Inactive [FUN/INFO] Mine_Sign V1.0 - Keep Track Of You And Others! [1.2.5 R2]

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    Alright This is my 2nd Major Plugin.


    About The Plugin:
    This plugin Keeps tracks of General stuff about EACH and every player.
    As Of Mine_Sign V1.0 It Keeps Tracks Of All The Following:
    • Deaths
    • Kills (Only Mob Kills For Now)
    • Damage Taken
    • Damage Done
    • Blocks Broken
    • Blocks Placed
    • Coal Found
    • Iron Found
    • Gold Found
    • Diamond Found
    The Plugin will keep track of all the records and will be saved in

    To Access The Information Ingame Just create A Sign Like This
    1st Line: "info"
    2nd Line: "Players Name"

    When your Done, Your sign will look something like this:

    Just right click on the sign to scroll through the pages.

    Tell me what Everyone thinks


    Coming Soon:
    • MYSQL DataBase Support (Will keep YML support, You can Choose To Use Database Or Just YML)
    • Adding New Command For Signs, Custom Settings For 3rd Line:
      "LOCK" - Locks The Page To Whatever The Owner Puts It On
      "AUTO" - Automatically changes the page every 10 seconds
    • Adding Permissions
    • Adding More Info To Keep Track Of (Wood Count, Redstone Count...PVP Kills, PVP Deaths...And More!
    Known Bugs:
    • When You Have A Block In Hand, It Will Place The Block Infront Of The Sign When You Scroll Through The Pages.
    Change Log
    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release
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  2. That sounds like something a "statistic-freak" like me would love.
    Best would be if you could set permissions for who could create those signs thought. That way the server could have "Hall of Fame" or something similar where you could put up the users signs and everyone have to go there to see the stats. :)
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    +1 for the idea!
    Add permissions to:
    • create signs
    • scroll through the signs
    • remove signs made by others (for admins)
    Let us choose between different file formats!
    YAML can be good for small servers, but what if I have over 1000 total players, and have 30+ players online at the same time? It will lag!
    Allow us to use MySQL or SQLite! :)

    More stuff!
    Add maybe like an option to see the top 5, or something similar!

    Again, good idea, and very clever sign usage.
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    Will Add ALL OF THOSE SOON! Though for my Database it WILL be MYSQL. Im very familiar with MYSQL through Java.
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    Great! Hope to see the update soon!
    But remember to let us choose between both, that way your plugin is more flexible and doesn't NEED a database. For example, if I am on my small private 5 player server, I don't want to install MySQL just for that.
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    Right understood. I suppose Ill just Make Seperate Classes/Listeners. 1 For MYSQL and 1 For yml, but under the same project.

    Thisll be my first plugin with both Database and Yml Support. so thisll be intresting
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    Good luck with it.
    Looking forward for updates!
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    You've done an amazing job! Great work there!
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    Thanks, Its comments like these that will keep this up to date. Ill release a update sometime tomorrow or on thursday <3
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    Looks like fun :)
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    I actually have a cool idea for this plugin. You should make it where people with spout can view a gui system when they right click the sign.
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