Inactive [FUN] FireLord 0.9 - Adds fire damage and resistance to golden sword and armor[1.2.4-R0.1]

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    FireLord 0.9 [1.0.1-R1]

    Version: v0.9

    From now, you can follow me on Twitter in @w4rgo , I will post there the developemental changes i do!

    Tired of those stupid crap golden things??

    Firelord plugin converts you in a Fire Lord when you are using those golden crafts!!
    The fire Sword now set your enemies on fire! The Armor gives you fire resistance! The boots set the ground on fire! And the tools give you the material you mined smelted!!!


    • firelord.admin
    • firelord.armor
    • firelord.sword
    • firelord.helmet
    • firelord.pick
    • firelord.axe
    • firelord.shovel

    • Golden Sword fire damage over a defined time. You can define the time via configuration
      file, or you can use the ingame command /fl setfiredur [seconds]
    • Golden armor that resists fire / lava (Just Helmet, Chestplate , Leggings)
    • Configuration file, where you can change the items ID (If you want this to work with iron armor for example, you can)
    • Golden boots set ground on fire on step
    • If you wear golden armor, who damages you gets fire damage.
    • ALL features configurable now, in the configuration file also configuration on the fly for admins.
    • Golden Pick/Axe/Shovel, gives you the item smelted when you mine/cut/dig with them! (Thanks to Samkio and his Superheat plugin!)
                                            /fl | firelord : Briefing of al disponible commands.
                                            /fl | firelord setfiredur [num] Set the duration of sword fire .
                                            /fl | firelord setfirerefdur [num] Set the duration of reflect fire.
                                            /fl | firelord firesword on/off Allows/disallows the fire sword
                                            /fl | firetools Activates the smelting of materials when mine with tools, Thanks Samkio!!
                                            /fl | firelord fireresist on/off Allows/disallows the armor lava/fire resistance.
                                            /fl | firelord firereflect on/off Allows/disallows the armor fire reflect damage.
                                            /fl | firelord firestep on/off Allows/disallows the boots to set the ground on fire on step(DANGEROUS!)
                                            /fl | firelord overwater on/off Allows walking on water with golden boots.(TODO)
                                            /fl | firelord overlava on / off Allows walking on the lava with golden boots.(TODO)
                                            /fl | firelord underwater on/off Allows breathing under water with golden helment(TODO)/firelord luck [value]
            [*]                                /fl | firelord status : Shows an status of what is enabled or not
    ToDo List:
    • More configurability(Look user posts.)
    Download Firelord 0.9

    If you want the source just ask!!

    If you like, buy me a coffee!


    Version 0.9
    F I R E S P L A S H
    Version 0.7
    Fixed Bug damaging sometimes player in lava.
    Added Fall damage cancelation while you are in fire!
    Updated to craftbukkit 1060 build.
    Version 0.6.1
    Fixed ENTITY_DAMAGE bug that spams console, now should be fine.
    Version 0.6
    [B]Fixed the damn bug of replicating golden tools.[/B]
    Added "luck" in the configuration file, now you can set a percentage of the things to happen.
    Added underwater helmet.
    Version 0.5.5
    -Fixed for current bukkit version
    -Fixed Commands
    -Fixed PVP Flag issues
    Version 0.5.3
    -Fixed for Bukkit 612.
    -Command /fl and /firelord Broken!! But still funtional from file, will fix this soon.
    Version 0.5.2
    -Added support the option to configuration file to disallow using the sword on players.
    -Updated to craftbukkit 600
    Version 0.5
    Finally merged with superheat!! Thanks to Samkio , the developer of superheat , and also LevelCraft!
    Now if you dont put the configuration file of something is wrong it Autogenerates.
    Individual fire duration for armor fire reflect.
    Tools now also put the target in fire.
    Version 0.4.1
    Added grilled pork drop to pigs.
    Version 0.4
    Added full configuration file allowing able / disable all features.
    Ingame on the fly allowing/disallowing features.
    Fire Step added.
    Armor fire reflect damage.
    Version 0.3
    Added permissions support.
    Version 0.2
    Added Golden armor that resists fire / lava.
    Added entries to the config file so you can set the armor and weapon to other one than the golden.
    Version 0.1
    Added Golden Sword that set enemies on fire for a determinate amount of time.
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    Yes, this happens, my players noticed this too. :(
    really hope a fix is on the way.
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    Yes, dont worry. I am really bussy in real life, it is a very important month for me to be focused on my studies, because I have many courses, that I have to pass rigth now (Im in an erasmus and it is easier to pass the courses here than in spain).

    I will be updating the plugin if it breaks, but for now I will not add any functionality.

    After the 1st of June, I will improve this a lot, I have some ideas, and also I want to add the functionalities that some users wrote in this post.

    Dont worry im here and I will continue this, but for now I can only make it works.

    It is a weird bug, and for now I didn't found any solution to it :S Neither the creator of superheat found.
    The code is not supposed to act that way.

    After my exams that is my first priority.

    For now if it is necessary you can disable the spade,axe,pick funtionalities because players can exploit this bug.

    Thank you all for your feedback, and I will continue this after 1st of June.

    (If it breaks before please notice me and I will fix it)

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    2011-04-27 04:13:11 [SEVERE] Nag author: 'w4rgo' of 'FireLord' about the following: onPlayerJoin has been replaced with a new signature, (PlayerJoinEvent)
    CB 733 Firelord 0.5.3

    It doesn't seem to effect the fireproof armor (didn't test anything else) But its definatly irriating having my logs spammed. seems like a quick fix.

    Thanks for the support :)
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    It is just some deprecated code that is inside the last version, im not using that event anymore.
    In the next version It will be ok.

    Quick fix. Please test it, I cannot test myself.
    Also it is compiled with 733

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    Hello w4rgo.

    I really like the features of your FireLord kit, but there's a single problem with it that I would like some help with. I'm working on setting up a server where players join one of four elemental factions. For the fire players, I was hoping to make them immune to fire damage, something I'm fairly sure your Fire Lord plugin offers. But I want to set it up so that they don't need armour of any kind for it to be in effect. Is there a way to configure the plugin to do this?
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    No, at the moment it is not any way to give the powers of firelord without setting some items that give it,

    But it is a very simple thing that can be added, but you will have to wait until june, when I will start again with this project.
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    Thanks a lot, w4rgo. It'll be a while before I can get a lot of the work seriously underway anyways.
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    I just discovered another big bug that would be great if you can look at it when you start working on this again. The gold tools seems to get around my protection (Precious Stones). Not sure if its the way it handles the drop or what but when someone uses a gold pickaxe in a protected zone they are able to break blocks just like the protection wasn't there. I did some testing and if I remove the permission node then it no longer works so I'm thinking it has something to do with the way it makes the block disappear and the "special" drop. Hope there is something you can find on this cause I have had to disable the tools till this is fixed.
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    Ok I will take a look, but as I said many times , until 1 of june i cannot :S, that is the moment I come back to my country.
    So That moment I will send you a pm, and i will ask you about this, and I will need to check that precious stones plugin to see how to fix this.
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    I assume commands are still broken in the latest version? :(
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    Yes, on June 1 everything will work again
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    I know you're gone until June, but just wanted to let everybody know the plugin is 100% broken in CB766
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    Ok thanks for this announcement. Im gonna do a quick fix right now

    @Raspberry can you tell me exactly what happens ? Maybe would be usefull if you paste here a log with the crash.
    I cannot test myself atm.

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    Thanks for the permissions. Now I don't have to worry about shelters going on fire :D
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    it shows the plugin loads on server startup, but there are no errors and boots don't have flame, gold tools don't smelt things automatically, helmet doesn't work underwater.

    No errors, it just acts like the plugin isn't loading... Users (and myself) should have rights. I've even tried fireload.*
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    can u make this compattable with levelcraft? i hate having to see people using the helmet, boots, sword or tools and not even be high enough level for it :/
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    Yes it is possible, the levelcraft dev developed the part of golden tools on this application , so I will be in contact with him.
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    Daniel Few

    Thanks for this plugin :) it's gunna be a great add-on to my RPG server. I'm using a loot chest and getting the golden tools are rare, so its like special items in the game and hopefully it'll work really well!
    Good luck with your studies!!
    Hope you get what you want,
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    Please keep this plugin going. Its Ultimate!
    Would be sad to see it turn inactive.

    Thank you.

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    2 days until I get home guys... :D
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    Hey, just checking, did you by any chance fix the bug where you could use Golden Tools to set other players on fire when PVP was OFF? If not could you look at this?
    Last time we tried this on my server that was one of our problems, we had players going around lighting each other on fire even though PVP was off.

    - Courtney
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    Updated first post.
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    would it be possible to have the golden boots lose durability over time when walking on lava?
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    Is it possible to add a durability for the gold items?
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    Could you make so when player break anything with golden tools, it would at like a player normal break? I mean, it would drop the melted block, it would be as the player did the break. As it is today, player can break stuff on worldguard protected areas, he can break spawn protected areas, and his actions are not loged on logblocks/bigbrother.
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    I found a bug with your plugin.. When using a golden shovel.. after it breaks you can still use your fists (on that slot) to mine glass out of sand.. and if you put another item in that slot, u will get a full health golden shovel again.. So basicly right now it gives you a unlimited item.. I don't want that for my server, but i do want the effect.. Any chance u can fix that bug soon? I've also send u a PM about it developer, with more details.

    Edit: Just had a test.. it works the same with ALL the items... Can u (please) make it that the items just disappear when they break? This is not cool, now it just gives players a unlimited tool.. not cool for a survival server
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    this bug been around for ages i would also like it fixed pretty please
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    Yes , Im on it but I it is not as simple as It seems.

    If anyone have any idea take a look to the source code that is in the first post , and give me an advice.

    Also if this continues and I cannot repair it I will have to remove the Superheat part (Melting of the items when picking)
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    this was posted in superheat yesterday, there is abit of a continuation on the thread also.

    hope this helps

    if you happened to have a version without superheat that would be awesome if i could get a copy

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