[FUN/GEN/INFO] SimplePoints - Simple points system [Moved]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by badbh222, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Moved to BukkitDev - 0.4 Released!

    No more posts here please. :)
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    Points for playing over time? (auto)
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    Hello, i have an idea !

    Point for every Kill !

    If it's possible :)
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    Added in v0.2, thanks. :)

    Hmm, thinking about it, but I would prefer to keep it basic. :confused:
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    Request, add a command to view the people with the most points. Example: /pts top displays the top 10 users with the most points. /pts top 20 displays the top 20 users with the most points, and so on.
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    I have no idea of how I would even go about thinking about how to do that, although this is a feature I wanted to add to start with, if I ever find a fairly efficient way of doing so, I will surely add it. :)
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    This is a good plugin if you use your imagination, it could be used for stats. Such as I use it for.
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    Love this plugin. Please make a /leaderboard command, would make it twice as good!
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    Can use mysql stockage ?
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    Found a bug!

    I use it as -points, like you get points for every crime you do... 15 points is banned..

    But all my moderators see different amount of points by people:

    playername: Zushu

    Moderator names:
    Army sees 3 by zushu
    Raydon sees 1 by zushu
    I see 10 by zushu
    zushu sees 8 by himself...

    whats the prob?
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    @wooden_axe Yep, sorry, uploading fixed version now. :)
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    another bug report

    When adding points it says:

    Added 4 points.. they now have 4 points

    but if you then check their /pts they have 8
    When adding it says they have the added points as total
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    @wooden_axe Wow, I am a horrible tester, anyone but me would have easily caught these issues before release. :D

    Uploading fixed version... again. ;)
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    I'm going to add this to my server... before promptly spamming pointless "10 Points for Griffindor!" messages.

    Which brings me to my suggestion: Can we make custom "Groups" or entities to have points assigned to rather than specific players as well? It would be very nice to have a team of people or even a non-person class to give points to to keep track of various things.
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    @jdietz43 The points are not assigned to players, but just to their names, you could do "/pts add Griffindor 10" and as long as no player named "Griffindor" needs to use the points system, it could be used as team points.

    I thought about linking it to the actual players, but you can only grab the list of online players, so trying to add points to someone who is offline wouldn't work without checking the server files for the player's data file, which is not very efficient, or keeping a log of players who connect, which again, is not very efficient. :)
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    Thought about using spout to display the points on screen? :)
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    @ohmydoddtv Not at all, interesting though.....
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    source or api? or support mobarena or mystery box? tht wuld b great
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    I was thinking of a reputation system where it auto bans if your reputation falls below a set standard.
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    Awesome plugin.

    I have 2 requests...
    Can you make a list of top 10 point holders? Perhaps /pts top

    Also, can you make it notify the user when they have received new points, and perhaps notify users on login what their point value is?

    Thank You for the plugin :)
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    +1 Opus
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    @Opus @zOxigen Yep, these features should make it into the next release, along with an API for you, @Poe which should make @ohmydoddtv and @M1sT3rM4n 's ideas' possible, as well as MobArena/Mystery box support if you can convince the developers to use it. :)
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    thanks a ton! looking foward to it! i would help you out but im a code noob
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    SimplePoints has moved to BukkitDev, and so will the rest of my plugins, and any new plugins I make. It's better for everyone. :)
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    @Poe @Opus @zOxigen Just letting you guys know v0.4 has been released on BukkitDev. As soon as the file is approved (Shouldn't take too long...) you should update because not only is there a couple of bug fixes, there is a truckload of new features that you guys have requested and should enjoy. :D

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