[FUN] Falcon Puncher -- Let those annoying mobs and players fly! [BukkitDev]

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    Right click mobs/players with just hand selected to Falcon Paunch them and send 'em flying!
    Really is that simple.
    N.B. being lower than the Entity sends them further due to angle ! ;)
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  2. Updated to 0.03.
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    Does it default to OP?
  4. Yes it does
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    Randy Schouten

    Protip: use spout and play the "FALCON PAWNCH" sound when somebody uses it :3
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    Can you make it so that theres a chance that when you try falcon punching it will fail? This plugin is so addicting! Nice work.
  7. Updated to 0.05 to include this :)
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    little suggestion:
    Add fire effect, or explosion with little damage
    the person who are falcon-punched will have like a message displayed on their screen, like "You have been falcon punched!"
    maybe the victim will be burned for a few seconds
    Its a really cool plugin, i loved it, changed my skin to captain falcon :p
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    My name is Kaikz, and I approve of this plugin.
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  11. I've added the permissions to the plugin.yml to keep BukkitPermissions happy. This may be the problem you're having. Let me know if this fixes :)
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    @kjhf Yeah its still doing it :/
  13. Same error? And you are using BukkitPermissions / Yeti Permissions / PEX ?
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    BukkitPermissions, worked completely fine before, idk whats up :/
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    I am EricDownz, and I need to try this plug-in.
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    Awesome plugin =D

    I love it. =)
  17. I've checked over it, I can't find what's wrong.
    Please download a new version of FP, stop your server, delete the FP.jar and its sub-folder (with the config), then insert the new FP in and start the server again.
    If there's still an error, please post to Pastie again. I've fiddled with the code a little, but nothing that will make a difference in terms of functionality.
    It may be that you've inadvertently DL'd an earlier version because DropBox didn't re-cache for whatever reason.

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    I just had an idea. Can you make it so that when you right-click your own wolf to try and make it sit/stand you can't falcon punch it. I hope this could happen because I must have sent my wolf flying like 20 times. Thanks in advance though.
  19. Wow, can't believe I forgot about this!
    Updated to .7, this has been fixed.
    Other players' tamed wolves are still fair game though xD
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    Thanks so much. Now I won't falcon punch my wolf into the ocean anymore lol
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    Not working on my server.

    Version 0.07
    BukkitBuild 1317 <--- Most probable answer.
    No errors, have tried restarting etc.

    D: I really wanted to watch people punt each other across the map.
  22. Check you've set permissions and are RIGHTCLICKING on players.
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    Yeah, I've tried - '*' permissions, and the exact - 'falconpunch.punch' it isn't doing anything.
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    I'm running a server without permissions, I'm of course OP but still: Falconpunch doesn't work.

    Yes, I am right-clicking.

  25. Hi guys,
    Sorry it took a while. I've updated to .8, let me know if your violent needs are once again satisfied ;)

    @Camyo: *Brohoof*
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    Works like a charm.
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    Success! Let the idiots be punched into the sky!
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    Another idea I just had is the ability to falcon kick. My idea is that if you press left and right click at the same time you will shoot forward and anyone thats in your path will get launched. I'm not sure if you're able to do this, but it would be very cool. Thanks anyway :)
  30. For those still watching this thread, the plugin was updated with new bells and whistles.

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