[FUN/FIX] SlimeChunk v1.1 - Did you know this is not a slimechunk ? Then make it to one [1000-1060]

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    Version: 1.0
    Official Website (updated first) : SlimeChunk

    This plugin makes it easy to find slime-spawning chunks without any client-side mods. This is only working on worlds, that are generated by the default world-generator, or on worlds generated by generators using the same slime-chunk definition.
    You'll get a message when you enter and leave a slime-chunk and can request it again with the slimechunk-command.
    Since version 1.1 you can adjust the spawnrate and chunks where slimes can spawn. In addition to that slimechunk-images will be created in the plugin/SlimeChunk/-folder (adjustable) to have a look where the chunks are.
    There is also a support for different ways for permissions. In all plugins of mine using devbukkit 770+ will have a property called permissions with four different options :
    1. CONFIG - Only use the plugin's configuration-file
    2. BUKKIT - Use bukkit's build-in permission-system
    3. PLUGIN - Use the permissions plugin
    4. OP - Only operators can use the plugin
    To change the messages and the required item(default is slimeball) edit the '/plugins/SlimeChunk/config.yml'. Original file:
    Show Original Configuration
    permissions: OP # way to check permissions
    all_get_message: true # whether all recieve a message when they enter/leave a slimechunk
    all_can_command: true # whether all can use the commands (permissions = CONFIG only)
    all_need_item: true # whether you need an item to use the functions (permissions = CONFIG only)
    itemid: 341 # the must-have item
    # all config-items starting with "trans_" are translations for the messages
    # change them if you like. if there are params there are all given (and obvious what the mean)
    trans_chunkenter: You entered a slime-spawning chunk
    trans_chunkleave: You left a slime-spawning chunk.
    trans_falseitem:  You don't got the specified item (%i%).
    trans_spawns: This chunk spawns slimes.
    trans_spawnsnot: This chunk doesn't spawn slimes.
    trans_noperms: You don't got any permissions to use this command.
    #added in 1.1
    image: # image section
        directory: ./plugins/SlimeChunk/ # directory where to save the slimechunkmaps
        type: png # file-ending/encoding type. the possible encodings are depending on your java
        worlds: # the world lists
            <worldname>: # the world name and the explored areas in chunks
                minx: -10
                maxx: 10
                minz: -10
                maxz: 10
    chance: 1 # chance is explained in the video
    unaffected_types: # monster types which are not affected by the morphing into a slime
    - GHAST
    afftected_worlds: # list of worlds which get affected by the above configuration
    - <worldname>
    Watch the video for version 1.1.
    Show Video
    Show Permission Nodes

    • slimechunk.message - Ability to get the message instantly
    • slimechunk.needitem - Ability to need a special item to use the instant-message and command
    • slimechunk.command - Ability to use the command

    Version 1.1 (Download)
    • Added natural slimechunk expanding
    • Added mob-morphing (explained in the video)
    • Compiled with references on devBukkit 770 and Permissions 3.1 for Craftbukkit 1000
    Version 1 (Download)
    • Permission-Nodes added
    • Any item as tool to detect slime-chunks
    • Added file for messages and other configurations
    • Compiled with references on devBukkit 770 and Permissions 3.1 for Craftbukkit 1000

    I compared this with the client-side mod and an online tool, but I never digged out a cave and watched out for slimes. Maybe you can make a short video or screenshot to prove it ;)

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  2. A mod that changes the way that slimes spawn/where and allowing Huge slimes to spawn would be more useful than a mod that tells you if the chunk you are in spawns Slimes.... If you were able to change the slime spawn algorithm so that they spawn more often in the chunks or so spawn in all chunks would be more useful I think... Just a thought... Good start, though the idea could be expanded to be much bigger. There are only like 4 slime related mods so you could have the monopoly on this one.

    Good Luck,
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    That would refer to a world generator. Maybe I can make one that make every chunk to a slime-spawning chunk, but generates a normal world. Good idea.
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    Agreed :D
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    I don't know how to, but I'll try.
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    Got all your things in it, trying to get an awesome feature in. It's difficult. Update is in two days.
  7. Cool... Good luck...
    Is there any way to have it edit a current world or will you have to use it with a new world??
    Also increasing spawn rates could be cool... (As of now slimes have something like 10% spawn chance compared to other mobs...
    If you can make these things configurable in a preferences file that would be great too...
    I have absolutely no java coding experience so even though I suggest things I can't help you in anything else
    good luck
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    You have luck. All what you say is in my update included ;) and you don't need any new world. But I made a video for it and I want to upload it first, so please wait a few hours and have a look ;)
  9. Will do... I'm away and won't be able to try it on my server for a few days... I'll suggest it to my friend fast who also runs a server
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    You just posted as I update it ;)

    @all: who didn't understand it. I uploaded the update ;)
  11. NICE!!! Watched the video... can you enable the spawn of GIANT Slimes?? they don't spawn naturally...
    So far great job.... keep up the good work!
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    2 things.
    Does this allow you to change which chunks slimes spawn, because if it does. I dont see it.
    I dont want anything modifying slimes spawning.

    Secondly. Sometimes the slime chunk detecting doesnt work.
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    Good idea. Add this to the todo-list.
    1. You can't say this chunk shall now spawn slimes, but you can make naturally using the minecraft algorythm some chunks also spawn slimes. But there won't spawn slimes, but some spawning mobs will morph into slimes.
    2. It's working with the moving-event and this sucks, working on a better way. Otherwise you can just use the slimechunk-command to look whether there is a slimechunk.
  14. I can't seem to change anything in the config. file. Every time I do change something, it just resets upon restarting the server. Am I doing something wrong? [I have 1.1 and build 1000]
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    Does the slime morphing pick a random size of 1, 2, or 3? (small, medium, or large?) In the video it seemed that the morphed slimes were only size 2, medium.

    Also, can we change the height limit for morphing? I'd like to keep the slime morphing in all chunks but still layers 0-15
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    No, I don't think so. What are you changing and how does your config-file look like ?

    1. There are 4 sizes, but it's random in default as far as I know. In a post before I confirmed that I'll add an option for possible sizes.
    2. Slime-morphing just happens beneath layer 16, there will be no option.
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    Oh ok, thanks. This plugin is great :)
  18. all_can_command: true
    all_need_item: false
    permissions: OP
    directory: ./plugins/SlimeChunk/
    minz: -7
    maxx: 14
    maxz: 28
    minx: -14
    type: png
    affected_worlds: []
    chance: 1
    itemid: 341
    all_get_message: true
    - GHAST
    trans_falseitem: You don't got the specified item (%i%).
    trans_spawnsnot: This chunk doesnt spawn slimes.
    trans_chunkleft: You left a slime-spawning chunk.

    When I change anything and save it, it just resets when I go back into the file after stopping the server.
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    The configuration is just loaded at the start of the server and saved when stopping the server. So stop the server, edit your configuration, start the server again and the changes should be applied. Your configuration-file looks fine even if XenForo deletes the leading spaces and spaces have a crucial meaning in yaml.
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    I keep getting ghost slimes. Slimes that are not client sided but I cant hit?

    Also. Im getting slimes spawn in my home.
    Its on surface and isnt a slime chunk
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    This plugin is just what my server needs! Thanks.

    Just throwing this out there - Might want to edit the default text for the grammatical errors. Like so:

    trans_falseitem: You don't have the specified item (%i%).
    trans_spawnsnot: This chunk doesn't spawn slimes.
    trans_noperms: You don't have permission to use this command.
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    I just edited the config file and changed it myself :)
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    What plugins are you using next to 'SlimeChunk'. I'm not sure whether it's my fault. I just checked my code and there is nothing that could do this.

    Sorry for this. English is not my native language (I think you recognized it in the video), but I try my best.
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    This may be the game itself.
    And my brother thinks the slimes climb up the stairs.
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    Your brother is right ;) as far as a video proved that I watched a short time ago.
  26. how can i make EVERY chunk spawn slimes?
    all_can_command: true
    all_need_item: true
    trans_spawnsnot: This chunk doesnt spawn slimes.
    permissions: OP
        directory: ./plugins/SlimeChunk/
                minz: -11
                maxx: 12
                maxz: 20
                minx: -19
                minz: -6
                maxx: 15
                maxz: 47
                minx: -28
        type: png
    affected_worlds: []
    chance: 1
    itemid: 341
    all_get_message: true
    trans_falseitem: You don't got the specified item (%i%).
    - GHAST
    trans_spawns: This chunk spawns slimes.
    trans_chunkleft: You left a slime-spawning chunk.
    i tried change: Chance: 100 <-- it goes back to 1 all the damn time.
    how can i make slimes spawn in mobworld 100 chance and anywhere ? :O
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    chance's maximum is 10 => 100%. 100% chance = anywhere.
  28. ok and if i delete
        worlds:         mobworld:             minz: -11             maxx: 12             maxz: 20             minx: -19         world:             minz: -6             maxx: 15             maxz: 47             minx: -28
    the world: part <-- i get it only into mobworld?

    it still changes, it goes back to 1 instead of 10...wtf
    i basicly, CANNOT edit the damn config.yml plugin at all! it keeps returning the same, i use notepad++ to edit this and i do SAVE it.


    now it stays 10, it still says "this chunk doesnt spawn slimes" and it havent changed the pictures at all :D WTF?
    ok i have like 30 x 30 area, with only 1 chunk where it spawns slimes.
    How i can get it 100% if 10 wont spawn everywhere i want ?
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    I trust N++. You can only edit the config, when the server isn't active. The pictures are just for people who have a server to load them up. Couldn't figure out what are you doing wrong.
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    you .jar isnt loading the slimchunk folder or config

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