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    Hello Everyone!

    I think it would be interesting to see a plugin that would allow people to knock on the doors of other people's houses. It would consist of Player 1 placing a door and entering a command to 'lock' it with a right or left click, like /dk lock (/doorknock lock). It doesn't necessarily have lock the door like LWC does, but rather just a way to allow players to /knock in front of their door (or if you can or want to, add compatibility for LWC so already locked doors can be added to Door Knock). Then, Player 2 being within 2 or 3 blocks of Player 1's door (close range, just so you don't knock on others houses) and typing the command /knock to see if they are allowed entry into the other players home.

    Player 1 will then get a message stating "<insert player name> Knocked on your door!" and they will have the ability to perform a command to let the player in, or deny the player entry.

    • /doorknock lock (shortened - /dk lock) - allows players to lock their doors
    • /knock - allows players to knock on another players door, asking for entry into the other players home
    • /dk accept - accepts the players knock on your door, giving them entry to your home
    • /dk deny - denies the players knock on your door, not letting them in your home.
    Please, feel free to ask questions if you need me to elaborate more on the topic (I am sure I missed a thing or two...or seven :D)!


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