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  1. MachineCraft - Transform chests into machines:
    Version: v0.8

    This plugin transforms special prepared chests into machines.

    • Grabbing items from ground
    • Transporting items between chests, furnances and minecarts
    • Using items (digging with pickaxes, placing blocks...)
    Download v0.8

    Older versions

    Source Code


    Version 0.8
    • Fixed ItemData managment
    • some crashbug fixes
    Version 0.7
    • TransporterMachine dropping system
    • SelectiveGrabberMachine added
    Version 0.6
    • TransporterMachine fully supports ItemData
    • Added Hoe+Seed support to UserMachine
    • Added ItemData support to UserMachine
    Version 0.5

    • Added CreatorMachine
    • Fixed TransporterMachine
    • Added ToolUsage position in config
    Version 0.4

    • Added configuration
    • Fixed water digging bug
    Version 0.3 - Download

    • Fixed bug - loosing item details by transporter
    Version 0.2 - Download

    • Crashbug fix
    • UserMachine no longer digs water and bedrock
    • UserMachine drops dirt insted of grass blocks when digging grass
    • UserMachine have 10% chanse to drop flint when digging gravel
    Version 0.1

    • First release
    Known bugs:

    • Transporters are loosing item details (charcoal->coal, colored wool->white wool...)
    • Not all blocks are supported by userMachine

    • Fix known bugs
    • Release creator machine (automatic crafting table)
    • Add configuration

    Basic machine:
    To make a basic machine, you need to place a number of books (code) in the middle slot of a chest. Other slots are used as direction codes, that mean:​
      • Top line = blocks above the chest, bottom line = under chest
      • 3x3 part on the left means north, on the right means south from the chest
      • first column of each 3x3 part means east, third means weast
    Machine will do 1 cycle each time it is powered by redstone.​

    User machine:
    Code: 21​
    This machine will use items on corresponding blocks (direction codes)​
    Tools will be used to mine blocks​
    Item stacks will be used to place blocks​
    Machine will leave 1 block (or 1 durability for tools) on each slot and stop (more info @ Transporter machine)​
    1 Cycle will place 1 block from each stack. Digging 1 block requres multiple cycles (less cycles for better tools eg. diamond pickaxe, and more for worse tools eg. wood pickaxe)​

    Grabber machine:
    Code: 22​
    This machine will take all items from the ground around the machie on each cycle and store them in its own inventory (direction codes not used)​

    Transporter machine:
    Code: 23​
    This machine will transport items between chests, furnances, machines and minecarts. Using this machine to put items into userMachine will put items on direction slots that are already "programmed", thats why machine leaves 1 block. Machine also repace broken tools (1 durability) with new one (if tool is not fully broken yet, it will not repace it, old tool is destroyed after remove)​
    To make this machine you need to specify source by placing 2 books on direction slot and destination by placing 3 books. Machine also requres you to specify what item shuld be transported by placing 1 block on any slot of the chest.​
    To transport items to/from minecart, the direction block shuld be 1 block above rais.​
    You can place 4 books to select drop point, where items that dont fit in destination chest (eg. it is full) will be dropped on ground. If no destination specified all items will be dropped. Only one drop point can be specified when including destination chests (if more, first one will be used).​


    Creator machine:
    Code: 24​
    This machine will produce items like crafting table.​
    South part (9 slots on the right) is the blueprint.​
    North part (9 slots on the left) is the resource storage (only resources from here will be used to make items)​
    Middle part (8 slots around books) is used to store created items. Created items will not stack to full ( for example creating sticks will make stacks of 4 sticks each insted of 64)​
    Transporter will put items only on corresponding places to protect from using all slots for one material and blocking the machine so if you will put a shovel blueprint, only 1 slot will contain stone and 2 slots will contain sticks.​

    On the image:​
    Wood = here will be materials for item (eg. stone, sticks)​
    Pickaxes = this slots shuld be empty, created items will be stored here​
    Blueprint on the right = pickaxe​


    Selective Grabber machine:
    Code: 25​
    This machine will take all items from the ground around the machie on each cycle and store them in its own inventory (direction codes not used) only if it have at least 1 item of that type in its own inventory.​

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    Love it allready,, Buildcraft for bukkit.. <3 <3 <3 :D
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    Awesome!! Love it so much.
    Could you have more detailed instructions?
    I can only get the grabber working =X
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    You should use redstone in place of the books. It makes a little more sense.. but hey, what an awesome concept! I never thought of using an inventory as a programmable machine/computer.
  5. I will make a config file in future versions so admin can choose to use books, redstone or any other material.

    I was trying to make a tutorial video, but had lot of problems with free version of fraps. Maybe in future.


    Transporter is the most complicated machine, so you will probably need some expriments before it will work for you, first try this one. Its a user machine that will place diferent blocks on different places, it helps to find out what slot means what direction. After using this exchange cobllestone with a pickaxe and turn the machine on and off few times, the cobblestone shuld be digged. You can also try with different slots. 2 rules: dont move books, leave at least 2 blocks on each slot ( i have 3 for each and 2 for wood)

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    I dont like how the machine can only mine the block next to it, how is that useful? Or do i just not know that you can?
  7. I tried to make the machines simple, you can use cobblestone factories like this one:

    I dont want to make a machine that do everything for you, machinecraft is just a tool.
    So i made for example a machine that makes stone (not coblestone but stone). It was made of 12 chests.
    One hint, you can make a machine on minecart to farm bigger areas (its still not fully tested)
    Also i found lot of uses for farming stuff using only those 3 simple machines, maybe in the future i'll prepare some kind of digging laser or moving drill but not yet.

    Heres the sample machine:
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    what mod are you using that creates that HUD display at the top?
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    OMGG Thanks! Really looking forward to AutoCrafting.
    Got the teleporter thing up too.
  10. That mod on top is MOODS, it works only for single player (it was requred fo fix a bug in itemcraft)
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    I've actually created an automated cobblestone factory using this plug-in along with RedstoneChips for ICs, though you could use traditional pulse clocks if you so desired.

    Anyhow, I've noticed an unusual consumption rate of tools. I was using stone tools and so I expect around 130 cobblestone before a pickaxe is exhausted, however with a 100% efficiency generator (piston based, so the mined block is safely away from the lava) I'm only getting around 66-67 cobblestone, which is pretty much half of the expected amount. I'm not too fussed about that since it's still far and away better than hacking away at a cobblestone generator so 'only' 50% efficiency is still brilliant all things considered, but the engineer in me tells me to find a reason.
  12. Yes, i forgot, i made first version of machine to use double amount of tool for digging, I'll add a position in config file to change this
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    Excellent, many thanks for that
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    When do you intend to add AutoCrafting? Anytime soon?
    I'm really looking forward to it as no other plugin (that I know of) can auto craft. The nearest I get is BuildCraft for SSP only.

  15. Autocrafting and ItemUsage in config added. If you will find any bugs, please report
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    Btw, whats with the ChipCode and ItemUsage?
  17. ChipCode is the id of item used in machies (default is book and some people prefer redstone)
    ItemUsage is the amount of item used in UserMachine, default is 2 = machine will dig 2 times less than a player with a tool, you can change it to 1 (same amount), 0 (infinite tools) or 3, 4, 5...
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    Great! Thanks! Still figuring out the teleporter T_T
    Could you demonstrate a teleporter machine just moving some blocks between 2 chests if you have time?
    Thanks so much for your efforts, they are much appreciated!

    Got it now. Thanks anyway!!

    --Feature Request!--
    Wildcard for Teleporter --> Increased in versatility
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    I just wanted to pop-in and say that this is an amazing plugin! I love it! Made a couple of cobblestone collecting machines with it! Maybe once this get's a bit further you could have some sort of wiki? It took us ages to figure out some of the features haha!
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  20. Yeah, wiki is a good idea, I'll make one after preparing tutorial movies
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    @hubertnnn Is it possible to make the Teleporter transport all items? (Except for ChipCode)
  22. At the moment no, but I'll try to make it possible in future, after i fix a bug with number of transported items

    Wiki is @ http://machinecraft.wikia.com/wiki/MachineCraft_Wiki
    It contains only tutorial for UserMachine, other tutorials will be prepared soon.
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    This plugin is so awesome that I don't know what else can be added to this plugin. What are you up to now @hubertnnn ?
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    "Version: v0.4" I'm about to download the v0.5. what? :D
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    I've tried making a UserMachine place a birch wood block, but it just puts normal wood. :(
    Nice plugin though. :D
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    I think @hubertnnn didn't take note of the data values for the item.
    In this case of birch wood, "wood;2" right?
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    Anyway we just tested it and its awesome! Thank you, and keep up with the good work!
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  28. In first version of plugin i forgot about data, so thx for info, I'll try to fix that in v0.6, but it will take some time (I'm going on holidays tommorow :p)

    Edit: Wiki is finished now with all tutorials. Assembly line still have no comments. I'll add them after my holidays, but i think that my tutorial movies shuld be good enough to understand everything. The assemby line movie also shows how to make an automated stone slab factory using MachineCraft.
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    Yay!! Have a safe trip!
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    Thanks for the tutorials! It took time to understand what's up with the transporter, but now it's clear, and i made some kick ass factories with this plugin! I just love it!
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    Here's a suggestion, Machine 22 - Grabber can only collect specific items. This can be possible by placing the 22 chipcode item in the center of chest, and a fixed number of chipcode item at a fixed place. It'll be awesome if this was implemented as I am working on an automated farm/warehouse/crafting/smelting system! Once it's done, I'll make a trailer for you to place on this plugin's page!

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    Just wait till you see mine!
    Raw Wood
    Mushrooms (Red and Brown)
    Sand & Gravel (Piston Exploit)
    Stage 2 Products:
    @hubertnnn When is your vacation over?
  33. I am already back.
    You dont need a grabber that takes specified items. Just grab all and then transport items that you need to next chest and unwanted stuff will stay in grabber.

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