
    * Added the list command for getting the names of your animal companions

    Version 0.3.1
    * Removed some instances of "NullPointerException"
    * Fixed level benefits calculation
    * Made a check for wolf cap limits during animal companion registration
    * Fixed wolves attacking other wolves in some AI modes
    * Wolves now re-link to the animalcompanion plugin every time you right click them or when they die. This should help prevent the need to restart the server if the plugin loses track of the wolf somehow.

    Version 0.3
    * Fixed a bug where the owner could damage his wolf if he changed worlds and came back
    * Fixed a few AI targeting bugs
    * Added the leash item

    - * Left click with it to make your wolves target a specific enemy, aim near legs for best results
    * Right click with it to access the features of a pack wolf/rideable wolf
    - Added the ability to make pack wolves with a chest
    - Added the ability to make rideable wolves with a saddle
    * This is still extremely glitchy, and is disabled by default
    * Right click on your wolf with a saddle to make him rideable, then right click with the leash to get on him
    * Left click with the leash to point your wolf in the direction you want to go, he will pathfind there
    * I won't be supporting any bugs that you come across with riding a wolf. I already know it needs more work
    - Added "AutoSaveDisplay" option to the config file, to turn on and off the auto save messages
    - Added "RenameOnTame" option to the config to help prevent conflicts with other chat plugins
    - Added a distance check to the TP command, so wolves will teleport even if sitting if you are in range
    - Fixed quite a few NullPointerException errors. I hate them so very much

    Show Spoiler
    Version 0.2.1
    * Finally fixed the cast arrow to living entity error, it still exists in bukkit, but I am catching and blocking the instances now
    * Solved a bug where if the player teleported between worlds, he could damage his wolves
    * Redid the order that the damage listener catches instances of damage that should be blocked, should be more efficient
    * added the "contact" damage case, and immunity. This is called when something touches a cactus

    Version 0.2
    * Fixed a bug where aggressive and hunter AI targetting would cause wolves to chase a target but never attack
    * Fixed a bug where PvP protection wasn't canceling damage properly
    * Fixed an error to the console when trying to run a command with the wrong number of arguements
    * Added some messages when entering a command incorrectly
    * Added the hungry wolves variable to config. Off by default, but when on, wolves will eat nearby pork on the ground to gain health
    * Left clicking with a bone will now change your companion's AI type
    * Permissions support!

    Version 0.1
    * Initial Release

    Known Issues:
    * Error:

    org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftArrow cannot be cast to org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftLivingEntity
    * Sometimes wolves won't respawn - I think this is fixed
    * Sometimes when wolves respawn, they won't respond to you - I think this is fixed
    * Aggressive and Hunter modes can sometimes send wolves on a wild goose chase for mobs behind a wall
    * Sitting wolves can't be teleported, disabled it in the command
    * If you set up loot for angry wolves with another plugin like OtherBlocks, tamed wolves will drop loot when respawning/teleporting sometimes
    * As of 1060, increased damage from the wolf's level will not get applied, because 1060 is not allowing damage changes to take effect

    Planned Features:
    * Permissions support (on or before 0.2)

    - * Native bukkit permissions support?
    - Health regen - a specific rate at which they will regain health, will likely be very very slow
    - Respawn health amount - the amount of health they respawn with, not just respawn at full
    - Leash/Control item - probably string by default, will direct your wolves who/what to attack
    * Right clicking with leash will cause wolves to stop targeting their target and come back to you
    - Change AI type by hitting your wolf with a bone
    - Add a line of sight check somehow to keep wolves from attacking through walls in certain AI modes
    - Spout support (for floating names/different skins/better inventory management/riding control)
    - PvP AI mode for PvP arenas, like Aggressive, but against players only
    - Integrate with other plugins to find PvP areas as well as certain plugins to find out if one player is on the same "team" as another player for PvP modes

    Possible Features:
    * Permissions based wolf caps/level caps
    * Pack wolves to carry your items
    * Ride-able wolves, that you can direct with the leash item (Still glitchy, still being worked on)

    Look in my signature for the link to AdvancedMobs
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    A great plugin I use it a lot, though when i take a HellHound to the Skylands, it got hurt and dies eventually.
    is this normal, or a bug?
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    It's a bug in AdvancedMobs. I've found it and fixed it, but I still have to upload over there.
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    The commands dont work =[
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    Hi, I would like to suggest that adding specific group permissions for wolves be a top priority. Here's why:
    • I'd like to own my own wolves (possibly an infinite amount) but I want only certain groups (from Permissions) to have totally invincible dogs
    • I'd also like to set the number of dogs per rank so that people get a benefit when getting promoted.
    Two questions as well:

    1. How do you make a wolf a pack wolf?
    2. How do you make the wolves eat the meat dropped onto the ground?
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    1. Right click on the wolf while holding a chest.
    2. You have to turn it on in the config file, it's off by default.
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    taming of my wolves is not working. even when taming a normal wolf with bones it will not sit/gain a collar/use heart animation. it gives us a prompt to name them but wolves like hellhounds and winterwolves just return to hostile after naming. need some input on this.

    EDIT: problem solves, wolf skill from heroes interferes.

    new question, ive read about the mystery wolves from ur other plugin and have never seen one. are they real and can you tame them ?
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    I see that there is a command to dismount but how do u mount?
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    I may have found a bug. Two of my players used /ac tp on their wolves which they had sitting in a room but they were not in that room when they came back to check on them. The wolves did not appear when they used tp, probably because the wolves had been sitting, so I had one of them try /ac loc and it gave the coordinates of the room the wolves had been in. We went to the exact coordinates and did not find either wolf. Could there be an invisibility bug? I had my players use /ac release and I spawned them new wolves.
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    @igmikey Yes, you can tame them just like the other two, and they are hostile normally, so you'll need the raw porkchop.

    @BlackShadowGod You mount using the leash item, but it's still buggy. I left it in, so you can enable it, and just need to put a saddle on your wolf, but I don't officially support it yet.

    @Saidy99 Damn and damn. How far away were they from their wolves when they used the command? That IS in fact the bug I tried to prevent with not allowing you to TP them when they are sitting. They got unloaded from the world it sounds like. If I can't figure out how to prevent this, I am going to have to just put the no TP while sitting limitation back in place.
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    is there a way to identify them? or are they truly a mystery lol
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    You will definitely know. For one, they make a special sound, two, they are only in the normal world, three they will be sitting down when you first see them (wild wolves don't do this). Lastly, they have a very distinct way of attacking that you'll recognize off the bat.
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    if that sort of things happen, the best way to get them back is to stop the server, go into the wolf's save file and set dead to true, then when you start the server again and they log in, the wolves will reappear. i had things like that happen with earlier versions and this fixed it right up.
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    Varying distances, from right where the wolves were supposed to be to hundreds of blocks away. None of the distance changes helped the problem.

    @kalez I have respawning set to false, so I do not think your solution would work for me unless I set it to true temporarily. That is an excellent idea otherwise!
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    Oh, right, woops forgot that part. That could have sucked :p Though, if all else had failed, you could have had them tame normal wolves, and in the config change the new wolves' exp and wolf type
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    @Saidy99 Be sure they are still in the save files... If you have respawning set to false, that could be why. I'll have to test something with respawning turned off. It might just be that the teleport function has a bug when respawning is turned off. You shouldn't even be able to teleport from more than like 50 blocks away.
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    Yep, I did that. Lol. Just saying, I'd rather not have to go through that if this problem happens again. The wolves were still in the files and not dead.
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    something i noticed is that the "cant tp" message says the wolf is no where to be found or may be sitting, when they can be tped if sitting. maybe just changing that to "Out of range" or something.
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    Hello TheTennessee I was wondering if you could add a breeding function to this mod because i think that would be super awsome please respond soon!!!
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    @DaPenguinRX Doubtful... it just wouldn't look right without little wolves, and I don't think that I'd do that. Besides, behaviors like making them stay close to their mothers and some other stuff would probably drive me insane to get working.

    Before anyone posts, yes I know that the update is now out. I'll try to have an update for both of my plugins later today.
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    Thank you I was just suggesting. Im a big fan of both your mods also I'm having a little trouble with saddle as in is there only a certain type of wolf that can wear them or such?
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    Requesting update.
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    Riding is turned off by default in the config. That is most likely the cause for it.
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    Ok thank you
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    The commands don't work in 1185. :oops: Any news on a update?
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    I'm running 1185 and for some reason wolves respawn immediately after they die instead of waiting for RespawnTime
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    I have been going through and finally finding the bugs. It took me a while with other engagements over the weekend to actually get my server up and running. So, I am working on it now.

    If anyone finds errors in the console, let me know.
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    Hey! really nice plugin and thanks for your effort.

    With 1185 I'm experiencing a bug with the plugin in my server:

    After taming the wolf, it asks to set a name, Which i do, but The name does not register with the wolf.
    Meaning: the wolf name is set to blank, meaning i cant somehow kill the animal or release it (since it does not have name).

    So I'm stuck with those cool animals but can't use the inventory nor any of the commands since it does not have a name :D

    would be greateful for any assistance,

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    Is it 1.8.(1) yet?
    Definitely getting this if its 1.8.(1)
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    Love this plugin, can't wait for the 1.8 update :D
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    Hoping for update as soon as possible <3

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