[FUN] ColorSheep v0.5 - Spawn more colorful sheep, hold a rave [1060]

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    Spawn colorful sheep instead of the same-old boring sheep you're used to seeing. This plugin allows you to spawn multiple sheep in many different colors. It also includes a feature that will randomly assign colors to the spawning sheep. Get ready to rave.

    Version 0.5:
    This plugin has been tested on 1.5.

    • redsgreens -- many thanks for fixing the spawning issues and adding multi-world support
    • Spawn a herd of sheep in over 15 different colors
    • Spawn sheep with randomly assigned colors (aka. ravesheep)
    • Set all naturally spawning sheep to random colors
    • Permission support
    • Multi-world support
    • /sheepset { spawnrandom | max [NUMBER] }
      • spawnrandom -- toggle if naturally spawning sheep get random colors
      • max [NUMBER] -- change the max spawn cap
    • /sheep { [COLOR] [NUMBER] | rave [NUMBER] | kill | status | colors }
      • [COLOR] [NUMBER] -- spawns a certain number of sheep in a certain color
      • rave [NUMBER] -- spawn a certain number of sheep in random colors
      • kill -- kill all sheep
      • status -- display the plugin status
      • colors -- display the list of applicable colors
    • /sheepset spawnrandom -- 'colorsheep.spawnrand'
    • /sheepset max [NUMBER] -- 'colorsheep.max'
    • /sheep [COLOR] [NUMBER] -- 'colorsheep.spawn'
    • /sheep rave [NUMBER] -- 'colorsheep.rave'
    • /sheep kill -- 'colorsheep.kill'
    • /sheep status -- 'colorsheep.status'
    • /sheep colors -- 'colorsheep.colors'
    Known Bugs:

    None at the moment

    Version 0.5
    • Added permission support
    • redsgreens changes:
      • Fixed the colored sheep spawning problem, so sheep now should naturally spawn in random colors
      • Added multi-world support
    Version 0.4
    • Added the ability to spawn sheep where player is pointing
    • Changed the command structure
    Version 0.3
    • Added the ability to set all naturally spawned sheep to a random color
    • Added a status command (/sheepstatus) which displays the plugin status
    • Added the ability to kill sheep (/killsheep)
    Version 0.2
    • Added configuration file support
    • Added two new admin commands (/opsheep & /maxsheep)
    Version 0.1
    • Release!
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    I love this mod, however I notice that random spawning sheep only spawn if they are near me when I log in. after that they never spawn again unless I log out and back in near sheep again.
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    Hi, what about #818 support? Have anybody tested that? Thanks.
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    It works fine with 818 from my experience.
  5. how exactly would you write the commands, i did them exactly as written, and it said usage, them how you should write it, but i wrote what it told me to, and nothing, please help! :(
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    Deleted user

    This is hilariously awesome. I must try it out.

    If I spawn sheep, will they stay in the area until they're killed or let out? or will they eventually disappear
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    Love the plugin! Thanks
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    How do we select worlds where sheeps are spawning colored ?


    I don't know what to write, and sheep aren't spawning colored...

    Or maybe the plugin isn't compatible with CraftBukkit#1000 ?
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    Looks like it's working for me on RB1000 (only 1 world Gimlao)
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    I've reseted the config file, activated the "spawnrandom"...
    We have 4 worlds, and I can't see any colored sheep... even in the main world... =/

    And, @majestic53, how do we add a world in "enabledworlds" ?
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    i'm not sure how to use setsheep command? also can you make like /sheep rave (number) playername :D
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    i'm wondering that too :/
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    The plugin is definitely compatible with CB1000 and CB1060. The first one you listed should work:
    or also this:
    enabledworlds=world1, world2
    Worlds with spaces in the name might not work, I haven't tested that.
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    Does it work with 1240 ? :D
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    Yep, it works with every RB since 1060, including the brand new one, RB1317.

    @majestic53: any chance you could update the FP to let people know this plugin still works?
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    I will Put it this way, Epic Super Cool Sweet Awesome Epic.
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    I'm posting this here because this plugin seems to be abandoned. It still kind of works on the latest recommended builds, but it generates errors. So, I made a new plugin called ManySmallTweaks that includes the functionality in this plugin, plus a bunch more fun tweaks. To get my new plugin, go here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/manysmalltweaks/

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