Inactive [FUN] DynaFish v1.54 - Fishing using explosives! [1.2.3-R0.1]

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  1. DynaFish - Promote Dynamite Fishing on your Server!
    by MeneXia
    Download the plugin here!
    Configuration description here!

    • When one places a block of TNT (dynamite) that is fully submerged in water and ignites it (using left click with a flint & steel), the explosion will yield an amount of fish.
    • Features a configuration file which you can define chances for drops, and if you want to bypass permissions and commands for the whole server!
    Commands used: Use /dynafish or /df to enable or disable DynaFish.
    Permissions used: dynafish.use - Makes you able to fish using dynamite.
    Permissions will default to op if SuperPerms is not detected.
    Download the latest version of DynaFish.jar and place it in your plugins folder! Make sure you are also using the correct CraftBukkit build that corresponds to the plugin also!
    Planned Features
    • A configuration file for chances - COMPLETE
    • SuperPerms support - COMPLETE
    • Additionally, fixing bugs and adding extra features you want!
    v1.54 -
    - Updated for CB1.2.3-R0.1
    - No more config.yml inside the jar, is generated directly from code

    v1.52 -

    - Updated for CB1.1-R3, uses new Event System

    v1.51 - ESWN version. (Everything seriously works now.)
    - Finally fixed chance calculations.

    Full Changelog is on BukkitDev:
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    ...? why don't you have comment?
    I think this plugin is very useful plugin ! I love this...
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    Latest rb and a description more like the one on devbukkit. Please at least provide basic info here.
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    At this stage it should be
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    This plugin looks familiar.....
    Maybe you were "inspired" by this
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  6. i think this plugin destroys alot of the drops it creates:/
  7. @po5 It doesn't destroy item drops, try it out for yourself. If it did, the plugin would be near to useless.
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    It seems for to only ever drop a single fish, even with the default max of 32, 50% chance for each fish.
  9. @gasman Oh, I just tested that now. Fixed in version 1.42.
    Updated the download link in the OP.
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    I just downloaded the latest version (I haven't tried any earlier versions) and the server states that everything is loaded fine, everything is configured, but I can never get a single fish to drop. I even tried setting the chance per drop to 100%, and it's still not working.
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    I do /df and then what?
    how do i throw the tnt?
  12. @vasil7112 Place the block of TNT fully submerged in water then left click it with flint & steel.
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    And if we protect the flint and steel is it still working?
  14. @vasil7112 Which plugin are you using to "protect" the flint and steel? I didn't quite understand your question.
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    Essentials.. And the fire is not allowed.
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  17. Updated to v1.52 for CB1.1-R3 (1846)!
  18. Thanks to Samkio and Torrent for their showcase of this plugin! Also, v1.52 should work well with the recommended build: CB1.1-R4
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    update please <3
  20. KakusCraft
    I'll be updating this plugin and DynaMine on the weekend, school work has been bogging me lately. :)
  21. KakusCraft
    Updated to v1.54 for CB1.2.3-R0.1 Beta build!
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    yay TYVM has been waiting all day long for this...

    finally i can sleep and my server is ready to launch ! once again, thanks !

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