Inactive [FUN/DEV/RPG] NPCCreatures v1.4_02 - Spawn NPCs of any mob type! [1.2.5-R1.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Steveice10, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Nice plugin but, Some ingame commands for chat within range and delayed speach, Also health bars and the possibility to react to other hitting them or within a range to attack and give them inventories to defend and Economy so it can sell and buy any items you give it!
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    I think you should be able to delete them with /deletenpc but deleting their data from the config file in you plugin folder works to.
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    hi i have next problem i create npc and it dont move this need to happen?
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    Great plugin, but when I spawn a sheep npc and I try to colour it, I get an internal server error.
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    good plugin!
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    Not good, bugs...
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    Can you give it a skin? If so, how? Please respond soon. Thank you.
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    Version is now 1.4_01, fixed a spawn egg bug.

    You probably would need another plugin that hooks into this plugin to give skins. I may consider it for the future however.

    That is for other plugins to do. This is just the bare bones and an API for plugin developers.

    As a notice, I check the BukkitDev comments more than the forum thread, although I do keep it updated with the latest versions, so you'll probably get a quicker response via the BukkitDev page comments.
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    /deletenpc doesnt work I guess

    If I use the command it does say that it deleted the npc but the npc is still standing there...
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    Nice Good Job
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    You probably didn't use the NPC's ID. In the latest update, it tells you the ID when you create the NPC. You can also check the configuration file to find the ID.
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    So I am having problems with getting the mobs to look in the proper direction. They always spawn looking down and to the side. Is there a way to have them follow player movements?
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    So this plugin is updated if so I'm going to add it!
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    The Micahel

    I have the newset version
    Dude, this totally stuffs up the bukkit!
    It works but when you get a spawn egg, it just makes one of those stupid npc versions that can't run around and attack etc, instad of just the defalt monster

    Also when i do it an npc villager it spawns him with a green shirt not a brown one
    Could you also add a feature to show a list ingalme cause i hate stop the server just to delete one npc

    Ok plugin, but needs lots of upgreads!
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    Wow this is one of those 5 star plugins! At first it might be hard to delete NPC's because you do not know the ID's but after you get a hang of it you will be using this all the time. Thanks for this plug in! :)
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    how do i spawn a NPC villager i know (for example) /createnpc Bob what do i do next? would type be villager?
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    I did /createnpc Steve human (and Human) and it said there was an error.

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