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    AnimalCompanion - Make man's best friend into a companion, Wolf Plugin
    Version: 0.3.2
    Tested with: CB 1060

    Latest JAR:
    MediaFire - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    MegaUpload - Version 0.3.2 JAR

    Older Versions:
    MegaUpload - Version 0.2.1 JAR
    MegaUpload - Version 0.1 JAR

    My second plugin, AnimalCompanion, is a fully featured wolf plugin to give ultimate control and utility to your tamed wolves. Tired of your wolves dieing and being quite frankly useless? Did you just install AdvancedMobs, tame yourself a HellHound, and had it die on you to a ghast? Well, fear no more. This plugin makes your wolf into an animal companion (ala the rangers/druids of D&D fame). These special wolves toughen up over time, are smarter, and can be controlled much more effectively. Best of all, they can follow you between worlds, so your new HellHound isn't stuck in the nether.

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">Important: If you find any bugs or adherent behaviors while using this plugin, please give a list of the wolf changing plugins you have besides this one, the startup messages for AnimalCompanion (it will show [AnimalCompanion] in front of it) as well as any errors you get in the console. Your config file would also be helpful if you changed any values. </font><font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">Also be sure to include your CB version. I will not be responsible for versions I don't support.</font>

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 255)">NoSuchFieldError: PROJECTILE:</font>

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 255)">Do not post about this error if you are not using CB 1060. According to other posts I have found, this is what happens when you use CB 1000 with a plugin built using the CB 1060 API. DO NOT DO IT...</font>

    <font color="rgb(0, 0, 255)">And if you still get it in 1060, tell me about ALL of your plugins and if you have Spout or not.</font>

    * Wolf cap limit (default 3)
    * Register existing wolves into the system
    * Name your wolves! (no hovering names... yet)
    * Wolves will respawn when they die
    * Damage Resistances

    - * Set up immunities by damage type (defaults are Suffocation, Drowning, Void, Fire, and Lava, but not FireTicks from being caught on fire)
    * Max Fire Ticks can make fire last a shorter period of time on your wolf
    * Fall Damage Reduction can reduce the falling damage a wolf will take
    - Anti-griefer protection
    * Offline protection makes your wolves not take damage when you aren't there
    * PvP protection makes your wolves not take damage in no PvP areas as well as from it's owner
    - Better behaved wolves!
    * You can now finally make your wolf STOP attacking your friend by telling it to sit
    * Wolves won't ever attack you, or other wolves you own
    * Wolves can feed themselves with any pork they find on the ground (off by default, but great for hunter mode)
    - Improved AI modes!
    * Default - just the way it normally works
    * Passive - won't attack anything, period
    * Defensive - anything that targets you will get it
    * Aggressive - if there are hostile mobs around, they are going down
    * Hunter - for hunting dogs, makes them attack animals
    - Multiworld support - Your wolves will follow you through nether gates and when you teleport between worlds
    * Locate and teleport your wolves when they get too far away
    - Pump up your pooch!
    * A level system allows your wolf to get better as it kills more mobs
    * Increased Bite Damage
    * Damage Resistance
    * Evasion percentage
    * Customizable EXP tables
    - AdvancedMobs support (version 0.3.5 and up)
    * Make HellHounds, Winter Wolves, and the secret wolves into your companion
    - Use a leash item (default string) to control your wolf
    * Left click with the leash from any distance to send your wolf after a target
    * Right click on your wolf to access its inventory without a command
    - Store inventory in a wolf when you equip him with a pack
    * Persistent between respawns and server restarts
    * Just right click on your wolf with a chest to make him into a pack wolf
    - Permissions Support!


    Show Spoiler
    /animalcompanion - prefix to ALL commands
    /ac - shortened version also works
    /ac setname or /ac rename - renames your wolf to a different name
    Usage: /ac setname [current name] [new name]
    Example: /ac setname George Rex
    Permissions Node: animalcompanion.ownwolves

    /ac teleport or /ac tp - Teleports your wolf to you
    Usage: /ac tp [name]
    Example: /ac tp George
    Permissions Node: animalcompanion.teleport

    /ac location or /ac loc - tells you the location of your wolf to help you find him
    Usage: /ac loc [name]
    Example: /ac loc George
    Permissions Node: animalcompanion.locate

    /ac setai or /ac ai - sets the AI to the AI type you specify
    Alternative: Left clicking on your wolf with a bone in hand will switch between modes
    Usage: /ac ai [name] [ai type]
    Example: /ac ai George Aggressive
    Permissions Node: animalcompanion.setai

    /ac inventory or /ac inv - If your wolf is a packwolf, causes you to open its inventory
    Alternative: Right click your wolf with the leash item
    Usage: /ac inv [name]
    Example: /ac inv George
    Permissions Node: animalcompanion.pack

    /ac info - Gets information about the wolf, including his current AI type, his health, and his wolf type
    Alternative: Right clicking on your wolf with a bone will give you this info too
    Usage: /ac info [name]
    Example: /ac info George
    Permissions Node:

    /ac list - Gets the names of all of your loaded animal companions
    Usage: /ac list
    Example: /ac list (that's really it)

    /ac dismount - dismount a wolf that you are riding
    Alternative: Right click your wolf with a leash item
    Usage: /ac dismount [name]
    Example: /ac dismount George
    Permissions Node: None to dismount, but animalcompanion.ride to mount in the first place

    /ac makenormal - Will make the selected companion a normal wolf (sans rideable or pack status, not AdvancedMobs variants)
    Usage: /ac makenormal [name]
    Example: /ac makenormal George

    /ac release - Releases your wolf back into the wild (kills it since special wolves would then attack you)
    Usage: /ac release [name]
    Example: /ac release George (No, not George!)


    Show Spoiler
    animalcompanion.* - Enable everything
    animalcompanion.ownwolves - The ability to tame wolves at all
    animalcompanion.register - Turn a wolf into an animal companion
    animalcompanion.infinitewolves - The wolf cap does not apply to this person
    animalcompanion.respawn - These wolves will respawn when they die
    animalcompanion.setai - The ability to change the wolf's ai to something other than default
    animalcompanion.locate - Find out where your wolf is
    animalcompanion.teleport - Teleport your wolf to you - Get the advanced info about your wolf
    animalcompanion.level - These wolves can gain exp and level up
    animalcompanion.multiworld - Your wolves will follow you between worlds
    animalcompanion.leash - Use the leash item to make your wolf target an enemy or access inventory
    animalcompanion.pack - Make your wolf into a pack wolf to carry items
    animalcompanion.ride - Make your wolf into a rideable wolf with a saddle

    Change Log:

    Version 0.3.2
    * Fixed a registration bug
    * Added the list command for getting the names of your animal companions

    Version 0.3.1
    * Removed some instances of "NullPointerException"
    * Fixed level benefits calculation
    * Made a check for wolf cap limits during animal companion registration
    * Fixed wolves attacking other wolves in some AI modes
    * Wolves now re-link to the animalcompanion plugin every time you right click them or when they die. This should help prevent the need to restart the server if the plugin loses track of the wolf somehow.

    Version 0.3
    * Fixed a bug where the owner could damage his wolf if he changed worlds and came back
    * Fixed a few AI targeting bugs
    * Added the leash item

    - * Left click with it to make your wolves target a specific enemy, aim near legs for best results
    * Right click with it to access the features of a pack wolf/rideable wolf
    - Added the ability to make pack wolves with a chest
    - Added the ability to make rideable wolves with a saddle
    * This is still extremely glitchy, and is disabled by default
    * Right click on your wolf with a saddle to make him rideable, then right click with the leash to get on him
    * Left click with the leash to point your wolf in the direction you want to go, he will pathfind there
    * I won't be supporting any bugs that you come across with riding a wolf. I already know it needs more work
    - Added "AutoSaveDisplay" option to the config file, to turn on and off the auto save messages
    - Added "RenameOnTame" option to the config to help prevent conflicts with other chat plugins
    - Added a distance check to the TP command, so wolves will teleport even if sitting if you are in range
    - Fixed quite a few NullPointerException errors. I hate them so very much

    Show Spoiler
    Version 0.2.1
    * Finally fixed the cast arrow to living entity error, it still exists in bukkit, but I am catching and blocking the instances now
    * Solved a bug where if the player teleported between worlds, he could damage his wolves
    * Redid the order that the damage listener catches instances of damage that should be blocked, should be more efficient
    * added the "contact" damage case, and immunity. This is called when something touches a cactus

    Version 0.2
    * Fixed a bug where aggressive and hunter AI targetting would cause wolves to chase a target but never attack
    * Fixed a bug where PvP protection wasn't canceling damage properly
    * Fixed an error to the console when trying to run a command with the wrong number of arguements
    * Added some messages when entering a command incorrectly
    * Added the hungry wolves variable to config. Off by default, but when on, wolves will eat nearby pork on the ground to gain health
    * Left clicking with a bone will now change your companion's AI type
    * Permissions support!

    Version 0.1
    * Initial Release

    Known Issues:
    * Error:

    org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftArrow cannot be cast to org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftLivingEntity
    * Sometimes wolves won't respawn - I think this is fixed
    * Sometimes when wolves respawn, they won't respond to you - I think this is fixed
    * Aggressive and Hunter modes can sometimes send wolves on a wild goose chase for mobs behind a wall
    * Sitting wolves can't be teleported, disabled it in the command
    * If you set up loot for angry wolves with another plugin like OtherBlocks, tamed wolves will drop loot when respawning/teleporting sometimes
    * As of 1060, increased damage from the wolf's level will not get applied, because 1060 is not allowing damage changes to take effect

    Planned Features:
    * Permissions support (on or before 0.2)

    - * Native bukkit permissions support?
    - Health regen - a specific rate at which they will regain health, will likely be very very slow
    - Respawn health amount - the amount of health they respawn with, not just respawn at full
    - Leash/Control item - probably string by default, will direct your wolves who/what to attack
    * Right clicking with leash will cause wolves to stop targeting their target and come back to you
    - Change AI type by hitting your wolf with a bone
    - Add a line of sight check somehow to keep wolves from attacking through walls in certain AI modes
    - Spout support (for floating names/different skins/better inventory management/riding control)
    - PvP AI mode for PvP arenas, like Aggressive, but against players only
    - Integrate with other plugins to find PvP areas as well as certain plugins to find out if one player is on the same "team" as another player for PvP modes

    Possible Features:
    * Permissions based wolf caps/level caps
    * Pack wolves to carry your items
    * Ride-able wolves, that you can direct with the leash item (Still glitchy, still being worked on)

    Look in my signature for the link to AdvancedMobs
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    Question, I noticed mcMMO in there. Are you able to damage your wolf by any chance? By nipping, do you mean, they'd do a single bite of damage then stop attacking?
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    I actually don't even attack, I just stand there and let me wolves do it. It is almost like they get all frenzied up, nip me and are like oh man that's my master, sorry master!
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    Okay... so it seems they are stopping after they try once, but the damage isn't being blocked. I'll look into it though. :p
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    Hey, when I left click with the leash (string) on a target, my wolf goes and kills it. Then, if there's any player that is around it will also kill the player. There were no errors on the console though. There's also a bug with Chatmanager I think (from PermissionsEx). When I tame a wolf and try to name it, it keeps on saying there can be no spaces when naming my companion, even though I put no spaces at all.
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    Someone else reported that. You'll need to turn off auto naming in the config to make it work I think. I'm not entirely sure why, I think it's something to do with prefixes or something.

    As for it killing players, does it happen in any AI modes too, or only with the leash? If you click too close to a player, it will target the player. With a leash, you can initiate PvP.
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    I'll set my wolves to aggressive and go stand amongst them, see if i get bit.

    Problem with aggressive though, they tend to fixate on underground mobs. That's why i use defensive.

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    Ah, ok. I made my wolf attack a mob with no player around, and it attacked and killed only the mob. Then, I tried it with a player close to it, and he attacked the player and mob. So no bug with that, thought it would only attack a single target. Thanks for the clarification. Otherwise, great plugin! :)
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    i am having a different problem ..i have the newest version of the plugin and permissions all set , i can tame a wolf and set its nature (passive etc.) but none of the /ac commands work (it just says no such command type help ) and i cant figure it out ...i have no other plugins that change chat or the command struture and idea what might wrong

    *edit* of it turns out i can use all the commands but the /ac teleport it may be something on my end ill do a update as soon as i figure it out

    *edit2* Ok got it figured out ...for some reason my name wouldnt stick for my pet ...i had to totally delete him then tame another wolf and then my custom name stuck and all the commands work great. Thanks for a great plugin :cool:
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    Ok, Cannot damage my own wolves.. believe me, I tried to punish Jake for killing me by taking his tail with my sword, but he just laughed. Yes, my dog laughs. Strange wolf.

    1. No accidental master gnashing on aggressive.
    2. Attempted suicide of small cliff did not induce nippage.
    3. Confirmed. Using leash, on anything, including chickens, if I'm in range, say, a 10 foot range, wolf will run me down and bite my ass like the bad little mongrel he is every time. NO STEAK FOR JAKE.
    4. Also, Defensive is not triggering wolf to attack when I'm targetting by anything. I'll disable mcMMO see if that is interfering. *no difference without mcMMO*
    5. Wolf attacked me after killing monster that hit me with AI on defensive.
    6. Won't attack creepers.
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    It actually sounds like his AI is completely borked. Set him to passive and see if he still attacks things. You shouldn't even be able to make him attack with the leash on passive. If his AI thread had stopped, it means that he would no longer have the extra checks to take him off of you as the target. I am not quite sure, but that is what it sounds like.

    It could also be that he doesn't recognize you as owner, which is a HUGE problem I had before. I had hoped I eliminated it all, but it is still possible. For one last piece of clarification in case I'm chasing an old bug, you are using 0.3.2 right?
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    Yes, and 1060. Zero errors in log for everythimg ive done so far. Ill test all ai, string or no string, wolf reaction to being targetted, and damaged.

    Better yet, ill make a video of it in action, showing my wolf chase me down to bite me just once. Just a nibble. In the video ill pop up wolf info for each also.
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    Alright cool, that will definitely help me recreate the circumstances. It looks like another instance of bad behavior has slipped through the cracks, or maybe a fix I made for one created another. I will get them all eventually!
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    Does this support superperms ?
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    Thanks for a great plugin but I have the same problem my wolf will occasionally give me one bite after attacking a mob on defensive, also they seem to totally ignore creepers and giants in any mode(or maybe they are just smarter than us)
    As well every now and then they will stop responding and just sit particularly after a user logs off and then logs back in again, it takes a server reboot to get them going again
    Last off a request can the /ac tp command be modified so as to bring them to you even if they are sitting as I tend to forget sometimes where I left him dumb yes I know
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    @TheTennessee - I tested default, aggressive, and defensive. Keep in mind there are no errors here in the console, but the console does log the wolf deaths and spawns.

    Default - wolves behave as normal MC
    Aggressive - attack all monsters but get stuck on mobs with no line of site while other mobs are hitting you
    Defensive - wolfs don't respond to you being targetted, bite you
    Leash - wolfs won't attack creepers when commanded with leash

    Although the ai's are screwed up for me the mod is still useful for keeping your pets around as well as the rpg elements of leveling, naming etc. I'm going to disable all plugins but this one and try it out again. I've already tested the above with mcMMO disabled and it is the same. Not really running anything else that should interfere. My list is below.

    Show Spoiler

    08/29/2011  06:50 PM            41,999 AnimalCompanion.jar
    08/22/2011  01:35 PM             7,807 AntiCreeper.jar
    08/28/2011  11:07 PM             3,344 CFBanner.jar
    08/19/2011  12:40 PM            36,251 HeroicDeath.jar
    08/21/2011  04:28 PM            38,743 Inception.jar
    08/31/2011  10:35 AM            11,767 LightLevel.jar
    08/29/2011  06:54 PM           242,117 mcMMO.jar
    09/03/2011  06:32 PM            59,644 memory-stone.jar
    08/31/2011  01:35 PM            24,903 MobDisguise.jar
    08/31/2011  01:42 PM            20,803 mobSpawner.jar
    08/15/2011  05:50 PM            18,928 Modifyworld.jar
    08/15/2011  05:50 PM            45,427 motd.jar
    08/20/2011  08:08 PM            68,228 MultiInv_2.3.2.jar
    08/15/2011  05:50 PM            17,260 Permissions.jar
    08/15/2011  05:50 PM           125,961 PermissionsEx.jar
    08/31/2011  01:39 PM             3,945 PermissionsHelper.jar
    08/26/2011  09:18 PM            18,344 Pinapp.jar
    08/22/2011  12:01 AM            67,993 PTMBukkit.jar
    08/28/2011  10:58 PM           476,099 Spout.jar
    08/21/2011  12:57 PM            43,004 Tombstone.jar
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    You are describing bugs that should have been solved in the last version. If you right click on the wolf, does it not do anything? This should reset them no matter what. I removed the checks that were failing and just made them reset anytime you were right clicking them.

    Lastly, you will need to use the /ac loc command to find them. When you are close enough, you will be able to TP them regardless of if they are sitting or not. The problem with doing it from too far away is they won't tp to you because they aren't loaded in world.

    I am wondering if you and phil have any plugins in common. Wolves should have absolutely no trouble with creepers, in fact they don't even check creature type (only if it is a player or not) when being directed by the leesh. In defensive and aggressive modes they should attack creepers as well. I haven't been able to get on recently, but when I do, I'll test that to be sure. As for Giants, only Winter Wolves can actually damage giants. They can attack them, but they will not actively search for them because their melee attack range is too short to do damage. The leash might not work on them because of their strange hitbox though. I'd have to test that theory.

    Also, I think I might know why they are not working right in defensive. In aggressive, they actively search for targets to attack, but defensive they only respond to something targeting you. If they are having that error where they don't internally recognize you, the check may fail to see if they need to defend you as their master.

    You are going to have to explain this. I'm afraid I only use regular permissions. What's the super variant?
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    Wolves attack creepers just fine on their own with aggressive

    Disabling all my mods now to check stuff and switching to mc client instead of spout client.

    Update*** disabled all but pex, pex is next. Same behavior. Note, discovered addional info: in defensive, string won't le tme attack any monsters from a distance, have to hit them, just like punching or with a sword, which leads me to think it somply isn't working. String works at a distance with bardyard animals fine.

    Update*** no mods except AC, regenerated configuration file, wolves still will not attack when i'm targetted by mobs. Switching to Default mode with occassional use of aggressive mode on all wolves to resolve issues until further info can be had. Defensive mode seems to be the key problem here.

    Perhaps you can post a custom debug version that those of us who wish to help can contribute, something that dumps your debug info to log and we can send it to you.
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    yes using 3.2 and most times a right click gets them going but every now and then they just stay sitting when a user logs back in (I assume the sit mode is by design when a user logs off), as for creepers they dont seem to recognise the lighting of their fuse as an attack
    You should also add that a left click with a bone changes their AI mode and a right click brings up their stats to your OP
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    That's because they respond to the creeper targeting you. In defensive, this only happens when they start coming after you. What might be happening is that a wolf will go defend you, come back, and not attack because the action it is looking for happened while it was defending from something else.

    So, defensive mode seems to be bugged out. I can test this. As for a debug mode, I occasionally turn on debug messages in the code, but I usually comment those out, so even in my version there aren't really many debug messages left. I can work on defensive though. I bet I know what is going on now. In the next couple of days, I should be able to come back and start testing over here more.
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    I havent really noticed the defense issue cause i dont use it much (mostly aggressive and hunter), but would it be possible to check if you are being targetted, period? if so that could solve it by having them attack whatever is targetting you instead of just what is attacking you.
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    Here is a new one. One of my wolves turned angry on me, and keeps killing me every time i spawn. He is on aggressive.
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    It would require doing a search of the area just like aggressive, but in this case, it would be seeing if the target was its owner or a wolf owned by its owner...

    Okay, well mdt... I think you found a way to absolutely break the crap out of a wolf. Btw, right clicking on it will make it sit, and stop attacking if it does that.
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    I got 2 wolves back under my control but the third is nowhere to be found. I checked out the wolf save files and everything looks perfect, but it seems that it lost its registration at some point in that session and he was the one killing me, since the bone no longer did its left click function, and the right click said i had too many wolves, yet this wolf was red collared and named stroker...

    I rebooted the server and tried to find him. It still lists as mine, just don't know where he is. Hopefully animal control tranq'd him and caged him.

    Question, mcMMO only adds the 'taming skill' which increases damage and resistances, but supposedly has no modifications to ai. Have you seen his source to check if there coudl be conflicts? All my tests yield the same result with mcMMO on, and off. But, I'm curious if your mod overrides its damage and defense modifiers, or if it is the other way around.

    Edit** one more thing, if you slap some debug code in and pm me the jar, you'll get good data. I use it extensively. In fact, I make it a point to let my wolves kill everything while I sit and mock my enemies.

    Edit++ the wolves hit you so hard and fast you only have .5 seconds to react before you are dead. Try making that wolf sit lol.

    Edit +++++ I turned off the taming skill in mcMMO. It is pointless alongside AC and hopefully it disables any potential tampering with damage\resistance bonuses that AC gives.
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    My users are complaining that they cannot add capital letters to their wolf's name. It allows them to put in capital letters but does not display them when the wolf barks. I was able to reproduce the bug myself. It was working before I changed the configuration, so let me post it here. Craftbukkit 1060 by the way, and no other wolf plugins.

    #The maximum number of wolves that anyone in the server can have, without the 'animalcompanion.infinitewolves' permission
    WolfCap: 30
    #Respawn time in seconds for a wolf to come back after dieing
    RespawnTime: 60
    #If wolves can even respawn at all
    RespawnOn: false
    #The maximum number of ticks of fire that a wolf can take from one fire source
    MaxFireTicks: 20
    #The amount of damage that is reduced after a fall, 6 equals 3 hearts.
    FallDamageReduction: 6
    #With this on, your wolf will be invincible when you are offline, but also will not attack anything
    OfflineProtection: true
    #With this turn on, you will not be able to damage your wolf accidentally, nor will other players if the area isn't PvP enabled
    PvPProtection: true
    #The list of immunities that wolves normally have against damage types/r/n#Damage Types: Contact, Attack, Projectile, Fire, FireTick, Lava, Suffocation, Drowning, Fall, Explosion, Lightning, Void
    DamageImmunities: [ Suffocation, Fire, FireTick, Lava, Drowning, Fall, Lightning, Void, Contact ]
    #This is the max level any wolf can reach
    MaxLevel: 10
    #This is the max range of an aggressive or hunter wolve's targetting
    WolfTargetRange: 15.0
    #This is the delay in seconds between autosaves
    AutoSaveDelay: 600
    #Controls if the message will be shown in the console when the plugin auto saves
    AutoSaveDisplay: false
    #If turned on, wolves will automatically eat any cooked or raw pork they find on the ground nearby
    HungryWolf: false
    #This is the ID of the item used to control a wolf, the default is string (287)
    LeashItem: 287
    #If turned on, you will be prompted to rename your wolf immediately upon taming it
    RenameOnTame: true
    #This sets if you any players are allowed to ride wolves.
    RidingWolves: false
    #This sets if any players are allowed to store items in their wolves
    PackWolves: false
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    I know what that is. owe. I will put it on the list. It's because I started lowercasing the commands so they wouldn't be case sensitive. I guess I made a boo boo with that. I forgot about the rename function. -_-
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    Oh, yeah, it was only when renaming! :eek: Glad you know what it is :) I will be watching for an update!

    Also, my Hunter wolf lowers its tail to the 9 hearts position when it actually has 10 hearts according to the /ac info. Happens after sitting it down.

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    FYI, my rogue wolf finally decided to come back and behave himself out of the blue. He stopped ninja' killing me at random places and just showed up at home wondering why there was no food in his bowl. I made him sit and he hasn't moved since.
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    How about a skill system? For teh wolves

    Here's a few skills I thought of, can you incorporate any of these?

    like they Level and get a new skill?

    1: BlackPelt: Increase dog's attack power. Taught with Leather.

    2: GuardDog: Increase dog's defense. Taught with iron ingots.

    3: CreeperSweeper: Allows your dog to smell creepers, and warn you by growling. Taught with gunpowder.

    4: DogLight: Produces torches when overfed. Taught with Glowstone Blocks.

    5: HunterDog: May produce meat with each successful attack. Success rate gets higher with increasing levels in the skill, as well as increasing amounts of damage. Taught with flint.

    6: HellHound: Defends against fire and lava damage. Taught with netherrack. Level 5 sets enemies on fire with each attack. Any meat produced by other skills may come pre-cooked.

    7: PillowPaw: Defends against fall damage. Taught with feathers.

    8: WolfMount: Ride your wolf at high speed, bounding over full blocks like they were stairs! Taught with a saddle, improved by DoggyDash and PillowPaw, can't swim without level 5 FisherDog.

    9: PackPuppy: Give your dog an inventory, and access it by right clicking while holding control. Taught with chests.

    10: DoggyDash: Your dog may leap into battle with a super-fast attack! Perfect for handling those pesky spiders. Taught with a gold ingot.

    11: FisherDog: Your dog may catch fish in the water, and he'll give it to you when he's done drying off. Taught with string.

    How many of these are possible? Just tossing ideas out there, feel free to tell me stfu XD
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    I'd say most of them are possible, and they are actually very interesting ideas. They definitely give me something to add in when I am done getting this thing bug free. My big issue right now is just how naturally twitchy wolfs can be.

    I like alot of those though, I really do. I think training your dog to do certain things would be pretty interesting.

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