Inactive [FUN] GolfCraft v1.5.3 - Play golf with a bow and golf(snow)balls! [1.2.5-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Musaddict, Apr 10, 2012.

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    It was actually a issue with me using a GUI, I just made a bat file and now it works correctly. However I have made a small hole to test it out and I get a permissions error for some reason. If someone could help make this work I would much appreciate it! I have the permissions.yml set to:

            - admin
            - admin
                permissions.*: true
    And it says I have invalid permission when trying to use /golf create 1 2 ?
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    All of your "GolfCraft" nodes need to be "golf".
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    Thanks for the quick reply, just updated and tried that but still getting a "You do not have permission" error? Also I am not using essentials, only using two plugins currently: MCMMO and this one.

    Updated permission file:

            - admin
            - admin
                permissions.*: true
                golf.spectate: true
                golf.create: true
                golf.sign: true
                golf.ref: true
    Only two of us use this server, and I have tried every combination I can think of in the permission file but nothing will work?
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    finally did it lol!
    awesome plugin!
    for now made only 2 holes lol
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    There should be an explanation of how far each club shoots, as any I choose seems to shoot much further than I aim. The first hole I made we both landed within 67m of the hole yet any club we use way over shoots the hole and makes us land in the water hazard behind it no matter where we aim even if it's at our own feet?
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    If you want to aim your balls, then disable clubs in the config. If you have clubs enabled, then each club will have a fixed angle at which they shoot. Driver (1wood) shoots up to 130m, and I believe 8 iron is down around 60.
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    Alright thanks will try it disabled later!
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    Does this use alot
    of cpu/ram
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    Not that I've noticed. It really doesn't do anything till you shoot a ball anyway, and that isn't very resource-consuming at all.
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    How are the new developments coming along?

    Oh, I've started construction on a 2nd course.
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    so every time i create a new hole this error happens

    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [INFO] [Golfcraft] Saving 2 holes...
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] [Golfcraft] Unknown error saving Holes.
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at musaddict.golfcraft.GcCommands.onCommand(
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.handle(
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at
    2012-04-25 05:34:07 [SEVERE] at
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    I get this error upon startup.
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    "Unsupported major.minor version 51.0" means you're running the server with Java 1.6, you need 1.7

    Halfway up this page is this exact same error and more info about it.
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    Updatin' My Mac Right Now thanks
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    It looks so amazing...
    But how i set it up??
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    Went back with clubs disabled and it's so much better. No point in having clubs with no info on how they work...
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    The clubs are easy to understand, as long as you have some experience with playing golf.

    The driver hits the ball the farthest, and the putter hits the ball the shortest.

    You select the club you want to use by left clicking your bow.

    Enabling the clubs gives you a more realistic golfing experience by having to know what club to use for whatever situation you're in.


    How are the new developments coming along?
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    Hi, I recently downloaded the plugin and built a test course first, to make sure that no one will cheat. There is one critical mistake I believe. When you first begin playing the hole, you are actually free to move anywhere, so that means that they can jump right in the cup and score it. Am I doing something wrong, or did you guys notice it too? Is there a way to counter this?
    By the way, I love the idea, you got yourself a great plugin there Musaddict
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    Thanks! It was actually made that way so that players can choose their spot to shoot from the teeing ground. Some people have 10-15 block wide teeing grounds, so we allow them to walk at the beginning of the hole.
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    Hey Minecraft golfers!
    I would really like to see a golf community develop.
    Most google searches for Minecraft golf return links to 'put put' style golf.
    It's really difficult to find other servers running a real golf addon these days.

    If you're running Golfcraft Please post your server info:
    my server:

    Server IP:
    dynmap address:

    I just completed construction on course #2
    It has turned out to be considerably more challenging that the first course.

    Here are some video links to my courses:

    Course #1
    Holes 1 - 9

    Holes 10 - 18

    Course #2
    Holes 1 - 18

    Thanks for all the work you've put into this addon Musaddict.

    I agree with Bacon. It's got to be the coolest addon out there.
    I'm looking forward to see how it develops even more.
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    This is my first post on the forums, because you made me have to post :) (I have like 1200 post on the mcforums though :p). I would like to make a video for reviewing, but i need a map do you have one to supply me with please? Whoops never mind i just discovered there are plenty on the Yes forums post :p. Thank you i will upload it shortly.
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    Had a good few holes with you Pampperin.
    The addon takes a bit of practice, but I think you were beginning to get the hang of it.

    Sorry you DC'd at the last. I wanted to show you my white water rafting river. :p

    Stop by anytime.
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    I was wondering if any further developments have been made?

    I understand that real life happens, and even if you aren't planning on expanding this awesome plugin, I still think it's the best one out there.

    The people that have logged in and played have felt the same.

    If you are planning on expanding it further let me know.

    I've done a lot of testing with it and would be happy to list out all the bugs I've come across and a few ideas I've come up with.

    If not, that's cool too. You've done a remarkable job.
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    Ya, sorry, got caught up with my server administration, then of course the new Portal 2 DLC (I'm having a nerdgasm over here, lol).

    Let me know what you'd like to see added, and I'll see if I can't add it for you soon.
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    Thanks Musaddict.
    Sorry for the late reply. My server population really spiked this weekend and I've been busy with that.
    First the bugs.
    This one is the most annoying, and if we can find a work around it would make the biggest difference.
    People will lose the ability to play.
    This is rather random.
    I haven’t been able to narrow down why.
    They still have the ability to use the signs
    Chat messages still show up when they use the start sign.
    They can cycle through the club selections.
    They just shoot only arrows, and no signs spawn.
    There is nothing in the console to give any clues.
    Only way to get them playing again is to bounce the server.
    It’s a huge deal when you have a bunch of people playing.
    I’ve had them try using /golf to exit out, and re-log, but it makes no difference.
    /golf reload ( OP only )
    This will remove all players from golf mode.
    Remove all golf signs
    Unload golfcraft, and then reload the addon.

    Signs will sometimes break the block they land on.
    It even bypasses protection plugins.
    It will happen maybe once every 100 shots.
    Have the plugin detect if a block was broken and if so, replace the block and spawn the sign on top of it.
    (this isn’t a huge deal, unless the block happens to the be the cup ( glowstone )

    Along the same lines, it looks like the spawned sign will break other signs as well, if the people land in the same place.

    5 wood and 3 wood are not usable from the fairway.
    They get a debuff unless you are standing on a wood block.
    These clubs are designed to be used from the fairway and should not get a debuff.

    Only have the driver get a debuff unless you’re standing on wood.
    If you could find a way to fix the above things then we are golden.

    Other suggestions that would add to the realism, but aren’t actually necessary are:

    Make the clubs less accurate.
    give each club a maximum distance and a minimum distance.
    The shot would land somewhere in between. ( note this should only affect a fully charged bow swing.)
    Give each club a side to side variance as well.
    The maximum variance the driver should have would be 5 blocks ( at distance ) from where you aimed left or right.
    This variance should decrease as you work your way into the shorter clubs.
    1 wood, 3 wood, 5 wood ( 5 block variance )
    4 iron 5 iron 6 iron ( 4 block variance )
    7,8 iron ( 3 block)
    9 iron, pitching wedge ( 2 block )
    Sand wedge ( 1 block )
    Putter ( no variance )
    ( note this should only affect a fully charged bow swing.)

    The rough:
    The rough should impose a debuff regardless of what club you are using. 10% to 25% reduction.

    Golf skill system.
    @Nicomang070 for the suggestion.
    I realize that this would be a huge thing to implement, so I won’t hold my breath, but I think it would be extremely awesome to have, and could tie itself into the above suggestion ( speed variances and aim variances )

    People with zero golf skill would be subject to the above proposed speed and aim randomness.
    As you play more often, your golf skill would increase, eventually to the point where you would rarely be subject to the random distance or side to side variance.
    Perhaps a 100 point system where you gain a point for each birdie you receive.
    0 would be subject to the full effect of randomness and 100 points would nearly immune to the variances ( but still subject to them, but only very rarely ).

    That’s all I’ve got so far. This addon is a huge hit on my server, and I really appreciate you making it for us server admins.
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    :confused: lol, note to self: never take a 2 week break from programming -- your todo list is terrifying :p

    Tomorrow (Monday) I have to go to college for my classes, and then I'll be back and start to analyze this in greater detail. Just to warn you tho, I have a very promising job interview on Tuesday, and if that works out I will have an 8-5 mon-fri desk job, so I can't guarantee that this plugin will get much attention after this week, although I will still update it to the latest CB versions and such.

    Thanks for the detailed list, that helps a lot.
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    hey no sweat
    just do what you can, when you can.
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    I came across a plugin called PlugMan, which may resolve the 'golf limbo' issue.
    It's been installed, but I haven't yet had an opportunity to test to see if it will actually fix the problem.

    Once I confirm that I can use it to get people out of limbo, I'll let you know.
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    I finally had an opportunity to catch the bug, and unfortunately Plugman did not fix it.
    I could see it unload, and reload the plugin in the console, but the bugged player was still stuck in limbo.

    I have however narrowed down the events that lead to them getting bugged.

    Most of the bugged players that I've seen get stuck in limbo get stuck right after they hit with their putter into a water hazard.
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    Hello, My friend and i would love this plugin on our server but unfortunatley when we tryed to download it said that it was out of date. i was wondering if you could update it?

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