Inactive [FUN/INFO/GEN] Timer allows you to define a clock giving the local world time [1.4.2-R0.2]

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    • 0.3
    How to use:
    • To define a clock, just place a vertical square of 9x9 blocks of the predefined material and place a lever on the extreem right lower block.
    • Once the square is recognized by the plugin as a clock, the server warns you with the message "Timer created".
    • To start or stop the clock, just use the lever, the following messages will be warned : "Timer started" or "Timer stopped".
    • To remove a clock, just break the lever and the server will warn you with the message "Timer deleted".
    • None, just create a 9x9 blocks square and place the lever.
    • If you're not using the Permissions plugin, Timer use the built-in op.non-op system for permissions. Only ops will be able to create a clock.
    • Otherwise, the Permissions node is: timer.create
    Configuration file:
    • This config.yml file contains only 3 lines which define the material ID and Data of the clock's blocks (Default is 42 but Blocks like 35:4 are available now), the material ID and Data of the blocks used for showing time and the 12/24 format.
    • Just put timer.jar in your server's plugin directory, then restart or reload the server.
    • You can then modify the configuration file if needed.
    • Add the Permission node if you use Permissions.
    Bukkit Dev Page:

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    New version V0.2 for CB 1.2.5-R3.0 available.
    • Block Data Values added (Example 35:4).
    • 12/24 format added.
    • Some bugs fixed
    Thank you for your support, Phil.
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    Nice plugin, going to make a clock-tower or something with it. Thanks
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    Thats awesome mate!Gonna test it :)
    Hope it is lightwel ..
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    Request: remove the need for the switch and use commands. Also not possible to have it display time with 4 digits? ex: 14:20 (The size needed for this doesn't bother me)
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    Hey, is it possible to make all the timers on the server say the same time? Please?
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    It's a great plug-in and I love it thanks. But, what put whool ? I find "config.yml" and when I put 35:14 (red whool) then I re-start the server and in the config.yml it's write "2114" instead my "35:14".
    P-S, I'm french, I don't speak english very well.
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    Great plugin. I think i will use it in my survival world as clock on my churche

    I created a timer in a world and in another world I had the timer too.
    Can you change that please?
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    New version V0.2 for CB 1.2.5-R3.0 available.
    Multiple worlds supported.

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