[FUN][INFO][1.1-R4] BeardStat 0.4 - Player Statistics

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    Change log for 0.4:

    This is largely for 1.1 compatibility.
    new in this release:

    • new alias, /bstats points to /stats for better compatibility with other plugins
    • now uses the standard config.yml system, current configs will transfer over
    • Multi world support! disable statistics on certain worlds
    • Better sql support, When a connection to the sql server is lost, BeardStat will attempt to reconnect automatically

    Coming soon:
    • stats for bows!
    • stats for experience!
    • stats for potions!
    • A fancy web API for your website!
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    tehbeard Please put CB version at the end and update to 1.1-R4
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    susport these plugin webstatistics , like players can see on website wath is thers statistics ?

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