Inactive [FUN] KingOfTheLadder v1.3 - A game where you attempt to become the king of the ladder! [1.2.5.R5.0]

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    Download Here - BukkitDev Page

    What is King of the Ladder?
    It's a fun game similar to king of the hill - only played with a 1x1 tower with ladders on all sides. The goal is to climb to the top and stay at the top as long as possible, while punching other players off the ladder with your fists.

    In this plugin, you must stand at the top for an amount of time specified in the configuration file. As soon as a player reaches the top a countdown starts and when it finishes (if the player is still at the top) then they win.

    How do I install this and set it up?
    Great question! Just drag KingOfTheLadder.jar into your plugins directory and restart your server. The steps below will walk you through setting up the arena.
    1. Make an arena. These typically consist of a tower with ladders on all sides in the middle, and smaller towers of various sizes around it (these are where players will spawn when they join). Here's an example of one on my server.
    2. Stand on the very top of the tower/ladder and use the command /kl setwin.
    3. Stand where you want your first spawn point and type /kl setspawn 1. Depending on how many spawns you want, continue using that command for each one (for example /kl setspawn 2 for the 2nd spawn). You may have up to 16 spawns.
    4. One block above the floor of your arena, take a golden axe and punch one corner, and right click the other corner (exactly like WorldEdit). This will set the floor area and players will be out when they touch it.
    5. All done! Type /kl join to start playing.

    Command List & Permissions
    Permission nodes will be listed under the command.
    • /kl join: Join the arena.
    • /kl leave: Leave the arena.
    • /kl ingame: List all players in the game.
    • /kl start: Start the game.
    • /kl stop: Stop the game.
    • /kl setwin: Set the win point for the arena.
    • /kl setspawn <number>: Sets the specified spawn point.
    • /kl setslobby: Sets the lobby point.
    • Define multiple spawn points players are taken to when they join a game.
    • Define rewards for the winning player using a command-based system.
    • You'll know when someone reaches the top or loses their position on the top: when they reach the top, a ghast sound plays (and the countdown starts) and when they lose their position on the top a clicking sound plays (you'll be able to hear both very clearly).
    • Define the amount of time a player has to stand at the top for before they win.
    • Define the amount of time in the countdown before the game starts.
    • Multiple arenas and more coming soon!
    Is available on BukkitDev.

    This plugin is very much a work in progress and I'll be happy to hear and implement your suggestions!
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    Can you make a video on this?
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    What exactly would you like to see?
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    I would love to just see a play-through/game of it, to see how it works.
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    make a video
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    could you just make King of the Hill? lol that would be perfect
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    Love your plugin!

    I've just created a video if you want to use it.
    I will edit my post once it is finish uploading :p

    Video Link (if you want to use it):
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    Thanks! I'll add it to the OP! :D

    I never experienced those bugs when testing it, so I'll see if I can reproduce/fix them. Also, you didn't set the lose area with the golden axe (though it is optional, not sure if you'll get errors if you don't).
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    I absolutely love this plugin!
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    Eehm my people cant join the game even not when i gave them perms why?
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    What does it tell them? What permissions plugin do you use? Can you paste your permissions.yml into a Pastebin paste? What command are they using? Have you restarted your server? I'll need more information to help you.
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    This was the map I made for my server. I really hope it works! I just need to set up my permissions and get people on my server.

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    You can't attach files on these forums. :(

    Version 1.1 Released!
    Added ability to automatically start games when a certain number of players have joined (see 'autostart' in the configuration).
    Added alternate gameplay style (whoever spends the most time on top wins, games last for the time set in the configuration).
    Note: Users upgrading will need to reset their configuration.


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    lololol i must try this plugin lolol
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    is this plugin will change the thins that i've built?
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    how can i make it where users can do /kl join?
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    Give players the kingoftheladder.join permission.
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    Um.. Kind of a request,
    I love this plugin but players on my server are tired of wating for a number of players and werewondering if you could add a
    /kl vote
    command that would basically scan to see if 75% or some percent voted it would start the countdown for a game, hope you consider, thanks!

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    You got it!

    KingOfTheLadder v1.2 Released!
    Added /kl vote command to vote to start the game.
    Added /kl spectate command to spectate games (make sure to use /kl setspectate).
    Fixes many bugs related to winning and "game ending" message spam.

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    Anyone know any servers i could play this on? Im making an arena server thats gonna have a bunch of different game types... but this seems so fun i cant w8 to set it up and i wanna play it now :D
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    Thank you!
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    If I join the game my inventory isn't erased so People can just kill the someone with their sword
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    I suggest putting it in a different world that has separate inventories.
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    Hey tnks to answer, but that would need a lot of ram, so my question was can you implement that ur invent is erased until you are out of the game (hit the floor)? If you could that it would be awesome. And just to say the game lags often. The game is ended but it says that it is still going on
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    v1.3 Released:

    • Added /kotl command alias for /kl.
    • Added "message-distance" configuration option to make all broadcasted messages only work for local distances (set to 0 to disable).
    • Added "message-prefix" configuration option to change the prefix used when sending the messages.
    • Added "join-commands" configuration option to run commands when the player joins (e.g. to take away money).
    • Added "block-moving" configuration option to allow players to move before the game has started.
    • Added ability to vote to start the game using an emerald block instead of commands (useful for lobby situations).
    • Added feature to change the player's gamemode to survival when joining.
      Added "lobby-spawn" configuration option to set a single join point instead of 16 (use /kl setlobby).
    • Fixed the /kl ingame command showing names on separate lines.
    • Fixed not being able to use /kl ingame while joined but before the game has started.
    • Fixed some other little things.

    I tried to fit all of your suggestions into this one, sorry if I missed/forgot anything! If I did please make a ticket as those are much easier to manage.

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    I'm confused on how nodes work. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with "nodes" I have been searching everywhere and I still have no clue.
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    Was just wondering if this was inspired by the mindcrack server =p

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