Inactive [FUN] DeathRay v0.1.1 - Imma firin' mah lazor [1.0.1-R1]

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    This plugin allows one to cast lightning at their cursor. It will kill pretty much anything in it's path and makes for a nice effect. Maybe the players in your server will finally respect your authority after they are struck down by this.

    Demonstrational video.
    Most lag in the video is caused by the fact that I was recording it >.>

    Some facts:
    * Pigs hit by this will turn into a few pigmen.
    * It is useful to have firespread disabled when using this plugin.
    * Will kill virtually anything.
    * Using it whilst pointing at the sky will create quite the spectacle.
    * Powerlevels up to 50 should be fine on a decent server, lag-wise.

    /dr <power>
    /deathray <power>
    # The power defaults to 3.

    Permission nodes:
    # Allows for use of the deathray with the default powerlevel, 3.
    # Allows the user to set the powerlevel, without any restrictions.

    * None that I know of.


    * Lighting rains from above, on your cursor.
    * Configurable powerlevel.
    * Permissionnodes.
    * Less laggy than you'd expect.
    * Configuration-free.


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    How does it help my plugin?
    Plugin-wise, in absolutely no way.

    Then why on Earth would I donate?
    Time and effort was put into this plugin. Maybe this plugin makes your life easier, gets your server more players or simply makes you and the players have a good time.
    How do I donate?
    You can donate through PayPal. If you do not have the means to do so, you can also "donate" by showing your appreciation in the form of a nice comment. These donations and comments keep me motivated. Oh, and it keeps me alive in this overpriced studentroom I live in. It means the world to me.

    Thank you for reading this.


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    Version 0.1
    * Initial release.

    Any feedback is more than welcome!
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    That is all.
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    Moved to releases
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    This... is an epic plugin
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    How about a /dr <player> so you can aim at a moving player?
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    do you know if this will work with 1.1? I can't wait to try it
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    Looks great but I would like to suggest that you set it to where you can right click to cast it and release the right mouse button to stop casting it.
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    I am definitely going to test this
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    Can't wait to trolololo my players :D

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