[FUN] Landmine v0.2 - Secret TNT Traps to blow up your enemies! [1337]

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What do you think of my plugin?

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    Landmine - Hidden TNT Fun!
    Note on upgrading to v0.2:
    You must delete your plugins/Landmine folder in order for the plugin to work!
    Version: v0.2
    • Easy creation of landmines
    • Same power as TNT
    • Two modes: Explosive and Damaging
    • Configurable items with plugins/Landmine/config.cfg
    • Permissions to configure who can place/pickup landmines
    Installation Instructions
    1. Download the plugin.
    2. Put it in your plugins folder
    3. Run your server!
    Creating Explosive Landmines
    1. Right click the block you wish to turn into a landmine with the item specified in config.cfg (defaults to gunpowder).
    2. You should get a confirmation message telling you that a landmine was created.
    3. Wait for somebody to step on it then... BOOM!
    Creating Damaging Landmines
    1. Right click the block you wish to turn into a landmine with the item specified in config.cfg (defaults to a stick).
    2. You should get a confirmation message telling you that a landmine was created.
    3. Wait for somebody to step on it then... BOOM!
    Removing Landmines
    1. Right click the block you created the landmine on with either of the two items.
    2. You'll get a confirmation message.
            description: Gives access to all landmine options.
                landmine.place: true
                landmine.pickup: true
            description: Allows you to place a landmine.
            default: op
            description: Allows you to pickup a landmine.
            default: op
    Download Source Code

    Older versions:
    Show Spoiler

    Version 0.2:
    • Added actual proper damage!
    • Added configurable items via config.cfg
    • Added two possible landmine modes, Explosive or Damaging
    • Added two permissions landmine.place and landmine.pickup, for controlling usage
    • Added error message if you do not have relevant permissions
    Version 0.1
    • First public release
    PS: This is my first plugin, so give me lots of feedback!
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    1379 isn't a recommended build, could you please test this with the latest build (RB 1337) and then update your title.

    Please quote or tag (@RightLegRed) me, so I can get notified and re-check the thread.
    Well done on your first plugin :)
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    Thanks, I think I actually tested it on the RB build, but I re-tested just to be sure. Thanks! ;)
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    Moved to releases :)
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    Thanks! :)
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    I tried it and its fun, Im putting some landmines in my server and ill see what happens :p
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    Thanks for the feedback!
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    It seems like it would be fun to use but quite destructive. Maybe add in a setting to turn off the explosion and just damage / kill the player who stepped on the space?
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    I tested and is working good. Thx!

    I think you should add permissions for who can use it.

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    Could there be a way to set up and infinite mine? =)

    For example, someone steps on it, and it gets damage/explosion, after a delay of.. 5 seconds, the player steps on it AGAIN and gets the explosion/damage again

    That would be great take it as my suggestion

    Nice plugin keep it up SIR
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    wow, this hurts even ops with an invunerability plugin? nice
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    Your plugin is AMAZING! It fits right with my griefer server!
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    Whats your server IP? I'd like to see your server!
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    Can you add to the plugin so that the mines you created if your admin or have permission that the mines flash red or glow or look like an actual mine or something :)
    so then we can tell where we have planted them :D
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    Hahah awesome!
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    BTW epic plugin :)
    very fun making LandMine areas
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    Um... I'm no genius when it comes to plugins, but I think this might require Spout. Maybe I could make a warning message appear when you get close?
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    awww ok could you make it say like 5 blocks away then 4 ect...?
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    Sounds good. I'll hopefully get working on it at the weekend, schoolwork to be done unfortunately... :(
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    It's work well on the last dev_bukkit, i suppose. i just can /plant.
    Can i suggest the author of this plugin to deal a possibility to use more than ONE material type ? Like a combination as "material : 46,287"
    and amount of each as "amount : 1,2"
    For example.
    it's an idea, because, just one material lake of logical.
    and if i understood well /bury (if it's the good command), the bury material is the cover material ? so it's better it's automaticaly the one we right-click on. because, i.e. a sand squarre (if sand is the choosen bury material) in a big green plain, it's... visible...

    And a little bit more explanation on each command and each parameters.
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    I made a video about your plugin

    please post it on your page so other people can see how it works

  22. I can't seem to find v0.2
  23. Updated it myself, and it does damage!
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  24. Plz configurable messages, i want to disable the text from steping one landmine, its not surprising if u know what happend, i want to see players like ''WTF!? i dont see any tnt there, what happend?''

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