[FUN] Legit Creatures v1.0 - Spawn Creatures Legitimately! [1714]

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    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">Legit Creatures v1.0 - Spawn Creatures Legitimately! </font>

    Being the person I am, I decided to take full advantage of the new eggs and created a way to be able to obtain the eggs legimately. I did not like the fact that the only way you could get the eggs was by /i or creative mode so I decided to write this in 15-20 minutes.

    Big thank you to @BrandonHopkins for creating this video demonstrating the plugin:

    Here is an example of how to craft:

    Whatever that mob drops is what you will be able to use, except in that screenshot, replace the sulphur with the mob droppings.

    This currently works with:
    - Creeper
    - Skeleton
    - Spider
    - Zombie
    - Slime
    - Ghast
    - Enderman
    - Cave Spider
    - Blaze
    - Magma Cube
    - Pig
    - Sheep
    - Cow
    - Chicken
    - Squid
    - Mooshroom
    - Snow Golem

    Download Link
    Here you go: [<Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    - The ability to obtain eggs legitimately

    v1.0 - Released plugin!
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    Nice job there again Cain. *Throws creeper eggs at friends*
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    Thanks ;)
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    AUGH really? ive been trying to figure out how to use the new eggs in my next plugin. another damn plugin of mine goes to waste.

    edit: // i dont want to release another plugin that does the same thing -_-....
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    Hah :p You set the durability of the ItemStack (Being a Monster Egg). The durability is the Entity ID.
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    Nice, approved
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    I made you a little video for your plugin, I hope you use it ^_^

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    Added to the OP. Thank you. :)
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    It's a good plugin but i wish it was harder to craft the eggs because once you craft them you have unlimited cow, creeper etc.
  10. you should add bPermissions for each egg.

    permission.node for egg 4 example:
    Spawn.Egg.* (for all permissions mostly for admin / op)
    so you could decide WHICH eggs normal player may use. Id block some eggs from norm players to be honest :)
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    No you don't? That is only if you're in creative.
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    I think the recipe should be a bit harder if you have a decent mobtrap you can get thousands of gunpowder and such a night
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    Ross Gosling

    Looks great, checking it out now
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    I'll add more mobs in if you tell me what they should be to craft them.
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    I Agree, Would make this very usefull
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    Since it's possible to collect a dragon egg upon the death of an enderdragon, maybe you could make an enderdragon egg with 8 of those. If someone manages to accomplish that, they deserve an enderdragon egg. xD
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    Oh this plugin is so good. No need to change recipes ! No need to add permissions :)

    How do you Craft Cave Spider ? I tried with Spider Eye.
    Snow Golem ? Tried with snowballs.
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    Fermented Spider Eye is what you need.
    As for the Snow Golem; Im pretty sure it's snow balls.

    Right now I am away on a School Trip so I will get back to you on that.
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    You can make spider egg with strings while it would be logical to make cave spider egg with Spider Eye not with Fermented which is an ingredient for potions.

    Also snowballs doesn't work for Snow Golem. Double Checked!
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    Cave spiders are pretty poisonous, and it's just the difference of a mushroom and sugar. Is there really much to nitpick, there? ._.
    Did you try snow blocks...?
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    SnowBlocks works :)
    You might be right.
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    Love it! Now all we need is some simple permissions for potentially harmful mobs like creepers and you get my download!
  24. Permissions would be a nice thing to add.
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    Requesting Permissions Support

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