[FUN] FailAnnounce v1.0.1 - Announce fails via command. Now with win! [1337]

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    FailAnnounce is now on BukkitDev.
    This page will no longer be maintained.

    FailAnnounce - Announce your fail, or the fails of others!
    Version: v1.0.1

    Sometimes you just need a little re-affirmation that someone has failed. This provides it.

    As of v0.2.0, you can also do the same for wins!

    • /fail - Displays a fail message in server chat indicating that you have failed.
    • /fail <name> - Displays a fail message in server chat indicating that the player whose name is <name> has failed. Has smart name-checking- will 'autocomplete' name of a player if player is online. Cannot fail offline players. Also, for the portion of the name you type, the comparison IS case-sensitive.
    • Custom list of fail messages. Run FailAnnounce once, then open .../plugins/FailAnnounce/Fail_messages.txt and add in your own custom messages. If you never add messages to the .txt (or if you delete everything in it) the plugin will revert to default messages.
    • /win other - Displays a win message in server chat indicating that the player has won.
    • When using custom messages, you can either have them added to the list of possible messages (and keep the defaults) or have them completely override them.
    • /fa ignoredefaults true/false - lets you turn off/on the default messages
    • /fa reload - reloads the custom messages. lets you update the messages it uses without wasting CPU time doing a full reload of all plugins
    Permissions Nodes:
    • FailAnnounce.other - for /fail name
    • FailAnnounce.unlimited - allows the person to bypass the flood control
    • FailAnnounce.options - allows access to all /fa "options" oriented commands
    Download FailAnnounce: JAR
    Source Code: GoogleCode

    Sample Win/Fail_messages.txt:
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    • Each message is on its own line.
    • Don't skip lines or leave empty lines.
    • No spaces before the first word, just start typing.
    • The message must start as if the name of the person were the first word of the phrase. See the example below.
    has failed.
    is a total failer.
    might as well stop trying.
    needs serious help in the 'win' department.

    French Help:
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    • Tapez "/fail" ou "/fail {autre}".
    • /échoue marche aussi
    • Les message défauts sont en anglais. Définez les votres pour qu'ils soient en francais.
    AIDE: Le fichier .../plugins/FailAnnounce/Fail_messages.txt:
    • Chaque message est sur son propre ligne.
    • Ne saute pas des lignes, ne laisse pas des lignes vides
    • Pas d'éspace avant le premier mot de chaque ligne.
    devrait arreter d'essayer.
    a besoin d'aide dans le domaine de "ganger."

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    Random hotfixes since 0.2.0:
    -commands now work from console
    -can do a reload of custom messages without doing a full reload of all plugins
    Version 0.2.0
    • Added /win
    • tweaked spam throttle algorithm
    • changes how custom messages are integrated
    Version 0.1.1
    • Added command aliases for French language suppoer (/echoue, /échoue)
    • Can now use a custom list of fail messages. Run FailAnnounce once, then open .../plugins/FailAnnounce/FA_messages.txt and add in your own custom messages.
    Version 0.1
    Initial Release.

    • Nothing atm. AFAIK.
    Do you enjoy what I do? Then click the spoiler below!
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    I'm the Server Manager for ChiRho Entertainment. Stop on by, and stay and play if you like it!

    Also, I'm a college student! So, any small gifts you could part with to support my plugin development (and my habit of eating food) is enormously appreciated! Click here to donate via PayPal!

    (If you donate $5 or more, I'll personally write you a haiku. And if you mention it to me, I'll push updating the plugin of your choice (that I develop) to the top of my to-do list.)
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    Lol, i can humiliate some people with this xD
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    Sweet...will be using this.
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    Small update, failing people from the console now informs you that you can't do that from the console, instead of throwing an uncaught exception.
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    Love it, but would love to make custom fail messages...any chance?
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    Will put it in the next release =)
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    étant nul en anglais et étant sur a 90% que vous êtes français grace a l'image de profil de JVC : c'est bien un plugin par un mec de JVC ça !
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    haha non, je suis americain, mais francophone aussi =P Je flane sur JVC de temps en temps.

    Je pourrais le traduire stv, je dois juste trouver du temps pour le faire v.v

    EDIT: Le traduction sera compris dans la prochain nouveauté.
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    Merci énormément, mais sache que les vrai geek français deteste JVC, particulièrement le 15-18 ;)
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    Je sais =P
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    I am admin, but it throws me an "Insufficient permission" error when I attempt /fail (name)! Plz fix this or tell me what I'm doing wrong.
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    If you have Permissions, you need the node. Doesn't matter if you're op or not. It's only if you don't have Permissions that it will default to op.

    In short, double-check your permissions file. If that's done correctly, then post back here.
    EDIT: Actually, God knows all I'm doing is watching anime, I'll take a look...

    if(permissionHandler != null ? permissionHandler.has(player, "FailAnnounce.other") : player.isOp()) {
                sender.sendMessage("Insufficient permission.");
                return true;
    Looks fine on my end. Check your permissions file.

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    Since your not busy....*wink wink*
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    Anime is no laughing matter, my friend.

    Anyway, almost halfway done... gimmie another 45 mins tops. Need to do a load of laundry sometime before tomorrow.

    French localisation done, also permits custom phrases now via editing the file that is made on the first load of the plugin.

    Read OP for more info.

    Also, things in the list actually replacing the default messages is currently untested. On the server I test my plugins on, when a file is made by a plugin, I can't modify it since it's under root permissions. I'll test this tomorrow when my server owner gets a chance to help me with it.

    Right now all I can say for 100% sure is that it doesn't crash when using the default messages =).
    90% sure the rest of it works.

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    Tested it and had fun setting the comments...forgot i had to write in the 3rd person...lol
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    I fixed your issue after I got a different error report that was slightly more specific about the problem.
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    Needs... /epicfail
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    Implemented. Has a very slightly higher chance of producing the more interesting fail messages.
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    How about allowing the server to fail itself? ;)
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    I'll let the console start fails. What would you want the 'name' of the server to be? I think getName() defaults to Console.
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    hotfixed: commands now work from the console
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    hotfix: can now reload custom messages without doing a full reload of all plugins.
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    Should add a permission to auto fail someone when they die :)
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    Je suis français et je me permet de vous dire que le commande et le mot echoue ne sert pas a grand chose car en france on ne dit jamais ça (dans ce sens la bien sur, en informatique), on dit Fail comme les anglais. donc même dans le message on diras plus tot: PLAYER a fait un gros fail

    en fait, la commande /echoue fait un peu commande traduite avec google traduction ^^

    mais sinon super plugin. Bonne continuation dans tes plugins minecraft
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    Huh. Interessant. Je vais le changer.
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    There is also death notices, I'm not sure if this is provided in bukkit, regular minecraft, or essentials, but I think a fail is need when someone dies. For example "Stupidplayer tried to swim in lava" (thats what appears in chat when someone dies in lava) and then a regular fail, as if the fail command had been issued for that player. Other then that, awesome plugin.
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    Not in the spirit of the plugin, I think.
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    You can do something like this with Heroic Death. You can customize the death messages to whatever you want.
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    this plugin, /fail (Sorry just had to say it that way -_-)
    I'm getting, [INFO] Unsupported operation Every time someone types /fail.
    And one error was, [SEVERE] null
    org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'fail' in plugin FailAnnounce v1.0
    Caused by: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0

    The messages are being printed in chat. but after the first /fail, it is only repeating "Name has failed." And not using any other messages.
    Cb version 1185. Also using HeroChat

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