[FUN] FailAnnounce v1.0.1 - Announce fails via command. Now with win! [1337]

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    FailAnnounce is now on BukkitDev.
    This page will no longer be maintained.

    FailAnnounce - Announce your fail, or the fails of others!
    Version: v1.0.1

    Sometimes you just need a little re-affirmation that someone has failed. This provides it.

    As of v0.2.0, you can also do the same for wins!

    • /fail - Displays a fail message in server chat indicating that you have failed.
    • /fail <name> - Displays a fail message in server chat indicating that the player whose name is <name> has failed. Has smart name-checking- will 'autocomplete' name of a player if player is online. Cannot fail offline players. Also, for the portion of the name you type, the comparison IS case-sensitive.
    • Custom list of fail messages. Run FailAnnounce once, then open .../plugins/FailAnnounce/Fail_messages.txt and add in your own custom messages. If you never add messages to the .txt (or if you delete everything in it) the plugin will revert to default messages.
    • /win other - Displays a win message in server chat indicating that the player has won.
    • When using custom messages, you can either have them added to the list of possible messages (and keep the defaults) or have them completely override them.
    • /fa ignoredefaults true/false - lets you turn off/on the default messages
    • /fa reload - reloads the custom messages. lets you update the messages it uses without wasting CPU time doing a full reload of all plugins
    Permissions Nodes:
    • FailAnnounce.other - for /fail name
    • FailAnnounce.unlimited - allows the person to bypass the flood control
    • FailAnnounce.options - allows access to all /fa "options" oriented commands
    Download FailAnnounce: JAR
    Source Code: GoogleCode

    Sample Win/Fail_messages.txt:
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    • Each message is on its own line.
    • Don't skip lines or leave empty lines.
    • No spaces before the first word, just start typing.
    • The message must start as if the name of the person were the first word of the phrase. See the example below.
    has failed.
    is a total failer.
    might as well stop trying.
    needs serious help in the 'win' department.

    French Help:
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    • Tapez "/fail" ou "/fail {autre}".
    • /échoue marche aussi
    • Les message défauts sont en anglais. Définez les votres pour qu'ils soient en francais.
    AIDE: Le fichier .../plugins/FailAnnounce/Fail_messages.txt:
    • Chaque message est sur son propre ligne.
    • Ne saute pas des lignes, ne laisse pas des lignes vides
    • Pas d'éspace avant le premier mot de chaque ligne.
    devrait arreter d'essayer.
    a besoin d'aide dans le domaine de "ganger."

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    Random hotfixes since 0.2.0:
    -commands now work from console
    -can do a reload of custom messages without doing a full reload of all plugins
    Version 0.2.0
    • Added /win
    • tweaked spam throttle algorithm
    • changes how custom messages are integrated
    Version 0.1.1
    • Added command aliases for French language suppoer (/echoue, /échoue)
    • Can now use a custom list of fail messages. Run FailAnnounce once, then open .../plugins/FailAnnounce/FA_messages.txt and add in your own custom messages.
    Version 0.1
    Initial Release.

    • Nothing atm. AFAIK.
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    We use HeroChat as well on our server and have no issues with this. Please pastebin.com your server log a few lines prior to and after the error was produced.
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    Just like pythros, I am also unable to reproduce the error. Try manually deleting ../plugins/FailAnnounce/ (The directory, not the jar.)
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    I'd like too, but the problem seems to be corrected. I guess it was just because it was the first load. After a few restarts I attempted to reproduce the errors and they aren't showing up. Thank you anyway. /win
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    I like it when problems fix themselves. Though I can't seem to reproduce THAT too frequently either.
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    @Everdras i'm still loving this, hope your are still maintaining it.
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    Yep, I'm still here. I wrote this after it was requested on my own server, so it'll be maintained regardless. Changelogs and such may suffer a bit here though. I still need to move this over to bukkitdev.

    I'll update the trapping and such around here (RB number, etc).

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