[FUN] Falcon Puncher -- Let those annoying mobs and players fly! [BukkitDev]

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    Right click mobs/players with just hand selected to Falcon Paunch them and send 'em flying!
    Really is that simple.
    N.B. being lower than the Entity sends them further due to angle ! ;)
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    kjhf check your github, pull requested update.
  3. @mbaxter Thanks for the request :) Have responded -- the new code seems to break the local reload function.

    v0.11 is up guys :) That reload is fixed too.

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    This is pretty cool. However, I'm wondering why you support permissions and then make it op-only? I'd like to give this cmd to some of my users who are not ops.

    Edit: Also, is it Falcon Punch or Falcon Paunch?? You seem to use both interchangeably. A punch is a blow from a fist. A paunch is a man's fat gut that hangs out over his pants. Not very sexy! ;)
  5. It's not op-only, permissions are configurable. See the bukkitdev page.

    The plugin is Falcon Punch, but when Captain Falcon punches, the stress is always on the U. Hence Falcon Puuunch, or Falcon Paunch, etc.
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    Mizurakai here, newly found bukkit member, and I approve this plugin! :D
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    Thanks. I'll have to take a second look. The permissions node was straight-forward (falconpunch.punch) but none of my users except me could use it.
  8. Already was.
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    Faaalllcooooonn PUUUUNNNNCCCCHHH!!!
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    For some reason i can't install it so........... :'(

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